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The Police State …

Will lead to more violence It, is the end result of the total control state. More NEWS at
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  1. felonbook says:

    Never forget that the Founding Fathers were all tried in absentia for the crime of High Treason, which was and still is the most serious of all capital crimes. Today we live in a society where people who act and speak as the Founding Fathers did, are now officially [by law] considered terrorists. Not much has changed in 236 years. Looks like its time for another Revolution.

  2. AdolfVukic says:

    Charlie McRat hard head american idiot jewish communist rat. Charlie you are stupid american whore working for a jew. Hey Charlie go work for ADL or AIPAC you stupid jew lover.

  3. IdolHans says:

    If I cant have gingrich as president then Im voting for Ron Paul.

  4. bkdrotonda says:

    GOOGLE ………Extreme Oath Of The Jesuit Order……….Black Pope………Secret Covenant Of The illuminati…….illuminati / Jesuits………..13 illuminati bloodline………etc.

  5. gotoya123 says:

    Well yes it’s out of control. We have to give obama time. Presidents have been inhereting lot of mistakes from the previous leaders. Obama is not GOD! I believe in austrian econ like you charlie, but pls consider solutions. Not just finger pointing. Things with jobs are turning around. And the dow. Don’t hate on MSM just for reporting good news. They aren’t gods either. I feel your frustration though and am as frustrated as you. But seeing it deeper.

  6. resourcefulgirl says:

    Liked the Ron Paul advertisement, typically don’t watch them

  7. kenniemaxx says:

    The Super Bowl is practice for the police state.

  8. truthseeker9261 says:

    That’s funny, that’s exactly the message UFO abductees
    bring back after their experiences.

  9. biozamadotcom says:

    Things don’t get better. All countries go down this road. NO country in history has ever reversed, changed course, nor turned around. Never in history has it improved once the social programs were put in place. This unrest is happening all over the world. Only a matter of time until normal in the USA>

  10. Robbot1c says:

    If I were you, I wouldn’t bring up history. Especially medieval history is a perfect example of what religion is really all about: Power. Control of the people. Suppression of technological and spiritual evolution. Slavery. Corruption.

    Things that we stand against even in these times.

  11. fishstick1978 says:

    ya were screwed…

  12. truthseeker9261 says:

    ”PETER THE ROMAN”….The Last Pope from the Ancient Prophecy Of St. Malachi
    is about to take center stage at the Vatican soon….you DO NOT want know this Prophecy,
    Church Fathers have been dreading his appearance for Centuries.
    Better start makin’ peace with your enemies people, it’s all comin’ down soon.

  13. truthseeker9261 says:

    Yep, and The Athiest State of the Old Soviet Union was a WONDERFUL

  14. Robbot1c says:

    Another religious bullshit. Religion doesn’t solve anything. It only divides and causes more problems. We need to do something on our own. Waiting for a wonder is useless.

  15. taylorbutane1 says:

    you might think im joking…im not

  16. OlGreyWolf58 says:

    TYVM Charlie…Hoka Hey…

  17. taylorbutane1 says:

    thought police are coming watch what you say,watch ur body language,its starting

  18. taylorbutane1 says:

    1984 as we stand by, talking to our graves…

  19. plasticglassonion222 says:

    privitize the profits and socialize the debt seems to be the policy of our government… austerity is on the way it sucks and I dont see how to stop it

  20. J3rEmY17 says:

    Freemasons are not evil. Jeez I really want to laugh when I hear people say that. If you believe that then you should not support the U.S. constitution and the principles of liberty because it was drawn up with the help of masons from the start and it would just be way to get people to get warm fuzzies and control them. My American history teacher in high school is a mason… he is also a civil libertarian voting for Ron Paul.

  21. liken223 says:

    Freemasons are not aligned to either the Church of England or the Vatican — check your history — they are most certainally anti Catholic (the Vatican)!!
    Not being a smart ass, but check out what you write down. before you write it.

  22. rctube1958 says:

    You should write for Ron Paul. How you make the point is how it should be made publicly.

  23. Slingblade347 says:

    What do you expect when you have 200+ years of freemasons (WHO ARE LOYAL TO ENGLAND AND THE VATICAN) illuminati puppet presidents, CONgressmen, bribed judges, industrialists, lying TV, corrupt media, poison in our air food and water, military mass death from banker wars, etc. etc. etc. Bottom line, like it or not: Satan controls this present world and sinful men choose to follow him instead of Christ. There is no middle ground.

  24. joecoool100 says:

    Time to cut off the flow of money?


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