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UK US POLICE STATE 2010 PHOTO WARS…. Please visit my website WWW.CROOKREPORT.CO.UK for more news, views and exclusive content. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of issues of ecological and humanitarian significance. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, the material in this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: lf you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.
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24 Responses to “UK US POLICE STATE 2010 PHOTO WARS Part2 !!!”

  1. SCORRRPION49 says:

    A chilld is disobedient because it is born free into a world that seeks to control it.

    Human history begins with man’s act of disobedience which is at the very same time the begining of his freedom and developement of his reasoning.

    We must be free, not because we claim freedom but because we practice it. (That used to be the case). I am just wondering how long do the Government think the people of this country are actually going to do nothing. Tax = wages “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

  2. 64ig6kg0 says:

    two words, civilian review

  3. MrBhode says:

    Damn… Im American and im sure we as civilians would attempt at helping you fight against your police… if we didn’t have to fight our own. BTW the police state aspect is much clearer over there than in the U.S. so im determined mot to let that level proceed over here in the U.S.

  4. Boneman131 says:

    “You can’t film buildings, you can’t film people”. Jesus Polices, get over it already and stop acting so scared of a fucking camera – you’d think it was a gun pointed at you. Use some god damn common sense. If people using camera were actually terrorists, they would do it covertly without anyone even know it. Asshats.

  5. Hodge311980 says:

    Bastard cops

  6. Electronicpoacher1 says:

    oh wow you can really tell the cops are afraid of the camera, see how they were friendly and nice when the camera was there.Comon folks we all know now the camera isnt the fear weapon against the cops anymore.

  7. MIKYCD says:

    Thanks for posting this! This is so scary that this is being done in UK and the US which were BASTIONS of free speech, freedom of the press, freedom of association, religious and civil freedoms. The deception is that IT SEEMS LIKE WE HAVE FREEDOM until you disagree with the government and then you’ll feel their WRATH AGAINST YOU. The ‘spirit’ of communism, fascism, nazism, (all different names) but the SAME SPIRIT HAS NOT DIED, its resurfaced under a DIFFERENT GUISE. The dragon speaks!!!!!!!

  8. adlufc1141 says:

    Its all about how the mind works, we are taught as kids to fear the police and never question authority. Fear is a tool that the government use alot. think of it this way, if you are driving at 4am and its deserted and you come upto a red light, you stop! why would you do this? why would you stop? its crazy when you think about it, ITS DESERTED! but we are taught that red means stop and its imprinted in our brains so we never question it. same with authority

  9. MrDiverbear says:

    raoul moat, I used to think he was a cunt, now I wish there was more like him.

  10. Roscoe1822000 says:

    i fucking hate the police.

  11. WidgetArtificialArt says:

    gestapo bastards. this is not democracy this is hitler’s germany or stalin’s soviet union. all of this “police” bastards should spend rest of their worhtles lifes in the jail

  12. Robert Trca says:

    Unfortunately you can get the crap beaten out of you and it won’t matter but if you so much as touch a cop they can kill you…

  13. Micah Abshear says:

    Most police officers are hardworking people and should be convinced that the US/UK democracies are under threat of change to a Dictatorship. Once the majority of the police have the view that the entire nation is ready to get back to basic democracy and Constitutional law, then perhaps things will get back to normal. As I type this; officials train police and change a Cadets world view to view Protesters as threats, view demonstrations as Revolution, and free speech as a lesser right.

  14. SpunkeyMonkey says:

    When will people fight back…… Like when the group got charged at towards the end, there were sooooooooo many more civilians that just run away, … When the civilians fight back is when the police will think twice

  15. colliecandle says:

    When these filth start dying in numbers, maybe then this world will return to a REAL democracy for all.

  16. Jeff Brisson says:

    Cops are just going to make things worse, i agree with people4people it’s time we police the police they don’t, they never have or never will we the people need to change the essence of what policing means!

  17. zippy67able says:

    the time the uk police realise that we the public far outnumber them ….it will be too late …..the way this govrrnment keep stripping us of our civil liberties …freedom of speech……and use the corrupt police force to implement this is only angering people more aned more … day people will rise up against the powers that be …and the same corrupt officers…will wish that they had choosen different carrers …’s only a matter of time before someone and or the public rise up..

  18. paul culley says:

    its been a police state for along time,have you only just realized

  19. carforumwanker says:

    tell the asian plastic cop to fuck off

  20. timminsmark says:

    uk is police state now

  21. TakingAndChanging says:

    HA, probe.

  22. iwantoutnow says:


  23. Paul Caprona says:

    That Chinky would have been knocked fuckin’ out for telling me to shut up, what is happening to Gt. Britain?

  24. people4people says:



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