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Caste Aside: UK politics for club members only

Caste Aside: UK politics for club members only

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of favoring the rich and forgetting about the poor. The wealthy backgrounds of more and more British MPs are also being blamed for their detachment from ordinary voters and their problems. RT’s Laura Smith reports on the trend turning British politics into an elite club – with an exclusive membership. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook
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25 Responses to “Caste Aside: UK politics for club members only”

  1. 120rising says:

    i find it amazing how many police are spare to brutalise peaceful protests while they are totally non-responsive to 999 calls.

  2. 120rising says:

    The disconnect is severe between politics and the electorate. The worse it is the more likely there will be protests or riots. The more they continue to go there own way with no regard tio what the electorate say or want, the more they devide society. They seem so focused on giving taxpayers money to the allready mega rich to the detriment of the sick, elderly, poor , working class, middle class. Politics needs a major overhaul rather than them overhauling every other form of work

  3. guydecervens says:

    You should draw up a list of women/minorities/homosexuals in refuse collection, deep sea trawling, on oil rigs, in special forces units or anywhere there is hard work to be done. It’s only the good jobs that lot and the Jews want. Selfish fcuks!

  4. MrMorda898 says:

    You should draw up a list of women/minorities/homosexuals in British politics and compare it to the percentage of women/minorities/homosexuals in the general population. Now there’s a shocking figure and it goes for every country.

  5. shrodingersman says:

    you say slightly out of touch, you should have said totally out of touch!!!!!!!!

  6. spazabarri says:

    Dennis Skinner = fucking lad.

  7. Baileycake92 says:

    I believe there is nothing wrong with educated people leading the country, so long as they always attempt to represent their constituents. I for one think it’s good we have people with brain cells running the country, no matter how unpopular they are.

  8. TheShadowParliament says:

    The ruling elite has been in Britain since the Acts Of Union, to think democracy exists in any real form is a fool’s idea.

  9. thefrenchman1964 says:

    You are spot on,….that is the best thing to do !!!!!…good thinking !!!

  10. califranky says:

    The Good always stick to the greatest, my book says we are all brothers and sisters therefore we must care for one another.
    So thank you brother, i wish you also the best of the best, 1Love

  11. califranky says:

    Im sorry if i made it sound like that, im not Brit but i have lot of connections in UK, i do see more and more people opening their eyes to what is really going on and i too am a victim of the system, so all i could do here is to describe what i see.
    I just try to do my part in pushing people to research whose who, i find it fruitful to go with a provocative way or else they would not try to research it and contradict the Truth.
    Nothing pays me more than to see people happy and regain pride

  12. SuGaRuSh14 says:

    This is classic politics tho, classic humanity. It always amazes me to see how incredulously stupid the people are to think that these individuals are such terrible people. ALL people are terrible people. The working classes are more sociable because we need each other. If we had their money, would we be altruistic? Some of us would, but in my experience of humanity, most wouldn’t. The only solution is to follow liberal policies and DEMAND our rights. Too many people are apathetic.

  13. DestroidALL says:

    good joke

  14. Rizky06 says:

    That’s why you will end up being a fluffer to the new royal class! If you are lucky they just might let you mow their lawn and pick up the dog crap.
    Actually The U.S. has 450+ million guns the gubmint’ wouldn’t have a chance in hell….

  15. PigsyCyberBully says:

    The Russian government are gangsters who kill television presenters who disagree with them. Their police force are just lowlife gangsters running protection rackets.

  16. PigsyCyberBully says:

    U.S. people have guns because they are scared they are scared of their own shadow. The U.S. government has better weapons than its people the only thing your weapons are useful for is to kill each other. The reason you have drive-ins is because you are scared to get out of your cars. That is probably why so many are obese. Bad body odour rotten teeth and semi-mentally retarded is what most of the U.S. is like. Europe doesn’t need any of that…

  17. PigsyCyberBully says:

    Thomas Jefferson was just the equivalent of a modern day banker a shit bag. It’s a country with out any history. Just like the Saying “the founding fathers of the United States.” There was no such thing as the United States until the Civil War which created the United States. U.S. people are just mentally retarded. The war of independence were English businessman the first president of what was called the Americas was an English businessman. What become the U.S. was created out of greed.

  18. Rizky06 says:

    Better get off your butts or soon it will be mandatory to go down on the elites!

  19. Rizky06 says:

    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

  20. Rizky06 says:

    Lords vs. The Serfs The people of the U.K. should have never given up their guns! In February in the U.S. we had 5 million guns sold and that doesn’t include gun shows & collector shows.

  21. joepeeler34 says:

    If the Putin propagandists at RT want to see an obscene concentration of wealth, they need only go to Russia. For those of you who think I am excusing the system in place in UK, I am not. I just hate seeing an propaganda arm of Putin criticizing others for a condition that is far worse in Russia.

  22. 12389h says:

    No, that’s easy. Send them to prison.

  23. hostaa says:

    After they are dead, leave them hangin for a week or two so the people can spit on them!

  24. ZeitgeistMovementful says:

    Democracy is a farce. All democratic governments are the best governments money can buy. They are all traitors, beholden to Zionism and Israel. They should all be lynched, hanged, drawn and quartered.

  25. ZeitgeistMovementful says:

    These are only puppets. The Rothschild’s, the Schiff’s, the Warburg’s, Kohn’s, Loebe’s, etc. are the ones in charge. They are the ones who created the British Empire, the City of London, Wall Street and they are the ones who control the worlds central banks, which were created by vampirical Jews.


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