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Censorship in Politics on the Rise

A recent New York Times article has revealed that an increasing number of political interviews are censored by the politicians themselves. Order your SourceFed Posters here: bit.ly Our Sources: nyti.ms Go to SourceFed.com for our 5 daily videos or anything else we’ve ever done. youtube.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com Like us on Facebook: on.fb.me Philly D OFFICIAL APP for instant updates: bit.ly Hosts: @joebereta @elliottcmorgan Music: @Hagemeister
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24 Responses to “Censorship in Politics on the Rise”

  1. Patriol666 says:

    oh thx for your advice, sir!

  2. DarkSigiles says:

    You missed friend, the weed video is one step earlier..

  3. Patriol666 says:

    legalize it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. TomCocchi says:

    I hardly doubt that in the age of technology as it is today that anyone, politician or celebrity, could completely hide anything. If anything, the sort of things discussed in this video just go to show that interviews with politicians are just chances for them to recite some rhetoric for a reporter, which is something I think we all knew already…

  5. TomCocchi says:

    Well, unlike you obviously, I know that I do no spew magnificent rhetoric at the drop of a hat. If I were to slip up and say something that I didn’t mean, I would hope that the reporter would be decent enough not to run it, unfortunately with the hostile situation we have with our press, we know that wouldn’t happen, so individual people are forced to protect themselves from the press sometimes.

  6. TomCocchi says:

    self censorship, not government censorship, if the press can’t grow some balls and refuse to sign those agreements, that’s not the person’s fault, they are trying to defend their rights…

  7. Darknes2DWC says:

    It might not be government censorship, but it doesn’t negate the fact that if a politician happens to say something that might not be good, we wouldn’t ever know about it.
    Basically you don’t actually know anything about your politicians, just what they want you to.

  8. TheMetaKnightdabess says:

    I love the book 1984 😀
    Its my most fav book :3

  9. KrystleRain says:

    If there are two sequels, does that make it a trilogy?

  10. NTDang says:

    if you quote a politician you just quote a specific sentence(s) and not the whole story/ context

  11. cylejh says:

    I will kill your family - John Adams

  12. rminb010204 says:

    SourceFed is the most amazing[edit] [edit] show I have ever seen, the hosts are so amazing[edit] [edit]. I can’t [edit] [edit] waste[edit] my time watching this.

  13. BluesfireTV says:

    There are two sequels.

  14. DownWitCorpGreed says:

    They kill babies…

  15. A1R3D3E7 says:

    no, they are people who would be or are in considerable position of power. they must be held accountable for what they say and it shouldn’t be hidden

  16. SaMtheWaRLoRD says:

    We are witnessing the fall of the first amendment before our eyes.

  17. musicboy915 says:

    This is just crazy, one day this is going to cause something crazy.

  18. theMadhat37 says:

    Why don’t these people simply choose their words more carefully in the first place?!

  19. bat353 says:

    five sons isn’t that much i have 5 sisters and two brothers

  20. giveawayexpress says:

    Lol the giver read it

  21. vavila16 says:

    omg i cant believe u mentioned the giver wtf it’s laying next to me…….

  22. Bee Hammer says:

    The Giver was a great book! Although the ending was a cliff hanger!

  23. TheJolteonMaster says:

    The source of most of these kind of issues in the press is from economical connection between TV stations and various political, medical, and commercial groups and individuals. That’s what I have been seeing anyways.

    amen to 2:39

  24. Ben Burkhardt says:

    f**k the media


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