Eternal Disgrace: US politicians display gross ignorance |

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Eternal Disgrace: US politicians display gross ignorance

Eternal Disgrace: US politicians display gross ignorance

The blunders of US politicians have inspired jokes and parodies for decades. With the Presidential election campaign heating up, there’s a whole new supply of ammunition. But as Marina Portnaya reports, some believe the comments are displays of ignorance and disregard for world affairs … and no laughing matter. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook

24 Responses to “Eternal Disgrace: US politicians display gross ignorance”

  1. shaamanplatinum says:

    Unfortunately, my family are not muslims, but thank you. 🙂

  2. badinfluence1985 says:

    DUDE YOU ARE A LEGEND. I like the fact you rejected Naik, did not get offended by me supporting the sunni approach and made a genuine comment about your own community. trust me…. thats good stuff… I think you might be the first shi-iate i have met as well .. or cyber-met LOL… Eid you and your family

  3. shaamanplatinum says:

    You’re welcome, and the same, there are very few civil Muslims on youtube.
    Eid Mubarak.

  4. badinfluence1985 says:

    1) You reject naik – I like that. You are interested in truth in this regard.
    2) Ammar was good until the 9th minute when he made the point on moral barometer. I believe religion and atheism are capable of being moral and immoral. I refute him completely on that point.
    3) Sayed seems ok… though as regards Islam I prefer the Sunni perspective in approaching the religion. He seems ok though.
    4) thanks anyways for being nice

  5. shaamanplatinum says:

    Brother, if you want to find genuine Islamic scholars, I can give you a lead:
    That’s Ammar Nakshawani, I’ve met him, he’s a good man.
    That is Sayyed Modaressi. He is also a very good man, and an excellent scholar.

  6. Cole Sear says:

    americans feel safe because they are far away from countries but its an illusion just like isreal is under threats of rockects america is under threat from many countries like north korea so not knowing that their are 2 korean countries is pothetic shamfull and could cause national security harm shame on you

  7. skb0rzn says:

    What the fuck is it going to take America? Will they have to jail your children, will they have to rape your wives? WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE TO GET YOU TO RISE?

  8. votejoiner says:


  9. Kees Jansma says:

    This is painfull to watch, these people are defending the free west?! Well were fucked…

  10. TheBigGuvna says:

    Almost kills everyone.xx2.mum.’witch’.wicked-still.reversing.superstition.claptrap

  11. DoctorReevolver says:

    2012 Election Song “No Red No Blue”
    check it out on youtube;
    vote third party!

  12. tamildharma says:

    Jews also suffered ‘without a proper country’ & still the fight is going on… If u belong to either of these race, what would u do. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST

  13. tamildharma says:

    No human being can see other people (especially innocents) suffering. I dont want muslims or jews to suffer. I get angry wen ppl try to mock my religion, that doesn’t mean i can enjoy when ppl dies in the wars..

    Iam Indian Tamilian. In my school many Srilankan Tamils had studied & few in my engineering college. We had seen how much they suffer without a country, i mean they have to live like slaves in Srilanka that’s why they keep running to various countries. Poor ppl are still suffring there

  14. badinfluence1985 says:

    Zakir Naik is EVIL. I dont watch him anymore. He has been disproven too many times. My 9/11 opinion is based on NON-MUSLIM video evidence and the way in which U.S, Israeli and British answers have failed to address these issues. I assure you I separate 9/11 from what Islamic speakers and Muslims think and say about Dharmists. Trust me. I will continue to expose Islamic speakers when they LIE and MOCK and MISREPRESENT my religion for no reason. I will not ignore Muslim suffering though brother.

  15. badinfluence1985 says:

    Bro I assure you I care only about truth. I do not think the Muslim world are innocent, respect non-Muslims and never lie. I dont. I never will. I do believe however,MANY innocent Muslims have died and Jewish owned and controlled media and government have led us to believe Muslims were the sole perpetrators. I will publish a video on 9/11 WITHOUT Muslim evidence. I promise. I respect you for questioning me though and will look at mumbai attacks later. If muslims did it. ill make video.

  16. badinfluence1985 says:

    Zakir Naik is a proven liar. No one with a sound mind will believe him. Now, I am treating 9/11 on Non-Muslim evidence. Larry Silverstein is a Jew who leased World Trade Centres and was missing on 9/11. Jesse Ventura is a Demolitions Expert who questioned the collapse of the towers. 2 Pentagon and non-pentagon videos prove NO 3rd plane crashed in that building. No WMDs were found in Iraq. I treat 9/11 as an issue in its own right bro. The Muslim world have a point as regards 9/11.

  17. tamildharma says:

    I knew, some years b4, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told in an interview that USA was behind Mumbai Attacks. He twisted everything and told in a believable manner. Are your going to believe Ahmedinejad’s stories or the upcoming Zakir Naik’s false stories on Mumbai Attacks. Looks like, latter u would tell that all the bombings around the world dat had happened was bcoz of USA & Zionists & the muslims caught in those terrorist attacks are all innocent people. Dis is not fair.

  18. tamildharma says:

    This is wat politicians & Extreme religious leaders do. If religious leaders did bomb attacks means, it was for showing the dominance of a particular religion, if it was done by politicians then it could have several reasons behind it. Nobody is innocent.

    Zakir Naik openly supports Osama and he is proud of Osama’s terrorist actions. He said “whatever Osama did was for Allah” and hence he is very proud of Osama. He induces this kind of message to all the muslims who watches his show.

  19. tamildharma says:

    You r telling dat 9/11 was a set-up. Ok. After some years, so many muslims can tell that Mumbai Attack on 26/11 was a SET-UP, performed by hindu extremists(eg. Some Ram Leela Hindu Group) & they framed Pakistanis into it. Zakir Naik can create a beautiful script for this & can prove Muslims who got caught as innocent people via his clever speech. He has the ability to spread this mssg like viral. If that happens what will u do. Many people will believe it & turn against some Hindu leaders.

  20. badinfluence1985 says:

    Till the day America removes the Zionists who I genuinely believe were behind the 9/11 attacks, we’ll be seeing more of:

    “I’m American yyyeeeee-haawwwww screw you terrorizers!!!! yeee hawww”

    “easy there Palin….”

  21. worldisretardededed YUP says:

    This is for people going to college or about to go to college,if you want a job that will last forever in any part of the world learn take the STEM courses and science.otherwise you may not have a job.

  22. smallyb2009 says:

    What a sick two faced prick romney truly is,He has the fucking audacity to claim that Putin reprecents a real threat to the stabillity & peace of the World while his own Country continue,s to murder innocent people all over the middle east simply because they live in oil rich Countries,The lunitics have taken over the asylum in the u.s & until the american people stop telling they,re troops that they,re hero,s for murdering innocent people for oil & rid themselfs of israel nothing will change.

  23. DarthMai says:

    OMG…. PUTIN’s KGB reporter..

  24. NINJATRONdnb says:

    Oh im a retard? you responded to a 2 month old comment , and you probably base your facts on what you see on CNN so go eat a basket of frozen dicks … if you lick them they will eventually thaw out.


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