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Europe on the Fringe – Politics in the Age of a New Depression

Follow us @ Welcome to Capital Account. Nicolas Sarkozy and challenger Francois Hollande face off today in a live French election TV debate. This is reportedly being seen as the climax of the campaign. With elections in France and Greece this weekend, the results have the potential to send shockwaves across theEuropean debt-landscape. We speak with former diplomat and investment banker, and founder of, Edward Harrison about how politics in single countries could impact the global economy. This includes a conversation on the latest PMI numbers that show growth could be slowing across the globe, including in China. Meanwhile, what did outspoken and famed fund manager Hugh Hendry tell a panel about Europe at the Milken Institute Global Conference yesterday that has people talking? Could asset confiscation be top on the list of concerns for investors and businessmen in Europe? He seems to think so, saying that he believes we are a year away from the french nationalizing their banking system. And speaking of asset confiscation, foreign financial institutions are reportedly frantically preparing and shelling out serious money in order to comply with US tax regulations. It’s the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), and as US citizens are shunned by Swiss and German banks facing these rules, more evidence reveals American expats are lining up to give up their passports. We’ll talk about what this means, and why we continue to

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  1. alpidistra says:


  2. gatorgirl155 says:

    Do you happen to have a transcript for this video?

  3. Linguiphile says:

    We fought a war with Mother Britain to liberate ourselves from overtaxation and oppressive government. Now we’re seeing the Socialistic Authoritarians (the Democrats) gradually transform us back into something the Founding Fathers struggled so bravely to free us from.

  4. imatelly says:

    we will give you our 3 cents??
    so you think what you say,is worth half as much more then anyone else?
    lol ====>NOT<====

  5. imatelly says:

    why is this happening?
    here is your sign.
    you saved nothing and spent everything,and after reading this.
    you saved nothing and spent everything….
    how dence can you be………..

  6. TheBobStudio says:

    President Harry Truman & Jews :

    1. Quote

    ” The Jews, I find are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog. ”

    2. Truman Library : Diary entry – July 21, 1947 ( Plz google )

  7. TheBobStudio says:

    Jewish bankers : Committee to save the world

    Evidence :

    1. Time magazine’s cover – Feb 15, 1999

    2. Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin & Larry Summers – Jews

  8. TheBobStudio says:

    Jew, Iran & USA :

    1. Most of the Jewish neocons served under Bush are now on Romney’s campaign.

    2. Ron Paul has no Jewish neocons on his campaign.

    Conclusion :

    No Jews can manipulate Ron Paul to send Americans to war & death for Israel.

  9. TheBobStudio says:

    Enemy of Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal & USA – Jew

    1. Goldman Sachs CEO, Lyold Blankfein – Jew

    2. IMF Deputy CEO, John Lisky – Jew

    3. Ex IMF CEO, Dominic Strauss – Jew

    4. World Bank CEO, Robert Zoellick – Jew

    5. Ex World Bank CEO, James Woolfhesen – Jew

    6. Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke – Jew

    7. Ex Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan – Jew

    8. Obama Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner – Jew

    9. Bush Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson – Jew

  10. JMiskovsky says:

    Send benkers on Austerity 🙂

  11. TheBobStudio says:

    While the Jewish bankers loot Europe & destroys America’s economy, Jewish neocons are planning for Americans to go to war & death for Israel.

    Note :

    70% of neocons served under Bush are now on Romney’s campaign & they’re mostly Jewish.

  12. kakashi5217 says:

    I have never meet any woman smarter than Lauren and yet so beautiful in the same time in my life

  13. devanando says:

    Lauren, I’m a US expat living in Switzerland. Like the vast majority of us, I make a modest income, so I owe no US tax. And yet my US tax obligations are so complex, specifically because I own a small business here, that only a few specialists in the world know how to meet them. It took me years to find one I could afford. It cost me ~ $7500 to get my US tax forms prepared this year. I did it only to try to avoid the huge fines and non-renewal of my passport threatened for non-compliance.

  14. ANTIDALLARD says:

    Confiscation. If your in Shell oil and are syphoning the oil out of the niger delta , and the population are in poverty and not getting a fair deal, then you SHOULD have your assets confiscated.

  15. thawthepast says: all need to get a job: picking fruits and gathering nuts in the garden of –economics with the mother of nature’s dictations and schooling the left-over fish! ..blame my extemporaneous learning to (s)t[h]ink…have a beautiful day… 🙂

  16. thawthepast says:

    A strike marks the spot; working masses being paid in moldy wheat, and calling it cake!

  17. LibertyOrDeathCanada says:

    As if he actually responded to that comment! You’re awesome D… keep up the good work on the show!

  18. z3333r0 says:

    having to wear a suite most of the time, you are in a good situation that you dont have to. thats not hidious.

  19. withnonamemarketing says:

    I love how a Russian Government’s TV Network uses attractive Americans to expose the global economies corruption. Look at RT’s commercials they are all about RT. Don’t get me wrong I love this show, but it just shows how fucked up everything is. I pray for total collapse. I have begun moving everything to physical assets. 2014 is my bet the shit will go down. Hyperinflation. I would invite Lauren to come to the bayhouse with food in my back yard, but I got a girlfriend now. Ha! Good luck in DC!

  20. JPMorganMustDie says:

    That’s better, looking sharp today….

  21. mcmal1bu says:

    Noncompliance brings the weight of the city/county government upon you until you either relent, go out of business, or leave. Because of this many companies that would or could have brought good decent paying jobs here declined to do so and in one case moved out the small operation they already had here.

  22. mcmal1bu says:

    Where I live in west Texas we have a micro version of the “prevailing wage” system. When I moved my company here I was told about this “prevailing wage pay scale” and didn’t believe it until I heard first hand from several other businessmen about visits from representatives of the “city fathers” coming to explain how it works and demanding they comply.

  23. mcmal1bu says:

    This is a catch22 designed to make you a serf, you have to work harder and harder just to survive while your standard of living keeps falling. It is either that or you go on the government teet so that you will keep voting your benefactors into office and perpetuating the scam on the American people..

  24. mcmal1bu says:

    The current tax and labor structure is designed on purpose to make it more cost effective to move your operations offshore, this is the government in cahoots with their business cronies i.e. political contributors colluding to drive down labor costs. Notice the prices of goods never fall no matter how cheap the labor.


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