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You have two choices. Obama and Romney. Neither will stop government collusion with big business. Neither wants to make significant cuts to the military budget. Neither wants to take on the military-industrial complex. Neither wants to end the war on drugs. Neither will even address the issues of prison overcrowding and prison privatization. Neither wants to make radical changes to America’s foreign policy. Those are your “two” choices. STUFF TO BUY: ‘Unfettered Yammering’ – NEW DVD: Kunaki.com “PEACE THE F— OUT” SHIRTS (limited quantities): www.rodeoarcade.com MY LINKS: Subscribe to my channel: tinyurl.com My blog: amazingatheist.tumblr.com My facebook: www.facebook.com My twitter: twitter.com * * * Most music and sound effects by: Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com Sound Effects by audiomicro.com Additional Music from: www.royaltyfreemusic.com or Kevin MacLeod, Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 * * *
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25 Responses to “F*CK POLITICS”

  1. TraceOfConsciousness says:

    whats the bases?

  2. GreenSorcery says:

    More truth <3 your doing a great job.

  3. ValorOfMen says:

    the only one is underneath is you bearing there testimony of how they become what they preach. you practice being your own a hole because you can and you been underneath for a while now time for you to wake up out of your darkness and into the light.

  4. ValorOfMen says:

    an athiest doesnt know how to bless also they know how to do is curse when something doesnt agree with them makes sense since they believe in no God but have no problem believing in aliens being there god ok then lol.

  5. ValorOfMen says:

    notice that athiest have no problem raising the finger or saying the f word its because they worship self so much and have so much pride in what they achieve there not busy on thinking of the cures to the world for popular diseases that have been responsible for killing millions which are linked to generational curses so the atheist just gives up and says ok you know me damn you lol.

  6. ValorOfMen says:

    Satan knew exactly what he was doing the guy doesnt get credit enough for the domination he has done and fooling athiest in thinking there is no God is just part of his agenda

  7. ValorOfMen says:

    the whole reason for the temples Joseph Smith had created was because he wanted to mimic the solomon temples from the bible Joseph smith just like satan have things in common they both like to mimic the past the solomon temples were already done i dont know what he was thinking or was it him at all and actually the root of all evil?

  8. ValorOfMen says:

    People should learn about masonry and Mitt Romeny knows what he is into and the secret oath he took along time ago to not let the secrets out he has learned when visiting the temple with his wife that he took many years ago back in the sixties like many other members had to do the same thing.

  9. ValorOfMen says:

    Then again Joseph Smith knew what he was into.
    Also if people want to claim that Joseph had no secret oath to take too or ask his members to take one you guessed wrong again and dont true masonry or its history and there fore you fail in voting for rightful president.

  10. ValorOfMen says:

    Mitt Romney is a mormon people he already was made to be a true mason when he stepped in the mormon church because joseph smith teaches all about masonry symbols and signs and also used the teachings of the masonic lodge secret hand shakes to members of his church dahh hes allowed to do it the problem was his secrets were exposed when he started putting out the symbols on the temples of the church that was a no no and got him into some hot water.

  11. ValorOfMen says:

    So lets now look at the campaign well Obama is President ok rumor has it any one who becomes a president of the united states is automatically considered a 33 degree mason or anyone who is founder of there own church as well can also be 33 degree mason like Joseph Smith and Ron L hurbert.

  12. ValorOfMen says:

    i believe there called alien hybrids lol.

  13. ValorOfMen says:

    and then we have the slender men lol. Whats the other ones yes the real tall ones who are like 10 feet tall that are in flying saucer type vehicles who were spotted in Russia getting out of there crafts and running around and people saw them like they see you and me and then get in there crafts again and orbit out.

  14. ValorOfMen says:

    my fourth would be the Reptilians and i believe there is a fifth and a sixth oh yeah and then we have these which are pretty much shape shifters called the shadow people which are what some one claimed who is a nut animal spirits lol.

  15. ValorOfMen says:

    Name the five alien breeds that people have claimed to invade the planet?

    My first vote would be on the Greys my second would be the Pleadaliens my third would be the Sweepers who proably are either hired by the greys or just a different level too the greys and the Pleadaliens.

  16. ValorOfMen says:

    Look i m not telling you stop watching porn but at least try to stop smoking it makes you smell like crap yuck get a job you fricken loser lol.

  17. ValorOfMen says:

    On that note how about human sex trackificking this is also something to talk about this has been going on for a long time mostly in foreign countries but i heard it is going on in america too but dont know where i dont say holly wood it seems like the house of sin now adays.

  18. ValorOfMen says:

    im talking about you having dirty mouth why dont you clean it up with fresh breath proably in a store near you. Evidentally we know your girlfreidn doesnt have fresh breath or excuse me your x wife lol or is that your x girlfriend i have no idea.

  19. MegaDysart says:

    What the fuck is the asshole underneath me talking about?

  20. ValorOfMen says:

    its in the quater for the celtics calendar as landing on the dark half instead of the light half and the dark half is all about unclean spirits not friendly host comming to say hi but unlclean spirits causing mishief.

  21. ValorOfMen says:

    keep in mind october 31st was originally considered not hallows eve but was the harvest for celtic pagans which was the year of the dark half since they have light half and dark half and its called Samhaim

  22. ValorOfMen says:

    they pretty much cursed that day november fifth for england mocking it every year and then setting up as parties of the guy who tried to have rich people killed which is pretty much what it showed it has curse on its own.

  23. ValorOfMen says:

    would this not set off a reaction though to evil if your trying to tempt it i mean God warns others about not playing with curses.

  24. ValorOfMen says:

    So the children got to gether every year after that on november fifth and caused mischief for the town in England then the people saw how much corruption this was causing and problems in there town going out of hand, decided to give them treats and put on parties to keep there kids out of mischief on november 5th.

  25. ValorOfMen says:

    taking the harvest and then saying lets make it a day where we give treats to poor people who happen to be in this case children and having them pray for the the dead is stupid to me.
    England cursed them self also with the pro catholic guy fox who tried to assassinate many lords who are considered the rich and failed and was hanged and then they took his body parts and by piece set them in the fire.


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