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New Segment: Music + Politics (Paul Ryan & Rage Against The Machine)

In a new Music + Politics segment, The Young Turks guest host Douglas Caballero shares his thoughts on Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan claiming to love Rage Against The Machine. Would Tom Morello approve? Follow Douglas on Twitter: Support The Young Turks by Subscribing Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: Buy TYT Merch: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here:

25 Responses to “New Segment: Music + Politics (Paul Ryan & Rage Against The Machine)”

  1. ilovebaconsandwiches says:

    Doesn’t Rage Against the Machine burn US flags at their concerts?
    Hmmmm that’s not going to settle well with good old folksy redneck America, is it Paul?

  2. rottenscotty2 says:

    Ryan is not all that smart.

  3. FreddyMarmolejo says:

    You know all of this is moot right? Since Paul Ryan is the VP candidate? In other words he has no influence over policy whatsoever unless congress has voted themselves into a tie. His would be the tie breaking vote. That’s is all he can do. Literally, the Standing Rules of Senate give him no authority whatsoever. So why even discuss this?…………………………LAWYERED!

  4. NextLevelEnt1 says:


    The 44th President of the United States of America “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” The greatest black man… that ever lived!


    VOTE OBAMA 2012

    REV. 16:16

    There will be “nowhere to hide” once Israel is attacked! God’s… promise to man! The battle… begins. OBAMA, was born for this very day! The “Son Of Man” is coming home to where it begun, JERUSALEM.


    VOTE OBAMA 2012

  5. iamLI3 says:

    what is this doing on tyt’s main channel? i want news from my subscription from tyt , not pop culture political he said she said bullshit…….

  6. Duneman92 says:

    Those are some pretty big generalizations…

  7. dannymathey says:

    Paul Ryan sings ..”Ive got a POCKET full of VOUCHERS”…….

  8. traser602 says:

    You wanna know wat I think? Fuck paul ryan!!

  9. winterlandboy says:

    You know,they they don’t write lyrics like that these days.

  10. winterlandboy says:

    Was Paul Ryan a child actor? He looks incredibly like a grown up version of Eddie Munster.

    By the way,all this talk about Ryan being a ” a serious” man? Don’t be fooled kids. He just plays one on televsion.

  11. MaukkamusMaximus says:

    That’s right, however people seem to cling hard on the simple left-right spectrum for some reason.

  12. asiscoe says:

    But if totalitarianism vs anarchism are relevant maybe we shouldn’t be talking about a left-right spectrum and two two spectrum (so we have a square.) I think such a distinction would be particularly helpful during the primaries. Of course they would still have to make actual claims about policies. But one step at a time.

  13. Mauris329 says:

    Sense Obama has been President, the Republican party made a choice to make sure that Obama is not successful, even if it hurts us all. Obama is a man who has been trying his best for the country, yet Republicans do everything under the sun to make sure our President does not succeed.

  14. TPVextras says:

    Trying a new weird segment, should have had a familiar character. Dislike it and this, sorry.

  15. Lauren Day says:

    I like this segment but i’m not sure if it goes with this channel but i guess it would fit into this one more that the other tyt channels

  16. JeffFisher JaneBowell says:

    suzieqq wordpress com/2012/08/11/paul-ryans-jack-abramoff-and-tom-delay-connections-likely-to-draw-new-scrutiny/
    in the space place a dot
    Now if I have to I will show up in Tampa
    With an Army of true patriots that do carry firearms
    Its Called BayPoint School and its Direct Connection to AIPAC
    As I said before The Jews have gone too far now
    Google BayPoint School 9-11 Election Fraud
    I ask again for the world to think
    Why do the Jews get away with crimes that anybody else would get in trouble with

  17. goodvibesallround says:

    RATM are the biggest fucking hippocrates. They fight against corporations yet they work for one (Song BMG) . If anyone is a moron it’s Tom Morello.

  18. Parralyzed says:

    How about just don’t watch it, idiot

  19. scarface82us says:

    Paul Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine?
    That’s like a cop saying he likes NWA’s “Fuck the Police.”

  20. doodoopapah says:

    I could care less one way or the other about Paul Ryan, however, Rage Against the Machine was one of the biggest “corporate” rock bands of the 90’s and signed to the biggest corporate music label (Sony) ! YOU ARE WALL STREET RATM! RATM = HYPOCRITES.

  21. xlibra15 says:

    Dude drop the entertainment news tone.

  22. Jms2152008 says:

    So according to you I’m an unsuccessful blame it all that does what Obama tells me? Please, elaborate me on how you managed to know what type of person I am over a stupid comment on youtube?

  23. anthony777100 says:

    Horrible. >.>

  24. Myytmovies says:

    where were they when we needed them the most?

  25. 6Hoopsta says:

    rage against the machine is good af, dont compare politicians to their music. Do you REALLY think Paul Ryan listens to music in his free time??


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