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25 Responses to “Rants – OBAMA / ROMNEY? NO POLITICS ON FACEBOOK!!”

  1. Truman5555 says:

    No wammy!

  2. PercyDaThird says:

    The Asian girl was Romney at the debates. hahahahahaha

  3. DaSpenceMence says:

    Scooby doo Shaggy 2012!!!!!!!!

  4. luckyKD100 says:

    2pac nigga

  5. James Herrington says:

    Sauron 2012

  6. trevorb25 says:

    Patrick Star

  7. peachesandsunshine9 says:


  8. hoboattack69 says:

    Bat Man! make it happen

  9. bb123ism says:

    Optimus Prime would be an amazing president. to bad he isn’t a U.S citizen…. or even born on Earth for that matter…

  10. bkg19951 says:

    Batman…… That is all

  11. XxpitbulxX009 says:

    id vote for you nerd,… :) lol

  12. Lagomaster24 says:

    Politics where people learn to “flame on!”

  13. Sinrathiell says:

    Why settle for the lesser evil? Cthulhu for president!

  14. XxpitbulxX009 says:

    you know you can go to jail for this if you were in my country…

  15. Landofalcon007 says:

    Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur. 

  16. amyhall2323 says:


  17. dontbeshady411 says:

    The president from Independence Day. If that speech doesn’t get you pumped about America you’re probably Canadian

  18. crim3sham3 says:

    Wait…The Rock!!!

  19. crim3sham3 says:

    Zordon or Yoda

  20. SuperBILB0 says:

    Spongebob for prez.

  21. Ryan Simmons says:

    Andre if you made it illegal to hate on Nintendo characters I’d vote for you!

  22. TheKYLEdavid says:

    If someone complains about politics, ask them who the governor is, if they don’t know, tell them to shut up and get informed

  23. TheKYLEdavid says:

    If batman was in charge, Bin Laden would still be alive, remember his rule that he refuses to kill

  24. Toxicirishman1 says:

    ToxicIrishman 2012!!…but seriously people Ryan should be president, and Romney should be VP!

  25. Jacqueline Rushing says:

    Sexy Mormon Style lol!


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