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TEDxObserver – Rick Falkvinge – The Pirate Party – the politics of protest

Rick Falkvinge Political evangelist In 2006, Rick Falkvinge, a Swedish software entrepreneur, founded a new political party centred around the subjects of file sharing, copyright and patents. He called it the Pirate Party and it rose to prominence after a government crackdown on the file-sharing site, the Pirate Bay. Since then, the Pirate Party has swept Europe and beyond to become an international political movement, active in 40 different countries with representation in the European parliament. In Sweden, it’s the largest party for voters under the age of 30 with 25% of the vote, and in September 2011, the German Pirate Party won an unprecedented 8.9 per cent of the vote and now has several members in the Berlin state parliament. Focused on the subjects of government transparency, internet privacy and copyright law, the Pirate Party hosts Wikileaks on its servers and uses new technology to leverage political power in new and interesting ways. In 2011, Foreign Policy magazine called Falkvinge one of the top 100 global thinkers. About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general
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25 Responses to “TEDxObserver – Rick Falkvinge – The Pirate Party – the politics of protest”

  1. CelticPirate King says:

    if you were going to say ‘epic’´╗┐ or ‘legit’ to anything… well, this better be it! ­čśŤ

  2. osdias says:

    If you liked this I recommend the documentary Us Now. It’s free and you can watch it at Lucid Tree´╗┐ dot com

  3. TheMuffinManzorz says:

    We’ve let corporations run our government into the ground. It gets worse every day while they distract people with this single party political system and its insane bipolar ideologies. The president and congress are just´╗┐ puppets. I doubt a single one of them is honest and even fewer actually belong to anything but the Corporate Party. It’s impossible to get anywhere if you aren’t “Rep.” or “Dem.” Voting is a joke too because you pick from the same guy twice. It really makes no difference.

  4. julian correa says:

    m/..m/ salute´╗┐ and admiration ….

  5. MightyTheWolfy says:

    Best Quote ever:

    “This is about leadership, this is about going´╗┐ out and say: “I’m going to change the world, who’s with me?” and choose a reasonable approach, don’t shoot for the moon, thats just silly, that’s been done alredy, shoot for mars, and Illiteracy help 2 million to read, YOU CAN DO THIS, I bet each and everyone in this room, has some cause they would love to make a difrence in, you can do it, don’t dare let anyone else say otherwise.”
    – Rick Falkvinge

    I fucking love this guy!

  6. Nolan Welser says:

    what ive noticed is usually one campaigns under the party that most fits´╗┐ their ideals. if your popular enough then information gets around and the like to the point you’ve influenced what people want from their politicians

  7. Daniel Janzon says:

    In European democracies it is actually feasible to start a political party in order to make a change. Most governments are formed by coalitions and the´╗┐ party’s impact on the new polices is roughly in proportion to its size (so long as they belong to the winning coalition). How does that work in the US with a two party system?

  8. 7th75thCallaghan says:

    Finally found a party I actually feel confident in voting for. An organisation that speaks sense, understands the changing world in a way no other political party does or even can, a group that doesn’t just manipulate us with flavour-of-the-moment rhetoric. They might seem like a party with limited scope, but a sound basis on just a few policies is infinitely better´╗┐ than a confused, reactionary, scatter-gun approach to all political policies. Something worth having faith in and supporting.

  9. Evi1M4chine says:

    I wish he would elaborate on the “credible, inclusive, tangible”. How would I do that´╗┐ best in practice?

  10. Evi1M4chine says:

    He’s right. Everyone of us *can* do it.´╗┐ We just say we can’t so we have an excuse. And when we “try”, we either try to be Hercules, and make it too hard, or are half-assed, and get bored/disappointed. (Or we let idiots drag us down. [Look up “crab mentality” on Wikipedia])
    As a game designer, I can tell you: It’s the balance, that makes it motivating! And it’s the vision of the epic reward of the ultimate goal, that gives you direction and purpose.
    Create those two, and be surprised! ­čÖé

  11. Evi1M4chine says:

    I just noticed something:´╗┐ There is no greater form of respect, than being able to live well and do what you want to do, solely off of the money people want to give you just for doing that.

  12. Evi1M4chine says:

    I just noticed something: There is no greater form of respect,´╗┐ than being able to live well and do what you want to do, solely off of the money people want to give you just for doing that.

  13. Evi1M4chine says:

    I just noticed something: There is no greater form of respect, than being able to live well and do what you want to do, solely off of the money´╗┐ people want to give you just for doing that.

  14. Evi1M4chine says:

    I think it’s wrong to use the wording of the MAFIAA for a very specific reason: Associations.
    They misused the word, to call us “murderous rapist thugs”. Just like they call copying “stealing” and similar bullshit.
    If we use those words, we not only trigger the same associations in the minds of people, but actually *validate* them. Which is the worst possible thing´╗┐ you can do to ridiculous accusations.
    It’s really sad.

  15. MercenaryZack says:

    The Pirates are awesome, they have my full suport unlike the fat asses trying to control us, people said fuck sopa pipa and acta, and guess what they didn’t listen to us they shitted on us and now CISPA is in power. These people do NOT represent us, they do not listen to´╗┐ us, democracy is but a dream nowadays, its time for REAL change and real liberties.

  16. Wickey132 says:

    People need to remember whilst he has good points, it’s´╗┐ most of his opinion.

  17. alperen elver says:


  18. Iguanaintrouble says:

    Total bro.´╗┐ Total bro. Very likeable as well.

  19. rorosamy says:

    if people dont get to get rich for every softwere thay are doing there woldnt be so much pirecy…
    its like we live in a world that movie ,music , any softwer company are planing to get´╗┐ rich very fast..WORK LIKE EVERY BODY WORK. hard work and caring about customer will keep people buying your shit and comeback for more and then you get rich and be happy.

  20. knoxrox167 says:

    this guy is hilarious but no one is laughing. hahah. so´╗┐ awkward. but awesome.

  21. alangel88 says:

    Very enlightening. I understand the Pirate Party so´╗┐ much more.

  22. Spherex86 says:

    I like this human. He´╗┐ understands.

  23. grazzitdvram says:

    I agree with his main thought but he´╗┐ is not a good speaker and this speech doesn’t feel well thought out, it just sort of wander and meanders

  24. Hypertenzion says:


  25. aikanae1 says:

    the fight against copyright enforcement is´╗┐ a fight for civil liberties.


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