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Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis talk politics

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis react to a Romney aide’s behavior toward the press during a stop in Poland. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com Or visit our site at www.cnn.com
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25 Responses to “Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis talk politics”

  1. ch2martin says:

    I like how serious all the actual news while this is playing.

  2. moonbeamrider1 says:

    At least Im honest. Free kittens for everyone!!!!

  3. moonbeamrider1 says:

    why does religion even matter at all is a better question. It didnt matter that Obama is a Muslim. I think you all should vote for me. I will say whatever it takes to win your vote and then blame it on congress or the house when I decide I dont like that idea. I win =D

  4. Killafire7 says:

    best part about this video…will ferrell’s gloves. just sayin

  5. K Lo says:

    why would anyone vote for a muslim monkey?

  6. K Lo says:

    why would anyone vote for a muslim monkey?

  7. LegionMarine420 says:


  8. JettBlackheart83 says:

    Ive trolled it before and i’ll troll it again, why the fuck does the media still make it seem as our only options are Obama and Romney……lets cut the shit, we both know outta the two of them. Obama is gonna win. hands down flat out no questions asked. I say Ron Paul for 2012 media coverage alone, maybe he wouldnt win, but give the only intelligent non-incumbant candidate a shot in the media and the press for the rest of the year. Ron Paul for fall 2012 coverage.

  9. 8Dythane8 says:

    people watch CNN?

  10. Bucboy1001 says:

    I’d rather not get into a political debate but do you happen to recall the recession Jimmy Carter put us in? Very similar to the one now. In ’81 when Ronald Reagan took over he stabilized the economy within 3 years where we had some of the greatest economic growth in American history. Same situation as now, Obama has had 4 years and hasn’t put a dent into the debt. Unemployment hasn’t gotten better, and the middle class is feeling pain paying for Obama Care. And he says Forward?? No.

  11. Jim Jackson says:

    of course debt has increased since he took office, he was landed with a sinking ship of an economy. At the RNC all they wanted to talk about was going back to the “old america”. (the old america was a beautiful time, where Bush could shit all over everything – the economy, the world, the very concept of war, among others.)

  12. Bucboy1001 says:

    I agree. However, wishful thinking. They’re so ingrained into our political system I don’t see how we could ever kick them out.

  13. godspawn007 says:

    Im of the mindset that neither one of these guys can really do anything productive in office until Washington is completely reformed. Kick out lobbyisists, special interests groups, big business, and a bunch of other screw jobs and get people in there that can actually have an impact.

  14. Bucboy1001 says:

    Now, I’m not endorsing Romney. I am however citing how much more experience he has in running businesses, corporations, states than Obama does. Obama is a great speaker, but that’s all he is. Debt has surprisingly increased since he took office, he vowed to decrease it within his first 4 years, it hasn’t happened. Back to my initial point, don’t base your opinion on which one looks better. Support Obama if you want, but only if you think he can do better, because he sure hasn’t shown it yet.

  15. Bucboy1001 says:

    I actually said businessman just so I didn’t have to list all his accomplishments and look like a giddy supporter. To go a tad more in depth he has had a lifetime worth of saving and building top end businesses to where they stand today. Along with that he helped save the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake and added many of the policies and budget guidelines to make the Olympics as successful as they are today. He also abolished the severe debt Massachusetts during his tenure as governor.

  16. Johnny Veracruz says:

    Just because he’s a businessman doesn’t mean he would make a good president. In fact that’s probably more of a basis to say he would make a horrible president. I know your comment isn’t really endorsing him but it has a strong insinuation that you are a Romney fan, at least when compared to Obama, which is your opinion – but it’s silly to base an opinion on the fact that Romney knows how to make himself wealthy.

  17. Bucboy1001 says:

    Romney is one of the world’s greatest businessmen. He has a lifetime of experience compared to Obama who had done virtually fuck all before entering office 4 years ago. Basing an opinion on appearences is silly.

  18. BengalBro says:

    it’s not called a period, its a called an apostrophe, and yes, i did mean face.

  19. thesexofoneman says:

    I would, but I’ve already won.

  20. thesexofoneman says:

    Also, what does “call you out on the face” mean? Did you mean fact? Did you make a spelling mistake while trying to correct my grammer? You also missed a period between “you’re” and just saying. So much fail in so little space. I’m impressed.

  21. BengalBro says:

    fight me.

  22. thesexofoneman says:

    Oh god no! I messed up my grammer? I’m the worst person ever! My poor grammer pales in comparison to your racism. Think I should remove that comment? I wouldn’t want to be known for having bad grammer.

  23. BengalBro says:

    it was my friend, but i dont feel it needs to be removed, but if you wish to to call me out on that, i wish to call you out on the face that that last “your” needs to be a “you’re” just saying.

  24. thesexofoneman says:

    So your “friend” wrote a racist comment on your profile, but you choose to leave it as is. I’m starting to think that your “friend” is actually you. Or that your racist as well.

  25. BengalBro says:

    i do.


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