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120202 SNSD US Debut on News Today

25 Responses to “120202 SNSD US Debut on News Today”

  1. Afrocanuk says:

    I’m under the impression that both SNSD and 2NE1 are touring the U.S. at the same time.

  2. seo yoonfany says:

    i hope SNSD can have more screening in USA~ I also hope that SNSD got a better song than The Boys to make a comeback in USA so that they can be much known to USA!

  3. JennyPswe says:

    I don’t get this at all. They should promote the beauty of K-pop by singing in Korean. Now they just look like pretty, sexy, Asian girls who dance good and sing in English with an accent. This is not K-pop. They look like American wannabes. They should stick with K-pop and be proud by singing in Korean. Then maybe more ppl in American would discover that all Asian languages sound different.

  4. Kevin is Nice says:

    why does it take the U.S take 5 yrs to get to know them? LOL How Dumb.

  5. jetlorider says:

    THE KOREANS are taking over!!!

  6. MarryMeSHINee says:

    @calmincense THEY’RE TAKING OVER BITCHES!!!!!

  7. Leoprah says:

    Wonder Girls performed on So You Think You Can Dance and The Wendy Williams Show never performed on American Idol. While So You Think You Can Dance is “popular” in a way they only average in a little over 5 million views nothing in comparison to Live With Kelly and David Letterman who come on ever week day

  8. Leoprah says:

    Wendy Williams IS NOT a popular talk show and the journalist said POPULAR American talk show.

  9. NoodleSoup00 says:

    hmm… i don’t think they will make it in the us

  10. Kc Cheung says:

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  11. jaylee5690 says:


  12. gkffnd117765 says:

    진짜 존나자랑스럽다ㅋㅋ최고다

  13. christalmunoz says:

    y such

  14. greengirlisa19 says:

    Yuckk are you crazy GG with 1D ,so disgusting :@@@@ pukeeee .I love snsd!:)

  15. khat31able says:

    i have to problems with this video
    1.why do the reporters keep calling them “it” they’re not objects

    2.SNSD was not the first kpop group to appear on a popular talk show The Wonder Girls were when they were on the Wendy William Show

    im not starting hate i Love both SNSD and WG it make me sad how people forget that or dont even look up facts first

  16. animexpikachu64 says:

    they probably would hookup..

  17. TwilightFan1703 says:

    i just wish they would have made better english lyrics. or sing korean so no one understands them

  18. ilovesnsdshinee says:


  19. calmincense says:

    What’s with all this talk about “taking over”? Enough with the imperialism BS and colonial mentality. -_-

  20. prettyayele22 says:

    SNSD IM SO PROUD To Be a Fan Really… I Have Watched My Sones Since They We TRanies ~ I Couldn’t Wish For Anythinq Better For Them They Worked Hard And Achived Every Thing They Wanted
    Take Over American SNSD ~ From Yur LonqTerm Fan ~ Kim Hyoyeon~ Fighting

  21. HottieKim142002 says:

    omg…………. ASIANS YEA YEA nahhh but dude it’s about time for SNSD to come to america. It’s time for all the Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Cantonese and other languages to take over 😀

  22. 19bill96 says:

    Hundreds of thousands of SONES waits in the US upon their command to take over the United States for them.

    We are waiting.

  23. happybunnyntx says:

    Ya never know SNSD does fit the mold for american style pop music while still retaining their korean freshness and their english when they sing is really good. I’m sure they could do it, it might be kind of like when Far East Movement became popular, half the people barely noticed they were asian and just liked the music lol so cross your fingers! ^_^

  24. jennandp1231 says:

    yeah they so deserve to take over America and next they need to take over canada 

  25. bluemonolith88 says:

    I don’t think SNSD is trying to become a mainstream name in US. I think they were just there to show the world that K-Pop does have a fervent niche following in the West. Honestly, most Americans don’t even like much of British Pop music, even though they speak English and mostly are white. I think selling any kind of foreign Pop to mainstream America is a stretch. Maybe in 20-30 years when China becomes the next-super power…


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