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Arlington: The Rap

Available Now on iTunes! I moved to a new town a couple weeks ago. Clarendon. It’s pretty tough. Thank you to BJ and Q for their co-starring roles once again. And to the people of Arlington who I ran into (literally and figuratively) in the process of filming. Oh yes, and thanks to Ally the dog! More videos on the channel/website! LYRICS Just moved to a new hood and it’s straight up gangsta Let me show you around… my town People all around better know the deal that the people in this town are ghetto for real So when people tell me Remy, where you calling from? I say a straight up thug town called Arlington It’s a real tough town packing heat and boat shoes my crib’s in a rough spot right next to the Whole Foods I’m ducking gunfire daily check to see if one got me but that’s just life in the hood when I go get my puffed kashi But we never do drugs no, cuz that’s not me the only thing high up in here are my condo fees Welcome to Arlington the town that never fizzles Ballston, Rosslyn, Courthouse the Clizzledizzle So many places to choose you’re gonna like to pick I’m in Courthouse so much that they call me Michael Vick And Rosslyn girls got money they all can pay the bills but that’s all I’ll film in Rosslyn cuz I hate walking up these hills and we kinda got a mall yeah you know you can’t stop us got everything but nothing good, man it’s kinda like tapas Just try to mess with us I’ll shoot you right in the foot punk Just don’t come on Tuesday nights that’s

23 Responses to “Arlington: The Rap”

  1. kwalker7253 says:

    I didnt see the Starbucks on Glebe and Wilson at the Westin either lol

  2. Jake Braxton says:

    Thanks a bunch. I was really hoping some mindless youtuber would spoil it for me by typing it out and having 29 geniuses give it a thumbs up so I HAD to see it before watching the video…

  3. Jared Wilson says:


  4. bryan stevens says:

    New Hip Hop from Houston…. High Quality Video Production… Very Motivational..Just type in … Stacks 300

  5. jzinius says:

    This is Golden Remy! You are an artist! Love it!

  6. crashfan8 says:

    Arlington, Virginia or Texas?

  7. mmusicsmysoul says:

    we’re a county, not a town 😛 and where are the billions of priuses

  8. smirkes says:

    this is so spot on!

  9. DRS5193 says:

    What Arlington do you live in? Even with all the prius’s, we’re still killing the environment with all the trees we’re killing.

  10. crazycritik says:

    Lol everything in this is true except probably the parking ticket thing. And he forgot about the starbucks on lee highway

  11. ZONKUF says:

    Just met Remy at Tiffany and Co. WOOOOOOOOOW. I was looking for something to get my gf and i hear his voice and know right away it was him.

  12. wriksik says:

    Holy crap I live there o_o

  13. SEXYPATRICE02 says:

    lmmfaooooo This is soo Arlington! When he said the green line, I died!!! lmaoo

  14. JustGalieX says:

    A-town HAHAHA!!!

  15. MrEmINeM2287 says:

    so gangsta B)

  16. ggm888 says:

    theres alot of dudes in here they should call this ballston

  17. ggm888 says:

    im in courthouse so much they call me Michael vick

  18. ggm888 says:

    or (or the starbucks x18) XD

  19. DieselDog77 says:

    All of northern VA is like that. The video is hilarious and makes me want to move somewhere else.

  20. kittyria7 says:

    The awkward moment when you’ve been to every one of those Starbucks.

  21. Amy Gonzalez says:

    ha i was in Arlington for day lol

  22. Byron Allanvre says:

    this guy needs to move to cleveland ohio, so he can rap about it.

  23. vidmuncher says:

    Arlington is whack. Not enough Starbucks.


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