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‘Assange deserves Nobel Peace Prize, not US prison’

RT’s Maria Finoshina interviews German MP Sevim Dagdelen. They discuss if freedom of speech has any real value at all today – and what Julian Assange’s case shows us. RT LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Follow us on Google+ plus.google.com RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.

25 Responses to “‘Assange deserves Nobel Peace Prize, not US prison’”

  1. Tanim Islam says:

    Probably, but he was never given a trial. Regardless what about his son?

    Bradly Manning is another example; he hasn’t even been charged with anything yet.

    Further when you have people like Holder saying that due process is not judicial process, redefining everything the constitution says, there is little protection of anyone’s rights.

  2. ron lovell says:

    Al waki got what he deserved. If you take up arms with terrorist, you’re treated like one
    Also, Assange released the confidential information through U.S.News publications, so that means he was acting as an agent of the New York and L.A. Times. Our First Amendment is very clear on this matter. U.S. citizen or not, He’s protected.

  3. ron lovell says:

    Look (Wang Tang) you don’t have to explain to me why you have an inferiority complex, I completely understand. If I were a third generation sweat shop worker, from a piss ant third word country, then I would be angry at Americans too!
    Here’s what you should do, take your favorite (Lady Boy) out to dinner. You know, get your usual Sweet and Sour (Dog) with a side of Chairman Mao’s (Cat) noodle soup. I bet you’re getting hungry just thinking abut that!!!!!

  4. chodond says:

    Anna Ardin should be send to central Congo to get a few Real Rapes, by a bunch of black super-endowed angry soldiers.

  5. chodond says:

    Sweden and England are in bed with the US.

    What a disgusting trio.

  6. OrphanPaper says:

    assarnge dose not dictate to the Swedish legal system or the British legal system , which has found he needs go back & face the questioning why is assarnge doing so much to avoid the Swedish legal system ,is he mentally ill? ,is he guilty? ,it would take 1 or 2 day , in place of that he,s run away adding more charges & costing his supporters &the British tax payer many thousands of $

  7. adolthitler says:

    Sweden has no charges for him, they only want to question him. So what are they doing?
    If they want to question him, they should go to England like any decent criminal investigation team would. The fact there are no charges but they wish to move him to Sweden smells like a rat. Its not for free people to travel overseas to help investigations.

  8. WTFukinshit says:

    You’re giving way too much respect to the Nobel Peace Prize. The same award was given to Barack Obama for killing people with his Nobel Peace Drones. The award means squat!

  9. mrduffy1100 says:

    Lovely idea, problem is you would need years of education, put any stolen information into context, to even begin to understand what it means.

  10. mrduffy1100 says:

    Assange is on RT; a ‘news’ channel controlled by an unelected government. Is Assange going to hack and release Russian secrets?
    No, thought not this wanker he will be afraid of a polonium injection.
    Why doesn’t he fuck of to Sweden and face the charges. he is costing me and the rest of the British tax payers a pile of money, while the coward hides in that embassy.

  11. imvrysmrt says:

    The US constitutional rights only applies to US citizens, which Assange is not (he’s Australian). Furthermore look up rendition, or Al waki if you actually believe the Bill of Rights will protect you from the US, even if you’re a citizen.

  12. Brett BiroArtist says:

    He deserves FREEDOM not jail. 

  13. Brett BiroArtist says:

    How can you be a criminal for being concerned about the world and the innocent people in it, and finding out information/the truth about what’s going on. We NEED to know what’s going on.!!!

  14. kwokshsee says:

    According to some hearsay of a stupid, huh? Wow, that’s super-convincing… to a moron like urself, right? 😀

    And u’re obviously demonstrating what S. Freud called “projection”. It’s inferiority complex all right, making a moron like urself hate German and Chinese, while hailing Japanese bitches! Hahahaa… that’s explain everything, u loser 😀 LOL…..

    Excuse me for laughing at u 😛

  15. ron lovell says:

    Nobody’s perfect.

  16. ron lovell says:

    According to my Japanese friends that’s what the Empire did to your inferior ancestors. Your ancestors were there bitches for centuries.
    They put a higher value on the life of a Dog than your people; where as you just eat Dog! No wonder you have an inferiority complex, Wong Fu. 😉

  17. ron lovell says:

    Now I see why you defend and justify Nazi Genocide, your Israel comment says it all. Now I see you for what you really are Adolf.

  18. ron lovell says:

    Please point out to me exactly where I mentioned her race, or that (she) is a raciest? When did I make that claim, which comment? Use my exact words!

  19. ron lovell says:

    Your Queen has no authority? News Flash, you’re a Constitutional Monarchy, in a commonwealth, with a Governor General, Dudley Do Right. Try reading your own Constitution.
    I know it hurts, but you’re not a real county! And we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with Quebec.

  20. alfredalvarez85285 says:

    I just think its funny (and ironic) that you shoot her down because of the color of her skin, but not because of what shes doing. Ill admit i dont know her personal life (so i dont know if she or isnt racist or has prejudices), but why make such ridiculous claims that have NOTHING to do with anything?

    Yeah, shit got bad a while ago with racism, but why hold grudges and continue the nonsense? Stop assuming all white people are racist, it just makes it worse.

  21. OrphanPaper says:

    they do not have to tell a person under arrest any think relating to there grandiose delusions, he has abscond from bail, he was trusted by the courts & those who meet his bail conditions which fits the pattern of behavior assarng has shown over the past years deserted those who helped him as wiki leaks then the woman & now the bail I could only emanation how many others he fuck over & its far simpler for them to extradite him from England but for the twisted delusions assarnge is spouting

  22. BVargas78 says:

    He asked the swedish government he would go if they could guarantee they wouldnt send him to the USA and the swedish government said they couldnt guarantee that.

  23. OrphanPaper says:

    ramblings of a desperate boy crying fowl ,when . all he has to do is go back to Sweden and clear his name

  24. OrphanPaper says:

    u do not understand unless there some evidence that the lunatic rambling of conspiracy against asarnge then he has to face the consequences of his actions which is go to Sweden & clear his name it now apparent he can’t do that & Ecuador is harboring a fugitive at the request of the Russian or some other government to be used as to politicaly score points about ,

  25. THEendOFJustin says:

    No, but you definitely allowed it or you’ve been kept in the dark about it. Remember, “There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.” U.S is guilty of genocide in the past and by paying taxes which go to Israel which funds terrorism against the Palestinians. I dislike Hitler, but it seems that people that are trying to stop today’s Fascist are being criminalized like in the Third Reich.


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