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Baltimore Hospital Ranked No. 1

US News ranked John Hopkins Hospital the number one hospital in the country. Avery Comarow spoke to Maria Rodriguez about what to do if you are not near an excellent hospital.
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5 Responses to “Baltimore Hospital Ranked No. 1”

  1. PinkHawk191 says:

    Thank you Dr.Cameron for saving my life and for the continuing care for my congenital heart defect, You are my hero and guardian andel and hero. Thnk you to my Pediatric Cardiologist Dr.Thompson for taking good care of me.

  2. Persevering Patricia says:

    More information for Sickle Cell Patients, is needed!!!  Cancer is not the only REAL disease.

  3. Paminator says:

    Hopkins blows: Google “Adventures in Cardiology”

  4. alwaysopen says:

    Best hospital, my ass!
    I got a staph infection in their neurological operating theater and lost my equilibrium due to antibiotic poisoning. Their nursing staff is woeful and the doctors have the worse bedside manners. You never want to sit in their 3rd world waiting room or wait for a doctor’s appointment.
    Tops in research, maybe, but I will stick with the hospitals at Fairfax or GWU unless I have some rare condition only JHU has a treatment for.

  5. sanzoparty1066 says:

    Yea! Good job again JHH!!! 


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