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Best Careers 2009: Occupational Therapist Job Description

Occupational therapists help people with physical issues return to their occupation. Occupational therapy jobs include working in hospitals, homes, and schools. For a full occupational therapist job description go to
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25 Responses to “Best Careers 2009: Occupational Therapist Job Description”

  1. Moktarization says:

    Msc in OT will be a good idea, because all OT programs in U.S programs are now Master’s level since 2007.

  2. indipoodali says:

    I will just be graduating as an OT in the UK this year. I was thinking of doing a MSc in Neurorehabilitation in the UK. If i wanted to work as an OT in the USA later on in my career does this entitle me to do so or do I need an MSc specifically in OT? If anyone knows the answer I would be grateful if you could help me out. Thanks, F.

  3. MedePage says:

    Nice video…great subject

  4. HelloMrZebra says:

    I’m basing that in part off of an NPR story about men in occupational therapy, but I can’t link to it. Just google male occupational therapists and you’ll find it.

  5. HelloMrZebra says:

    I’m assuming you’re a male? If a health care field is dominated by women, this is an advantage for males trying to enter the field, not a disadvantage. As with nursing, there is a shortage of men and a need for men in the field, and it helps you.

  6. lukuleles says:

    most o.t. grad programs are full-time and i think most would have difficulty keeping a full-time job. even part time might be too much.

  7. lukuleles says:

    most undergrads are 4-5 years. most o.t. grad schools are 2-3 years.

  8. appletinihamshire says:

    This is cool, thanks for the vid. I’m majoring in Psychology and minoring in Health and Wellness Promotion at my university, but there’s no grad program so I’m struggling with finding what classes to take. However, just knowing God is leading me into this kind of career is motivational and I’m very happy to hear from people who have found meaning in this work :).

  9. xoblackout says:

    Wait its five years for a masters? :s or five years including your undergraduate degree?

  10. AchieveBeyond says:

    We love your channel. We hope you will also subscribe to our reach for the stars pediatric therapy and autism services channel and view our videos to help spread early intervention health care nationwide. We offer occupational therapy career opportunities throughout the country. We hope you will subscribe to our channel as well!

    -Bilinguals Inc. / Achieve Beyond Pediatric Therapy & Autism Services

  11. jdugena says:

    really??? wow!

  12. marqAKAQ says:

    Alright I have a question, since becoming an Occupational Therapist requires a Master’s degree, what do students do for money while earning their Master’s? Like do students usually become an Occupational Therapist Assistant first for experience and to get some extra cash while still studying to become a full on Occupational Therapist?

  13. xxNilumxx says:

    i cant stand kids, sign me up

  14. HBKdxfan says:

    …is it hard?

  15. TherapeuticResource says:

    Makes me want to be an OT

  16. ajseb says:

    sorry i meant *senior

  17. ajseb says:

    Unfortunately i was not admitted into the program this year. I managed to make it to the interviews, but still did not make it. Can anyone give any advice on what to do now? I am to going to be a junior soon, and am planning to apply again once i graduate. However, i will not anticipate or hope that i will be admitted into kean university’s program( as i have it heard it is one of the hardest to become admitted).

  18. George Clark says:

    Correct. Not many males are in the profession; Plus, the females who do work in OT tend to be beautiful. That means you will have rough competition, both at finding an employer and at finding clients.

  19. rsharma85 says:

    Im already studying for it…

  20. bnmvghjfyghjtyj says:

    try Latino women and success your lifz ****

  21. ajseb says:

    I’m on the occupational therapy track here in kean university nj. So far I have volunteered and observed numerous hours at a rehab center, hand therapy clinic, and soon to be a hospital. The expeirences I’ve had with both the occupational therapists and patients were absolutely wonderful. I know for sure that this is something I want to do, because I’ve always love being in the company of others and helping them. I am applying to the program January 21,wish me luck everyone!

  22. molkanadolmone says:

    Be honest naughty women here

  23. QuenTinIana says:

    Man here you can find some naughty women

  24. ellieotny says:

    All of the colleges in the northeast go through a rigorous accreditation to meet national standards. In 2008, US News & World Report ranked Boston University number 1 & (also Boston based) Tufts number 5. New York University ranked number 9 in a 3 way tie with western schools.

  25. ellieotny says:

    High school biology & general college prep. courses are good. The college training is an associates degree (2 years) as an occupational therapy assistant, passing a national test to become certified & then applying for a license to practice in the state you live. Often assistants or COTAs earn in the $20G range. Occupational therapists have Master’s degrees in occupational therapy, 5-6 years of college for this, pass a national exam & get a license.


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