Breaking News — Russian War Ships in Syria, Thousands of US Troops Deploy to Israel |

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Breaking News — Russian War Ships in Syria, Thousands of US Troops Deploy to Israel

Breaking News -- Russian War Ships in Syria, Thousands of US Troops Deploy to Israel
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24 Responses to “Breaking News — Russian War Ships in Syria, Thousands of US Troops Deploy to Israel”

  1. robert williams says:

    Yo, Go fuck yourselves! Go back to the history books, and you’ll learn that Israel belongs to the Jews! And does this reporter even realize the power of America? I can’t even listen to the rest of this video. Freaking stating that USA and israel will lose a War to middle east war mongers and Russia? Lol! I can’t see that happening within my life time. I’m American And proud of IT!

  2. AfriSynergy says:

    True, not all Europeans are Germanic. I suggest you raise your comprehension of what you hear.

  3. MatJack1000 says:

    you are crazy black man, europeans are not all germanic,

  4. AfriSynergy says:

    Key comments, BIG OIL AND BIG BANKS.

  5. andycavaliero says:

    Just say no to wars that make rich people richer! Do you think their kids are going to fight it? No Iranians have ever done me any harm. I’m not laying awake at night wondering if Iranian tanks are rolling across the border! The big oil and big banks can go fight this one themselves!

  6. John Smith says:

    Russian troops arrived in Syria including Stalin himself to kill civilians.He killed me

  7. manchester2000ful says:

    You are welcome.

  8. Patrick Needham says:

    I’m saying that Americans wouldn’t burn it down if they were capable of rationalizing the difference between Afghanistan and Al Qaeda. Same goes for the Mosque. Nothing like that would have happened if people could just determine the difference between one group of Muslims from extremists.

  9. ana nimity says:

    I was just asking, cause I totally agree with you. Good comment.

  10. manchester2000ful says:


  11. ana nimity says:

    Good comment, But…What if Afghanistan had an embassy in new York? Are you saying that Americans would not burn it down? Look what happened when someone tried to Build a Mosque there…

  12. ana nimity says:

    By bad do you mean “tough? Or “evil”?

  13. EnemyofGeorgia says:

    The reason so many believe this nonsense is because they know nothing about the subject matter. Even without the US, the local arab countries could re-open hormuz after a couple of weeks of combat. Saudi/Kuwait/UAE F-15s,Typhoons,F-18s and F-16s will use the obsolete Iranian AF as target practice. Only the few remaining F-14s will cause a problem. Obama is on YOUR side and you know it. His re-election assures dominance of the Iran/North Korea/Jihadist axis alliance, supported by Russia.

  14. Patrick Needham says:

    You’re right, I don’t see our mindless civilians blowing up embassies of other nations. Come to think about it, I don’t see our mindless civilians doing much at all. What I do see them doing is conforming to the government, doing what ever the government tells them to do, and believing anything that the government says to be 100% true. An example of this would be how we went into Iraq with NO proof of them having nuclear weapons, but the citizens okay’d it because they were still mad about 9/11.

  15. alfsob2 says:

    And where might you go? I really would like to know. I don’t claim that America is without fault, however, I do believe that it is the lesser of Evils when it comes to most others. You don’t see our mindless civilians blowing up embassies of other nations. Oh, and I can’t wait for a cleaver little come back to that statement… Hope its good!

  16. alfsob2 says:

    American’s will be fine as long as there are people like you around… No know how, just all anger, and a firm lack of common sense. Take a piss and let the Alcohol leave your system bud, you’ll find life to be much better without it. Reason I say that, well, sounds like you’ve had a bit to much to drink… satanic crusade, ha! So funny

  17. alfsob2 says:

    You all are more than entitled to your opinions, but forgive me because I couldn’t help but laugh at this video and commentary… It’s crap like this that spurs more conflict, on both sides. How about a friendly message some one, rather than this religious spurred bullship! yep I said bullship. Trying not to be a prick right now. However, I’m also entitled to my opinion. Which is that this just sounds so lame…Holly war, HA, thanks again all you religious fools

  18. ClashKing123 says:

    Stupid U.S soldier dies for fake/coward Israel

  19. AfriSynergy says:

    I call the “Evil War”, nothing holy about it. It is very clear that the Zionists are pushing the buttons for the wars under their terms. However, this time they will not find it to be to their benefit.

  20. lindasayshello1 says:

    Test your ground for the radiation from when Japans Nukeler plants exploded, its all over this planet right now, and Kelp is the only natural detoxifyer to neutralize it, plant kelp, which is grass under the ocean’s to purify your drinking water, from governments just adding toxins like glue to clump together the waste, and then it goes out to the water we pull back into drink, research. Want more nuke wars, I think not! Life is to painful now to want to live, could you imagine diseases, not!

  21. lindasayshello1 says:

    The only one person on this planet starting War’s on Humanity, is the USA Federal Government Zionist Jews, and not the American People, that took for granite that government would take care of them, because of paying really high tax money like a baby sitter. Humanity is being dummied down by poisoning, by there Zionist bad government, Humanity is now waking up to them. Holey war soon, against the 1% Zionist Jews. Does 1% stand a chance against Humanity for what they put us and are planet threw

  22. lindasayshello1 says:

    Election Fraud Stephen Harper against it own People, said in a video on youtube, he will defend Israel no matter what, Guilt or not, his Zionist Jews Brother Hood of Occult. Elite Zionist Obama is going to Israel to defend it, now that Humanity is catching on to them bad Zionist bad Jews, see a bigger picture. Good, Against Bad Obama the Zionist!, Bible talks about this Holey War, thats what is coming now. Are you for Good, or Bad is why God is watching. Humanity is sick of all these War’s!

  23. AfriSynergyNews says:

    Well stated.

  24. philster0306 says:

    see ya. we don’t want you here.


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