BREAKING NEWS: US Preparing for Large Scale Radiation Leak |

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BREAKING NEWS: US Preparing for Large Scale Radiation Leak

US team’s mission is to help SDF, Yomiuri Shimbun, April 4, 2011: … According to sources, the US team will also prepare for unexpected contingencies, such as a large-scale radiation leak from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. About 10 members of the US Marine Corps’ Chemical Biological Incident Response Force arrived at US Yokota Air Base in Tokyo on Saturday as an advance party. They arrived on a US transport plane from Maryland. They will be joined by two similar units scheduled to arrive Sunday and Monday. In total, the response force will deploy 155 personnel to Japan. The team comprises six squads, with specialties such as detecting extremely dangerous levels of radiation, search-and-rescue operations in areas contaminated by radiation and decontaminating people exposed to radiation. …
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25 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: US Preparing for Large Scale Radiation Leak”

  1. petelebu says:

    nobody is telling the truth, for the simple fact that tepco doesnt want to be responsible for the medical bill of the entire world when 3 out of 10 people get cancer, or 2 out of 10 children born with radiation induced defects.

  2. George Jr. says:


  3. izzysykopth says:

    Anyone following this or the San Onofre leak should view my featured.

  4. Born2Flesh says:

    History agrees with you…

  5. Pattykaeks says:

    Nuclear energy doesn’t like Japanese people

  6. mark123469 says:

    good , the good old usa is just that old what the state used to be is not what it is now i cant wait until the human race pays the ultimate price and we all died , that planet will be so awesome without the human race.

  7. mookoo222 says:

    dude….. Get out.

  8. src438 says:


    Those Russians Ukrainians (almost they are the same) too people are plain crazy, crazy, crazy I can’t believe what those people capable of doing it’s impossible!

    I think they brought with them the culture from the “SOVIET-UNION” Trust me when I’m saying it-I lived long enough to know their tactics and technics They are absullity nuts!

  9. WishingBones says:

    its all haarp, its not natural, you want to stop those earthquakes, and storms like katrina, destroy the haarp.

  10. chop98 says:

    Add to this the flooding of the nuke plant at Ft. Calhoun outside Omaha, Nebraska… and you have yourself a really setting for eventual martial law conditions. 😉

  11. olga2415 says:

    This illogical civilization of ours is going to go the way all other illogical civilizations have gone. To Hell! It’s been clear to thinking people everywhere that nuclear power was a very bad idea from its inception, yet no matter how many sensible people complain and file their legal documents opposing these nuclear plants, the powers that be always proceed with their own agendas. And soon, the Earth is going to “shrug” the vermin infecting it, OFF its sholders; for another million or so years

  12. adam3176 says:

    This is TRUE… and they are planning this in the USA.. PREPARE this is a planned depopulation and hearding of the american people

  13. Thomas Gates says:

    Tell people the truth. The maps you showed of the US are POTENTIAL atmospheric readings.NOT actual

  14. boodiba says:

    We’ll all die.

  15. haidermusicvids says:

    damn he already got 25 kills for a nuke =)

  16. marisoldickson says:

    Best BBW women dating site only for you

  17. AlexChama says:

    Anyone else thinking the flashier news are presented the less serious and more misleading information is delivered?
    Not saying all is fake in this video, just saying that some parts overdramatize or wrong key points are chosen…

  18. kingsrecords says:

    Yea this guy has some funny looking eyes…… And all these vibrant colours in the background along with the hues being cranked right up. All undertones of hypnosis/mk ultra. This wreaks of the good ol’ problem reaction solution motif.

  19. gensaiyunikunaotoko says:

    who needs an apocalypse when you have nuke plants.

  20. AriesJedi says:

    So annoying there is already technology to vaporise radioactive materials.
    Why don’t they use it???
    Because they want to kill us.
    Brown’s gas technology at 6000 deg will vaporise it all.

  21. ddavfox says:

    soon even breast milk will be contaminated

  22. withernseaboys says:

    / instead of going to war in the middle east all countries of the world should be helping resolve the Japanese disaster

  23. Hinchy501 says:

    what a fuck up

  24. drewzillasaurusrex says:

    I wish I could be around a hundred years from now to see the mutations that will occur worldwide. From my perspective the average American citizen could care less. I should just start spending my retirement money now. Get some hookers some blow…live it up you know.

  25. SpringChatty says:

    they should have NEVER been built as the citizens did NOT want them to be. A little late now, but I would certainly start building other forms of energy around nuke plants so they can be shut down .


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