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Bulgarian Goverment Scientist Say Aliens Are Among Us-Official News Nov 26th 2009!!UFO

Bulgarian Goverment Scientist Say Aliens Are Among Us-Official News Nov 26th 2009!!UFO

Bulgarian Goverment Scientist Say Aliens Are Among Us-Offcial News!! www.dailymail.co.uk www.telegraph.co.uk Scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) have been reported to be in touch with extraterrestrial beings. The Bulgarian Novinar Daily has reported that the Bulgarian scientists are currently working on deciphering pictograms which are said to have come in the form of the so called crop circles with which the aliens answered 30 questions posed by the BAS researchers. They are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them. They are ready to help us but we dont know what to request from them in case of contact, said Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as quoted by the Novinar Daily. Filipov has said that even the Vatican had agreed that aliens existed. In his words, the humans are not going to be able to establish contact with the extraterrestrials through radio waves but through the power of thought. He has stated that the human race was certainly going to have direct contact with the aliens in the next 10-15 years. The deputy head of the Bulgarian Space Research Institute has also told the Novinar Daily that the extraterrestrials were critical of the peoples amoral behavior referring to the humans
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25 Responses to “Bulgarian Goverment Scientist Say Aliens Are Among Us-Official News Nov 26th 2009!!UFO”

  1. justicejunky says:

    You are right. They are Fallen Angels/Demons. Govts are corrupt & are very involved with them. There is too much evidence out there. Something is going on. Aliens/Demons are in another dimension. I have read that they are all around us but we can’t percieve them.The world is falling apart, animals/fish/bees are dying. Oceans are poison, war/evil is rampant, earthquakes happen almost everyday, govt want to track and monitor us. Everybody is tatooed to death, loves vampires. WTH!!!

  2. crankychicks says:

    Why are there no crop circles in Bulgaria? How are aliens benevolent when they molest people, mutilate cows and abduct children and adults???

  3. CarmanMan12 says:

    Citations please! Very few people believe things that don’t have evidence of borrowed information.

  4. flyfallfadeawayy says:

    and dont forget about the flying spaghetti monster.

  5. aaalexccc says:

    Oh you have no Idea how wrong you are.

  6. aaalexccc says:

    Because there are good humans and bad humans. The same is with the alien civilizations

  7. srugel44 says:

    Hilarious. Aliens are like “when you get smarter you can contact us with your minds” then they add “should be talking to ya’ll in 10-15 years”. Like people will be any smarter ten years from now! People are regressing like crazy, not progressing. It’s obvious. People grow more stupid every day.

  8. wangtub43 says:

    not aliens but demons or evil spirits trying to deceive this world that God is either not real or these so called aliens can solve the world’s problems instead of putting their faith in God through Jesus Christ His Son who died on the cross for the sins of the world, Jesus is God, worship Him and no other, amen.

  9. raficsulejmanovic says:

    This is lame. Anybody can make claim to anything!

  10. jefrysax says:

    Добре защо не мога да намеря какво е комуникирал тоя Филипов. OK, why there is nowhere to be fount the information comunicated.

  11. TruthSearcher4Life says:

    I think the extra terrestrial beings should bypass the government in a whole if they want to make them selfs known to us and not our government just look at what they are alleged to do to extraterrestrials which i hope are fake i couldn’t imagine treating any lifeform as they have.

  12. SuperCncguy says:

    The more and more shit i read and see like this, the more i begin to believe in things like a world a World Government, think about it folks…all of you. Whats the BIGGEST problem in the history of the EARTH facing all of us???….OVERPOPULATION.

  13. guitarman4818 says:

    thats so true. we’r very selfish, but theres a good soul in everyone

  14. gumdokim says:

    watched the movie “Contact” today…This reminds me of that movie.

  15. marcorock26 says:


  16. DJSIMPLYP says:

    heard something like that too.

  17. MegaShiny says:


  18. mastertom8 says:

    they are me and i them

  19. ludite12 says:

    Bulgarian scientists have lost their minds and need to be evaluated – I do not think so. Just google it:

    Have you heard about the thousands cured from cancer? You will not hear. Some peoples do not want from you to hear.

  20. princessjw1977 says:

    who says the aliens would be superior? We are not a pile of feces, not even close.

  21. MrPerfectVision says:

    why now? I believe in life on other planets but i think it could be a faked alien invasion to form a one world goverment! Why would the goverments decide to tell us the truth now? It has to be beneficial to them otherwise they wouldnt disclose info!

  22. Jay Plejaren says:

    Checkout my channel if your looking for answers, watch billy meier, this goes to anyone reading this!

  23. kunQQ says:

    Wow Bulgarian Goverment Scientists. Must be totally legit.

  24. STINKBUG3 says:

    so how are the aliens critical to our amoral behavior? and if its the power of thaught, duznt that meen we could talk to them through our minds?

  25. benzo430 says:

    if the Vatican got ahold of them, they would fuck them like little boys, then hide the crime.


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