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Curse Weekly Round Up 10-6-12

Welcome to the Curse Weekly Round Up. Pico and Evan give us news on Mojang’s new office, gift cards and the up coming patch. The Presidential Debate makes it’s way to Xbox Live. Lindsay gives us news on Mists of Pandaria, Indie Game Movie for Netflix, James tells us about Mass Effect 3 DLC. Playstation Plus is a must, and Hot Rob gives us the Game Forecast. Don’t forget to hit that LIKE button and subscribe for more gaming news.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Curse Weekly Round Up 10-6-12”

  1. DeadReality101 says:

    HAPPY WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nmoralesnbf says:

    I appreciate the Curse weekly Round-Up and I watch every edition. What I do not like is biased political commentary during a video game news cast. Romney was referred to as a ‘Rich white guy from the South’ on October the 6th edition.
    Whether you like or hate Romney, at least 47% of the country are going to vote for him. Do you think it is good business sense to alienate almost half of your customers? At least try to be balanced. Please stop this nonsense.

  3. dirty rotten says:

    tx curse…new channel sure. reminder Pico=awesome.

  4. hunterb89 says:

    This new kind of show gives them more freedom, meaning: they can show off a bit more. So don’t be surprised if they act a bit different then normal.

  5. damfisk says:

    awesome and funny show 🙂

  6. redcapassault says:

    I think they both seem fake, aka trying to be something they aren’t

  7. Myzou77 says:

    Pico looks like “Did he really just say f*** on a recorded newscast?” XD

    I am happy with the addition of Evan. Just because having -some- eyecandy is always liked. 😛

  8. Niceman Ed says:

    we dig the hair what of it, for the horde

  9. LionidasL10 says:

    Good combo Pico and Evan.

  10. PixelGamer13 says:

    Indeed, now we may mount my purple unicorn of sunshine and gallop beautifully across the rainbow bridge into the sunset and dine with leprechauns for eternity.

  11. Syphonsama says:

    Well, glad we were able to clear up this fiasco.

  12. PixelGamer13 says:

    I see.
    As for me being stupid or trolling, I was completely serious.

  13. Syphonsama says:

    I was under the impression you watched the forecast segment and payed attention to the forecast date for the 7th. As far as me being snarky I was completely serious.

  14. PixelGamer13 says:

    Not sure what you meant. Do you mean the Round Up should be on Sundays or something else?
    I was under the impression that you thought the Round Ups should be on Sundays instead of the end of the week.
    Care to clarify instead of being snarky?

  15. Syphonsama says:

    Not sure if stupid or trolling.

  16. TOMASjBARTON says:

    <3 Lindsay

  17. Wafeboy says:

    Pretty sure people talked about looks of people in yesterday’s society :P

  18. neutralizationer says:

    Welcome to today’s society. 😛

  19. gislewink says:

    I bet my ass of shes so pissed she doesn’t get to have the show alone.

  20. Zalashjigg says:

    Am i watching some pimped version of the news :o? Positively meant…

  21. Glengolars says:

    Now this is MUCH better than the older videos! Good job

  22. ProgrQWow says:

    The news of the Nerds.

  23. Gren9000 says:

    RoboMaster you have issues! No one really cares if she yells FTH or Alliance slogans!

    oh by the way, FOR THE HORDE!!!

  24. Gren9000 says:

    No, she was terrible by herself. Now she has a whole team of fail!

  25. Draahl says:

    Was better when only Pico did this, dont get me wrong the show is still good just not as good as Pico tho 😛


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