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Curse Weekly Round Up 6-15

Curse Weekly Round Up 6-15

Pico brings us news on WoW Tournaments, Curse client updates for Minecraft, the new Secret World Beta Event, Terab Online Trial, Indie highlight on Krater, and a reminder to sign up for Curse’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Sweepstakes. Don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more gaming videos. Riders of Rohan:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Curse Weekly Round Up 6-15”

  1. zjebanygugel says:

    so much rage, go rage more kiddo ­čśë she is´╗┐ a bad presenter and you raging will not change that fact.

  2. MrKorv70 says:

    Yes i know, she’s hot. But you can keep that for yourself all of you guys that is sitting with your computers and watching videos from curse only´╗┐ to see her…

  3. MrMorvar says:

    Mary´╗┐ Jane? ­čÖé

  4. Slumpartad says:

    How do i get the tera trial?´╗┐

  5. xKAMRONx says:

    Yes,´╗┐ there is. When you’re not successful, you get fired, she’s still here.

  6. thoratkinson15 says:

    They needed someone to read a teleprompter and nerds´╗┐ like girls who talk about games.

  7. Entertainer760 says:

    I thought that was mary jane´╗┐ from spiderman

  8. SouchonP says:

    Obviously not an overly attractive presenter so that ugly ass nerds can relate´╗┐ and hope that they alone might be good looking enough to stand a chance. Not the worse presenter unfortunately some smart people realise the scam and revolt.

    At least she looks like she might play computer games, she could have been a smoking hot blond who is a hard core Mario fan or someth stupid..

  9. SouchonP says:

    What the hell does “Nice presenter …nice…:)” mean´╗┐ sounds pervy.

  10. TheYrros says:

    Nice´╗┐ presenter….nice… ­čÖé

  11. redclassy says:

    I´╗┐ like the content but the presentator is just awful

  12. Cymril says:

    She will never quit !! NEVAAARR !!!!!´╗┐ *Big smile*

  13. ballerdols says:

    Why is she such a´╗┐ big deal? Don’t like it then don’t watch?

  14. Christoph Amecke-Moennighoff says:

    If you want to troll people, at least do it´╗┐ right. $13.4k at an hourly wage of $74 is still more than 180 hrs of work.

  15. Kainz0 says:

    I pause this video first so I dont have to listen to that moron talk. For the love of god – please just´╗┐ stop.

  16. evils222 says:

    I LOVE YOU´╗┐ PICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. redclassy says:

    When is curse going to change the presenter finally? I hate to listen´╗┐ to this

  18. CloudDecim says:


  19. TheWetdonkey says:

    Good job, Nicolas´╗┐ cage! Keep it up!

  20. Hurst Lewis says:

    my neighbor’s mom makes $74 every hour on the internet. She has been unemployed for 7 months but last month her payment was $13363 just working on the internet for´╗┐ a few hours. Read more on this site lazycash41.comONLY

  21. landon p says:

    In a way less´╗┐ complications 0.o

  22. mo mike says:

    Good job´╗┐ pico

  23. mirraco24 says:

    That thing in´╗┐ the bathroom looks like the Keishan in Soul Eater

  24. 247life247 says:

    wow you are´╗┐ hot ;*

  25. Helaman Aguilar says:

    were is the downlode´╗┐


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