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David Sheff, Nic Sheff Talk About Drugs and Family

Nancy Shute interviews David Sheff and his son, Nic Sheff, about their struggle with drug abuse. Nic Sheff wrote the book “Tweak” about his meth addiction and his father David wrote “Beautiful Boy” from his perspective on being the father of a drug addict. Read the full US News article at health.usnews.com
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25 Responses to “David Sheff, Nic Sheff Talk About Drugs and Family”

  1. wormword says:

    No. Does it matter?

  2. archie977 says:

    the explotation is extreem the crminals in bussness adds programming cotroll and are prtected by the law the victims are condemed

  3. Quintessentialsounds says:

    Just because some move on to these drugs. Doesn’t mean weed has anything to do with it

  4. EllieandAlexa says:

    Nic is so fucking sexy. 

  5. connorthesaucejones says:

    you know, i truly don’t think pot is bad at all. I mean, i don’tthink other drugs are good at all, but schools and authority tell you that pot will ruin your life, but I know plenty of well-managed people that do it

  6. buttercado says:

    that’s because he took shots instead?

  7. wormword says:

    Really??? You dont’ say. Where can I find any of these miracle workers.

  8. ultravirgin says:

    He looks like the guy version of Lady Gaga.

  9. YukiKyoHaruLover says:

    omg, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there are like, these doctors, called dentists, who specialise in teeth =O

  10. arogg1161 says:

    @ddevlyn Bro, if you read his book, he does write that he wanted to become a self supporting author, to break it down, it means he wants to make money from his books. So yea, he makes money and he helps people all doing something he loves. That’s not a something to bash him over. Pretty sure that’s a common goal among almost everyone. And to bash on kids over finding something in him to admire? Sad as hell.

  11. jmiller1294 says:

    i think the reason his teeth are still nice is because he shot the meth instead of smoking it

  12. ghostgal007 says:

    could be falsies

  13. rahjah9311 says:

    Nic has got to be the hottest recovered meth addict I’ve ever seen… I’m not sure what is more attractive about him, his looks, or his will power and strength it took to get him through this. His writing is extrememly good too.

  14. thegirlnextdoor215 says:

    @ddevlyn u need to seriously calm down. i suppot misfitspunk on this one. i doubt the sheffs are doing this f0r money. if they only did this for money? why the fuck wud nic speak at schools and things to warn kids about addiction? people like u have no fucking faith in humanity. run off and die, wastoid.

  15. Georgie2500 says:

    Hey all, I too am an opiate addict. I was using IV heroin everyday for over 4 years. I got on suboxone at first without insurance and had to pay $7 per pill for 90 pills per month plus Dr. fees, which was more than $600 a month just to stay clean. I’ve since gotten great insurance which allows me to get all my suboxone for free and I have a lot of extra suboxone scripts left over. I am willing to help anybody out who wants to get clean but doesn’t have the funds to do it. Msg me…

  16. wormword says:

    Yes, but his teeth look almost perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a meth addict that had that nice teeth. I’m not saying he wasn’t a meth addict. I cannot make that call, but for someone that is claiming to be a hardcore meth addict he has great teeth. Maybe they are not real.

  17. MajestaBuck says:

    not all meth addicts have messed up teeth…

  18. skaterkrez says:

    blood shot eyes
    trouble in school
    negative attitude
    angry, and sad..
    I’m already all of those, and I’ve never done any kind of drug in my life. :/

  19. MrRainyday87 says:

    You have a bit of growing up to do.
    Your opinions are extremely stereotypical, and you criticize others as if they are below you for being from a different country.
    If you are so superior, then do something about what these people say rather than being an anonymous ignoramus on youtube comments..
    The world doesn’t care what you have to say, nor do they care about your opinions.
    Learn to use proper grammar rather than saying “u r.”
    I am sorry if this reply offends you,
    but fuck you.

  20. t4k3n000 says:

    Omg, Beautiful Boy was an amazing book. I almost cried reading that book, i usually don’t like reading, but this book was AMAZING! I really would like to know if he wrote any other good books like this one?

  21. BirdFluorescent says:

    Never say never is right. Never say that you’ll never be able to say no.
    You can always say no. Don’t think that just because you do some drugs, you’ll do all drugs.
    What you say is completely incorrect, and a bad mindset.

  22. PamelaV3363 says:

    It’s official..Who -here- goes on about people they have never met, with such bitternes and crazy certainty? What kind of non SOBER individual talks about others in such a mean, dishonest way without even giving them the benefit of the doubt, and/or knowing them? Only a rambling, angry stranger, not in their right mind.. Don’t waste life’s precious time arguing with strangers who pretend to know others they don’t know..This story is about, by God’s grace, SOBRIETY..

  23. danceoncardboardd says:

    whoooaaaahhh guys, chill.

    I think that both david and nic sheff’s books were really great.

  24. xXMisfitspunkXx says:

    thats right u got nothing to say to that cuz ur a BITCH

  25. xXMisfitspunkXx says:

    wtf is wrong with you? hitler and those terrorist deserve to rot in hell for eternity. and im not jobless. you don’t even know my life. you call me a skank you say im jobless you think i need therapy blah blah blah blah blah. you dont even fucking know me


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