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Doug Stanhope: Voice of America – FEAR IN THE US NEWS MEDIA

Doug Stanhope discusses the US media’s fear-mongering and what it really means for you in the new series of Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe…”I’m Doug Stanhope and that’s why I drink.”
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25 Responses to “Doug Stanhope: Voice of America – FEAR IN THE US NEWS MEDIA”

  1. xthatfatguyx says:

    For once, I can say “I am glad that man on television is the voice of America.” We’re not all idiots out here.

  2. oaccessasia says:

    So true. I suggest turning off the tv, and default on everything.

  3. Adrian22Frets says:

    When he talks about the hypothetical christmas, I feel that’s something he experienced first-hand, however the sooner one is disillusioned, the better!

  4. ozziecam says:

    Where’s your teen right now? Probably getting the shit kicked out of them.

  5. 8bitsorcerers says:

    hear ye hear ye!

  6. beatles61 says:

    This isn’t so much funny as it is sad, because it is true.

  7. MrPunkandPissed says:

    Stanhope for president. Still.

  8. Codered712 says:


  9. TwilightCircus23 says:

    funny as hell idd…thx doug

  10. DaniboyBR2 says:

    Busy day? Are you kidding me? Im a bum, I do nothing, but instead of doing beer I smoke weed. I love doug’s philosophy, find a glitch, don’t work hard, and don’t mother me either.

  11. Moe B. says:

    Do you actually agree with Doug’s message or do you just think, “oh hey, look at that sad drunk guy on stage. He says the funny words! Hey he said taxes, I know what they are!”

    The messed up part is of course you shouldn’t binge because of TV. And you know NatureGnome is smart enough to know that, but you took time out of your busy day to mother him because that gets you points in the Bank of Good Person. And then I took time out of my pointless day to reprimand you, because I’m a drunk.

  12. bigbluevioIence says:

    Seeing him on Saturday!!!

  13. DaniboyBR2 says:

    You shouldn’t feel this way, alcohol is a very toxic drug that causes so many diseases I don’t have enough characters to cite them. Doug doesn’t drink every day. Maybe a couple of beers. Just don’t binge because of what you saw on TV or something or you’re cutting down 15 years of your life.

  14. NatureGnome says:

    He makes me feel ok about drinking every night 🙂

  15. Megido says:

    Stanhope for president.

  16. denisasitis says:

    He’s fucking Brilliant!

  17. justcallmeassinine says:

    I don’t remember the music real well,but it had some connection to NoDoz,not Zardoz.

  18. justcallmeassinine says:

    Did you find a lump in your oatmeal ? That is a sign of bad fortune to come. Change your investment strategy NOW !! NOW !!!

  19. David Guntle says:

    fuck you

  20. olivernewsweekly says:

    to Steve MyMind…..perfect…..

  21. emby85 says:

    Jim Jeffries

  22. Steve MyMind says:

    He can’t mean me, I’m special…Oh wait…I just found a lump…

  23. pentzzsolt says:

    Bill Burr

  24. Stupidityindex says:

    The music in the background: What is the name of it? I remember it from the Zardoz.

  25. 1ngjoxsh says:

    Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr etc?


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