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Elizabeth Escalona : US Mom beat her daughter, two, into a coma is jailed for 99 years

“Elizabeth Escalona” “US Mother” “US Mom” “Escalona” “Breaking news” “News” “US News” “Breaking Today” “Cruel Mom” “sexual abuse” “Child Abuse” “Monster Mom” “Monster” “Mom” A mother who glued her two-year-old daughter’s hands to a wall and beat the toddler so badly that she fell into a coma was sentenced to 99 years in prison in Dallas today. Elizabeth Escalona, 23, showed no emotion when the verdict was announced which was in stark contrast to yesterday when she openly wailed after a prosecutor asked her to count the bruises she inflicted on her daughter in a photograph taken after the September 2011 attack. Having already pleaded guilty to her crimes in July, Escalona testified extensively in her own defence and had asked the judge to spare her prison and to give her a second chance to redeem herself. ‘I hit her, I kicked her constantly, and she didn’t deserve that,’ said Escalona yesterday. ‘Only a monster does that.’ While accepting that Escalona may have had a history of sexual abuse in her past, District Judge Larry Mitchell said the simple fact remained of her vicious assault on her child. ‘You savagely beat your child to the edge of death,’ he said.
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24 Responses to “Elizabeth Escalona : US Mom beat her daughter, two, into a coma is jailed for 99 years”

  1. unconspicuous says:

    I watch this video daily to improve the way I feel about myself.

  2. TheJackal325 says:

    u need 2 shut up! she had ery right to beet the snot out of that little gurl! i dont want me kids craping on there pants neither. she kill u when shes out. we from telujaja. dont go der nigga. we find u.

  3. Monim AL says:

    ^ i hope everyone see’s this retarded comment
    yes Mexican till you die but you chose to come to the USA instead you parasite

  4. lapeluda8889 says:

    Everyone who is defending this MONSTER is dumb i knew this female and she deserves exactly what they gave her she has always been a monster Nd all this she said about being abused is not an excuse for what she did. And her attorney is stupid. I have 2 kids and never in my life would i beat them yes every kid may deserve a spankin but not a beaten to the point you put them in comma.

  5. TheJackal325 says:

    this is messed up. they just racist. thats why she got 99. kids need to be beaten some times. we cant judge others. mexican till i die!…..

  6. TheNissiegirl76 says:

    Whoops, I meant how is 99 years “TOO MUCH”…she deserves every single year she got!

  7. TheNissiegirl76 says:

    The Bitch beat her daughter almost to death…how is 99 years NOT ENOUGH? I don’t give a shit how bad her life was, she could have STOPPED the cycle of abuse! Too bad she can’t get a beating the way she did to that poor lil innocent baby girl…

  8. foxfly23 says:

    If you were the one who’d suffered at her hands or as an adult suffered this, you’d know that 99 years is what she deserves since they can’t give her more.

  9. foxfly23 says:

    I’m a surviving child of an animal like this. 99 years isn’t even close to what this b*tch deserves.

  10. Oscar Manuel Sayago says:

    What she did is not right, she deserves to be punish and that will teach her a lesson for life!

  11. Bucefal80 says:

    99 years of prison… Means the Russian adopted children – Americans will kill and further… Fucking American “justice” of double standards… FASCISTS!

  12. SuperMetal79 says:

    I am a father who have a lovely daughter, maybe the same age with her child. I fell so sad. That`s the reason why I said like that.

  13. Mr0Rlovsky says:

    for 99 years???? that’s alot. may be 5-10 but not 99 years

  14. Mr0Rlovsky says:

    99 years of jail… prosecuters aren’t people. They are shit

  15. SuperMetal79 says:

    she has to deserve to pay for her BIG mistake

  16. ReplayGoblin says:

    Her attorney is a dumbass. 

  17. BabysFace says:

    99 yrs WTF???
    If the child DIED it would have been manslaughter, and she would have gotten 10 years…
    What kind of fucked up logic is this???

  18. candy corner says:

    exactly … 99 years is too much

  19. candy corner says:

    i agree with you! i also hope her family dont blame the child for the mother mistakes. and she was wrong for what she did to the child! and yes SHE IS A DISGRACE TO THE ALL MEXICANS OR WHAT EVER LATIN COUNTRY SHES FROM …but this women is a human! i think 99 years is too much… she is a victim of abuse herself…

  20. quakepapi says:

    what ever makes you feel better. Asshole

  21. robjacksontop says:

    And for yourself: try learning how to compose a sentence or even use a correct verb. Asshole.

  22. aqvila11 says:

    She got what she deserved.

  23. lothre says:

    I used to rule the world…

  24. Clari Pizarro says:

    go to hell, men ain’t shit either, this was just an evil bitch who got what she deserved, all in all women still rule the word so drop dead u sexist bastard!!!!!!


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