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Fox News Reports on Jenkem

Fox News Reports on Jenkem This is a Serious Matter Hitting The middle and High Schools around the us
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24 Responses to “Fox News Reports on Jenkem”

  1. allyus14 says:

    Lol wtf died laughing from the butt hash part, holy shit

  2. PitchFork6 says:

    Makes me miss totse…

  3. officialARMYclan says:

    who came from Tosh.0

  4. scubasteve0281 says:


  5. MrDubzLightyear says:


    I have made a Trap Track to this vid, Check out dubz lightyear on soundcloud, not a serious track just a bit of fun.

    Dubz Lightyear

  6. shotdeadbycam says:

    Organic and sustainable

  7. MrAllGayAllDay says:

    I brew my own butt hasch in a bucket in my room

  8. b1gr1g says:


  9. chickmagnetJ11 says:

    lololol would you get arrested for possesion of such a thing

  10. JamessMMA says:

    dude hahaha i cant say butt hash with a straight face

  11. JamessMMA says:

    your dumb

  12. Damanx1903 says:

    butt hash

  13. bigpoimpin says:

    dont hate on the jenk until you try youself some

  14. flarekary says:

    Ugh how pathetic and pitiful people will go to do a drug.

  15. Plarzmo says:


  16. Edifice06 says:

    Do jenkem and purple drank go together?, lol.

  17. mollycrime says:

    wake and jenk baby. keep jenk legal

  18. fangbrain says:

    I dont think we should be worrying about the health of someone willing to huff their own shit fumes. Best to just let natural selection take place.

  19. suicidesnowman14 says:

    do they actually believe this shit? pun intended

  20. anon6952 says:


  21. JustASockPuppet says:

    I’d forgotten how fucking hilarious this was 😀 Even the teens interviewed struggled to keep a straight face

  22. party4lifedude says:

    This drug is really shitty.

  23. wootsauce55555 says:

    Anyone notice the bottle said Totse… lol

  24. Tim Jones says:

    Jenkem is addictive!


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