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Green Jobs: A Sustainable Restaurant From the Inside Out

The green economy and green jobs as seen through Founding Farmers, a green restaurant from the food on the table to the design on the building. Visit for more news on the green movement.
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25 Responses to “Green Jobs: A Sustainable Restaurant From the Inside Out”

  1. jimotazertaki says:

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  2. Glasya666 says:

    “climategate”? Did Fox come up with that one? What a joke.

  3. N37BU6 says:

    Have you looked into “climategate” yet? It’s been several days…

    Amount of coverage from CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS: ZERO. Is it just not worth reporting? American Idol contestants and Michelle Obama’s arms are just more important, I guess?

  4. mrhulot101 says:

    “The cheapest way to stop global climate change is not converting to
    solar power or buying a hybrid car. It’s putting on a condom.
    That’s the conclusion of a London School Of Economics
    study showing that money spent on contraception is about five times
    more efficient than money spent on clean energy technologies. It backs
    up a recent Oregon State University study tha
    t concludes overpopulation and massive immigration
    is the single biggest threat to the environment.”

  5. Hakudohshi says:

    Everyone is racist. Every government enacts racist laws. Pointing out that a minority leader is watching out for his minority is like pointing out that we need oxygen too survive. However if you feel so strongly about it, instead of arguing with people on the internet, why not go do something about it? Don’t ask me for suggestions, I am happy as I am and don’t think about such things. You seem too be a creative person, create a way too fix racism.

  6. skrbeleven says:

    this is cool!

    move it san francisco though!!!

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  9. iTubeP says:


  10. eliqka says:

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  11. MegaEgyman says:


  12. Mudhooks says:

    Then you must not pee and poo because that has to go somewhere and it either goes to a water treatment plant to be cleaned and reused or it goes into your waterways…. Tasmania must have that “magic” water that we hear about… the kind that appears out of your imagination instead of the water treatment plants.

  13. MaZEEZaM says:

    i dont agree where you say, ‘nobody will care about the CO2 we are pumping…’ if we leave the environment in a really polluted state like china is for instance they are obviously going to care. think of all the health problems they would have, plus it would be much harder to reduce pollution from that sort of world. who cares about the science or sceptics. why not choose to use far cleaner power and live in a much healthier world?

  14. MaZEEZaM says:

    well im glad i dont live in your country:S we dont do that in australia, with the exception of desal in Western Aus. our water is some of the cleanest on earth, especially in tasmania.

  15. N37BU6 says:

    “Lets not create our own reality here”

    Oh, the irony…

  16. Glasya666 says:

    When have I fervently defended this 4 month window? We haven’t even been talking about this since your fist post. I made it clear back then that I was agreeing that we are affecting the weather. Not the 4 month window. Lets not create our own reality here.

  17. Glasya666 says:

    Yea I remember what this debate is about. You tried to discredit global warming by pointing out the fact that the CO2 increase lags the temperature increase in the ice core records, which go back for hundreds of thousands of years. That’s why I was confused when you said that you weren’t talking about 100,000 year timelines.

    Orbital cycles have nothing to do with our current warming. I was merely disputing your argument.

  18. N37BU6 says:

    Bottled water: $1.00
    Bagged dirt: $3.00
    Being taxed for breathing: Priceless

  19. N37BU6 says:

    What details? The ones you’ve been derailing this debate with!

    100,000 year timelines, for instance. What does that have to do with this 4 month window of time you’re defending so fervently?

    Do you even remember what this debate is about?

  20. Glasya666 says:

    Maybe you should include some of these details because I don’t know what you are talking about right now.

  21. N37BU6 says:


    I’m not talking on 100,000 year timescales, and you know that. Why are you doing this?

    I tend to generalize and skip over details when they have nothing to do with the discussion. Where does it end? Why not consider heavy metal decay, background radiation from the stars, and the solar system’s path around the galaxy, and Nicolas Cage’s forehead while we’re at it?


  22. Glasya666 says:

    I haven’t said anything about taxes. They have absolutely nothing to do with the reality of global warming. I am arguing the science.

    Yes, the earth’s orbit and sun activity will continue to change our weather, very slowly. We, on the other hand are changing it now.

  23. Glasya666 says:

    I am not nitpicking words. I am saying that you are wrong. The eccentricity of our orbit changes over a period of about 100,000 years. At maximum eccentricity, the difference in solar radiation between perihelion and aphelion are significant.

  24. N37BU6 says:

    You do realize that every action on earth emits CO2, right? You really want to be able to tax it?

    Forget energy production. Think of consumers. Ever heard of sales tax? The price of your TV will go up. Same with cameras, shoes, socks, everything… you can’t manufacture a single thing without emitting CO2, and the buck is going to be passed to you.

    Don’t bitch when it happens! Meanwhile, earth’s orbit and the sun’s activity will continue to fluctuate and change our weather respectively.

  25. N37BU6 says:

    No,the point is you’re nit picking words that you are deliberately taking out of context and wasting time.

    In any case, orbital changes are cyclic, and don’t match up with the random occurences. Also, it still says nothing of CO2 being the culprit. I am impressed that you actually consider the sun, however, because Al Gore has yet to discover its existence.

    You’re putting forth a vicious cycle scenario that doesn’t match up with reality. Sorry.


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