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‘Iraq has no say, US pressuring Russia arms deal cancellation’

FULL STORY on.rt.com The Iraqi Defence Minister has denied that the country has cancelled a major arms deal with Russia. It’s in response to the Prime Minister’s spokesman who’d earlier said corruption concerns caused the scrapping of a deal sealed only a month ago, to sell Iraq more than 4-billion-dollars’ worth of military hardware. RT talks to government and business consultant, Christoph R. Horstel. RT LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Follow us on Google+ plus.google.com RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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25 Responses to “‘Iraq has no say, US pressuring Russia arms deal cancellation’”

  1. vengencefrom1979 says:

    the universe appears to never have been created in the first place. most religions operate under a false premise.

  2. maria610421 says:

    George Bish LIED & said God told him to attack these people in Iraq, who is the European God when they have never beleived in any god because Historically they are Pagans. But the POPE in Rome calim he is a God but he is European who don’t believe in any god that is Historical fact, they are PAGANS.

  3. maria610421 says:

    People use the Government as a reason not to think for themselves, and a sourse to blaim for their own stupidity. Its like saying the Government told me to do it you have a mind of your own not to do what is wrong in the world. Example George Bush never killed a single person in the Iraq WAR but he sent others to commit the crimes, and as a result we hold the Government responsible instead of the War Criminals who followed orders they knew was wrong, you are responsible for your own crimes.

  4. patago71 says:

    I’m as well my friend. I love my nation & people, I can’t say the same for our gov’t. They are smearing the name of good americans around the world with their behaviour & creating hatred by the hour towards our nation. I’m not a pacifist & naive to think that others would not like to do us harm but I think this notion is exaggerated by our leaders who use this pretext as an excuse to carry on with their hegemonic goals of trying to accomplish global domination. They are destroying this country.

  5. maria610421 says:

    Why are the Europeans arming Rebles in Syria to exterminate the Syrian people. Set Man against his brothers till MAN Exist No more. In the Luciferian Doctrin they said you will inherit Homes you never built & VinYards you never planted, all in other peoples countries based on theft & Robbery & its in the Bible go and look it up. How do they intend to aquire all these things setting people up based on Race, Religion, & Politics. They supply the Guns & the Rockets & the Tanks & the chemicals.

  6. maria610421 says:

    Thats why the Europeans are killing Iranian Scientist, they don’t want anyform of development amongst the world of colour. People who love you don’t give you things to kill yourselves and others. People who want to kill you or set you up to be killed is usally because they want what you have. A country of 5 Million people all armed, and have opposing views based on Religion or politics will kill each other, or set people up based on Racial differences, the result is the same & they know that.

  7. maria610421 says:

    All these countries buying up weapons from the USA & Europe, has anyone ever asked the intelligent question why does White people want to sell Black & Brown people weapons, its sim[ple because they know you are children mentally and don’t have the capasity to think. They know you’re going to kill each other with it. How comes they don’t sell you technology you might learn enought to become self reliant, they don’t want that. hence they want to attack Iran because they are intelligent.

  8. maria610421 says:

    For all of these Countries buying up weapons to kill oneanother, they would be better off giving the money to the poor to buy food to feed themselves & their children. Because if you are buying weapons from America they are only selling their out dated weapons anyway. Who is most likely to attack your country America & Europe. Are they likely to sell you weapons to defend yourselves from their attack I doubt it, so why waste your time and money.

  9. maria610421 says:

    As long as they control the Propaganda media the public never hears the truth. People don’t even buy the News Paper anymore because its a waste of time, because to know what is going on you will never hear it from the corporate owned and controled News.People losing their homes & businesses is no accident, or their Jobs, it’s all carefully planned. People blaim the Government but its Rothschilds & his Crew that is behind all of the worlds evil, going out to Vote you may as well give up.

  10. maria610421 says:

    They Bankrupt the Countries buy up everthing cheap, Old Rothschilds did the same thing on the London Stock Exchange after the Nepoleon war, forcing people to sell their stock cheap he brought them up. He did the same thing during the American depression in the 1930’s. If the Government was not in on it they would put a stop to it. They do it time & time again, its a formula based on corruption & its well known. They also use another trick draw the money out of the economy & create depression.

  11. maria610421 says:

    Ben Bernanke, I can’t tell you which European country I gave American Taxes to. He Gave it to Germany to help finance the Bail outs we see going on in Greece & Spain. The only reason the American Politicans was pretending they did’nt know is because they don’t want the public to know. The money was to facilitate the transition & to buy up infrastructure & Utilities in Greece & Spain so the people pay money to them like a consortium.

  12. maria610421 says:

    USA is run by the Mafia or did you mean the Vatican, Goldman & JP Morgan are all agents for Rothschilds, and they are a family business. Warren Buffet & Mervyn King are also stooges for the Rothschilds Empire, their aim is global control of all Banking. 2013 They aims to do what they did in America with the Federal Reserve in 1913 it marks 100 years of financial dominance 2013 will mark a new era for controlling all of European finance. Angela Merkel Hitlers daughter wants a smooth transition.

  13. az094267 says:

    Yes it is they stamp dollars and buy world recurses country of BRIC shod make they valute/money they can call him simply BRIC 🙂 they dont need stinky dollar!!!

  14. maria610421 says:

    Let me see if I can work this out they sell oil to America & Europe & Europe sells them Arms to get the money back for the oil. Mmmm!! Why not China, Who else did an Arms deal in Saudi Arabia it was Britain selling fighter Jets to fight who for what?. They just did a similar deal with India. Who are they planning to play off against who. You know the Devils it plotting to set some people up to get more Blacks & Browns killed.

  15. maria610421 says:

    Almaliki is stupied, America has just devestated Iraq over WMD. He does’nt find it strange that America wants to sell him WMD. People where is your brains, what dots we’re not connecting. All their fighter Jets was destroyed when Iraq was attacked, who did they buy them from the USA. What use was it to them none at all, so who are they arming Iraq to attack this time? Last time it was Iran, buy from USA they know what you have & your capabalities, only a fool puts his trust in his enemies.

  16. Dubwise78 says:

    Pravda revealed that the US thinks it has a monopoly on the Iraqi arms market for the next 5 years

  17. SilentEagles says:

    I guess the Russian isn’t being careful selling advance weapons to Iraq and other countries. Putin already fire the Defense Chief last week. Russian is still corrupted.

  18. SilentEagles says:

    Your Moron! Nice tried fool. Wikileaks already exposes Russia as Mafia State Stupid! Your uneducated kid.

  19. NeutralExistence says:

    Always a nice cop out, but all you have done is illuminate the agenda you serve, instead of providing an ample defense towards your side of the argument. One can tell quite easily your initiative, you find the need to insult, and joke, instead of promoting their side of the argument rationally, because your argument is fallacious.

  20. NeutralExistence says:

    Oh, believe me, I have, and thus why I don’t believe either Russia, or “America”, are the benevolent forces they pretend to be. Both sides are parts to a Hegelian Dialectic, to create the synthesis that is the “new world order”. They pretend to be enemy’s, simply to forward the initiative of their banking/corporate/think tank owners.

  21. hhhaaa68 says:

    Tell me one good example of US being able to transit its democracy to other countries. It certainly has been trying hard though.

  22. Rebellismus says:

    german nazi

  23. RussBETEP says:

    But who was the first free your “mind”? As a “zombie TV” can bring freedom others?

  24. RussBETEP says:

    You should study a few books that do not fall into the hands of American bankers commiss-(ar/ioners). You’ll be surprised and find out that the world has one – the color of blood and shit. 🙂
    All the best.

  25. amirjon01able says:

    U.S sucks russian d***


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