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Julian Assange to UN: ‘US trying to erect national secrecy regime’ (Full version)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has called on the United States to move from words to actions, and put an end to its persecution of WikiLeaks, its people and its sources – READ MORE on.rt.com RT LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Follow us on Google+ plus.google.com RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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22 Responses to “Julian Assange to UN: ‘US trying to erect national secrecy regime’ (Full version)”

  1. VxO4fame says:

    40 to 60% already not voted since over 100years. Sooo where is the difference?

  2. voodoochild863 says:

    You think that not voting would be better than voting for a voluntarist like Ron Paul?

  3. MrPopular22 says:

    No it’s there. It’s just the stupid link not working from youtube.

    Search in google for: “Is this the photo that could clear Assange?” and click the first link, then you’ll see it.

  4. bananrakvatten says:

    Why was he speaking at the UN? Who made the decision to invite him?

  5. ho2cultcha says:

    julian assange and bradley manning are my heroes. i am in awe of their courage, their sacrifice, their words, and their actions. i like to think that if i were in a similar situation, i would have the courage and integrity to act as the do. but knowing what they are having to endure, i am ashamed to say that i would have sought an easier path, that i would have sacrificed my courage and integrity in order to live a more comfortable life. but i do recognize that i owe everything to these two.

  6. TheAscension11 says:

    “GREETINGS DEAR ONES” “The veil is being pulled away, so there will be NO MORE SECRETS ON PLANET EARTH. It is that simple. Even though many of your leaders do not know that yet, they are finding out very quickly for it is not possible to be totally out of integrity and be in front of TELEPATHIC BEINGS on planet Earth. That is what many of your governments are finding out” from THE GROUP (GREAT SPIRIT) channeled by Steve Rother. LOVE. Oneness, LAUGHTER & The LIGHT oF God Almighty, GREAT SPIRIT 🙂

  7. Niko92Productions says:

    Well being rigged would explain bush winning twice in a row… It’s just funny how America accuses Russa for rigging their votes for Putin even though he’s the ost popular and everyone wanted him to win 🙂 Americans should realise and do something about that, going to other countries trying to spread a democracy what they don’t have themselves… America is the place what needs a revolution not Syria, and you all have guns! should be pretty easy right ?

  8. theajosephantony says:

    When i say U.S it’s the corrupt officials and politicians, not all… not the U.S people apparently…

  9. theajosephantony says:

    Ya..ya… You are an IMDB yourself

  10. fonzarelli44 says:

    everyone needs to see this video

  11. IittIegalah says:

    You can still have pride in the fact that Julian Assange is a Aussie

  12. IittIegalah says:

    Julian Assange is the geratest man alive in the 21st century when it comes to world freedom

  13. staids says:

    Don’t forget Little Johnny Howard…

  14. terrann72 says:

    Julian is US’s version of trying to show us lesser humans what happens when we practice freedom of speech and truth, you will be under fire. Fear mungering pricks…..and also when some idiot says that governments need to keep secrets…please. Is it these governments right to keep secret that free energy has been discovered and not allowing the earth’s people to use it, Is it these governments right to refuse us the cure for cancer which they already have. Julian is the door that opened…..

  15. kyokushin25mgt says:

    wow, you have reached the farthest reaches of brainwashing. How does it feel to have no free thoughts of your own? please write back, your interesting like the same way a failed science experiment is. You would give up freedom of information for safty? Benjamin Franklin would be proud of you as you are exectly what he warned against: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. You sir, and Im not joking…are a Tool…

  16. edmorrison40 says:

    Just come out and get your trial over with. You are essentially in prison already. Someday you will have to come out anyway for medical care

  17. MegaLolza says:

    Picture was taken down :<

  18. FutureScience2012 says:

    I kinda want to see you dead. I hope someone cuts you up and then uploads it to Bestgore for I can watch.

  19. FutureScience2012 says:

    I wish we had a different government. Like japans or the UKs.

  20. Shmohawkable says:

    Is that a quote from somewhere? Liar Liar?

  21. FutureScience2012 says:

    Its youtube not utube. -_-“

  22. theajosephantony says:

    Thank you for these videos RT….
    I support Julian Assange…


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