Killing Machine: US defense budget blooms far from race frontline |

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Killing Machine: US defense budget blooms far from race frontline

Killing Machine: US defense budget blooms far from race frontline

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are throwing everything they’ve got into a last-ditch effort to woo voters in undecided states, in the closing days of the pre-election duel. Promises of change and economic recovery are taking centre stage, in what’s ironically the most expensive Presidential race in US history. But talk about any cuts to the massive defence spending is absent from the frontlines of the campaign – with both candidates expected to keep the mighty military machine rolling, as Marina Portnaya reports. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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25 Responses to “Killing Machine: US defense budget blooms far from race frontline”

  1. sjouas09 says:

    cant believe i had to watch a fucking obama ad before i watched this

  2. Adonnus100 says:

    I say they rename it to the Department of Attack.

    And the military should be renamed ‘US – Attack Forces’

    And there would be a $600 billion attack budget.

    At least some of the hypocrisy would stop.

  3. megatroll says:

    Politics are simple:
    America has to maintain the position of the petrol dollar and the dollar as world currency reserve in order for their zionist jew banker cartel to be able to manipulate currency and world markets, hence making the US the gigantic military empire it is today.
    All these wars on “terror”, “drugs” etc. are just mere scemes to mind form their population into gullible hired murderers.
    It literally doesn’t matter WHO you vote for. You do not possess a political choice to begin with

  4. Twostones00 says:

    A week ago the Republicans in the Senate killed the Jobs for Veterans Bill.  Money for conquest but no money for jobs is the Republican way.

  5. kuvceebxab1 says:

    I bet Romney and Obama are betting on the stupidity and ignorance of the people to vote them for the oval office and they might as well be right.

  6. myfree77 says:

    RT – keep up the good work in pointing out these things

    Would also be nice to brainstorm solutions for what the common man can do apart from vote or not-vote which doesn’t make any difference anyways. Maybe bring in some analysts or interview people on the streets who have put some thought to this

    Otherwise, it’ll most likely result in a super inflation, poverty & disintegration of the country. Maybe show parallels from history (e.g years leading to USSR collapse). Just sharing some thoughts

  7. Ras Wadadah II says:

    Haile Selassie I warned President Eisenhower a long time ago about the Military Industrial Complex…do our research and know…

  8. TheBobStudio says:

    Jew, Romney & Ron Paul –

    1. Jewish neocons served under Bush are now on Romney’s campaign.

    2. Ron Paul had no Jewish neocons.

    Conclusion –

    No Jew can manipulate Ron Paul to send Americans to war & death for Israel

  9. megamogx says:

    A pick between 2 Psychopathic Zio-turds is no pick at all

  10. MaManetteTV says:

    In Department of imperialism ,we dont give a fuck about human life.

  11. MaManetteTV says:

    USA sucks!

  12. signboyy says:

    funding the war machine to help the international banks shoot up nations which wont let them infiltrate

    while social programs for americans are cut

    if americans actually controlled their government we would not be pissing away tax money on wars and we wouldnt be cutting social programs for americans

    this fascist machine will just continue until americans take back their government
    this will just

  13. throwingshit says:

    America gets what it deserves

  14. DontTreadOnMe213 says:

    You’re on an American website bud, thanks for the business!

  15. Jason42ist says:

    This is where the Republicans are phony because they create government jobs too. They talk about spending cuts and shrinking the government but then want big spending on defense contractors and Homeland Security businesses and they create gov. jobs. They hate the Dems creating government jobs but if the Dems want to make cuts to military spending, the Repubs complain about losing government jobs. These wars made millionaires into billionaires.

  16. belfasta says:


  17. dojufitz says:

    If someone invades the USA and the army is over run….and needs u….they will simply hand guns and ammo to adults… is not that difficult…..otherwise the USA has more than enough defense right now….cut it by 75%.

  18. JMMT7022801 says:

    Fuck America, the lying, greedy, war-addicted fucks.

  19. TrueAlkash says:

    many of them are fake chinese knock-offs, not made by Russia

  20. TrueAlkash says:

    She is hot. I would do her. I like watching her more then the news. And she (at least looks & sounds) smart which is not very common among her race (and besides she is a woman lol)

  21. HerculesRockefellerr says:

    Suck it russia…US technology will always be your daddy!

  22. Dontopitek says:

    do you mean that pentagon helped any country invaded by stalin’s forces? which one?

  23. FrackNow says:

    When the next Hitler, Stalin, or Tojo invades your country, call Finland for help.

  24. The92freightliner says:

    Nation building should start at home . Too few people heard RP ‘s message or didn’t give a shit . Now the people can vote for 2 losers once again .

  25. Mutaborum says:

    What an embarrassment! Even with all that spending, USA still can’t win against old Soviet weapons in Afghanistan! =)


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