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MATCH Charter Public High School

The MATCH School, a US News & World Report top-100 High School, seeks graduating college seniors and recent college graduates to devote a year of their lives to 5 Boston teenagers, tutoring them 1-on-1 in their classroom subjects for one school year while TAing classroom subjects, coaching sports, and powering extracurriculars. Corps member also have the option to participate in the MATCH Teacher Training program during their Corps year. The MATCH Corps: 1 Year. 5 Students. College success!
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4 Responses to “MATCH Charter Public High School”

  1. LilShortie060710 says:

    im a freshmen in dis skool !!! i luv it =) nd da teacher is my summa teacher, mr trudeau !!!!!! i luv nd miss dis skool nd da teacherzz !!!!!!

  2. ucn12345 says:

    I’m going to MISS u M.Goulder next i hope u visit me next year at match im goin to be in 7th grade

  3. Qyassy15 says:

    i loved this school, im a graduate of 2006

  4. slzka says:

    i shoulve never left match


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