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Michael J. Fox – America’s Best Leaders 2007

America’s Best Leaders profiles Michael J. Fox, actor and philanthropist. Critically acclaimed for his roles in “Back to the Future” and “Family Ties,” Fox has emerged as the nation’s leading spokesman for Parkinson’s Disease, the degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. Through the Michael J. Fox Foundation, he has been able to raise the public awareness about Parkinson’s and raise millions for research. Read more about Michael J. Fox and more of America’s Best Leaders presented by US News & World Report at www.usnews.com

24 Responses to “Michael J. Fox – America’s Best Leaders 2007”

  1. xthesharkthatbarksx says:

    Michael j fox does not shake the world shakes cuz of his awesomeness

  2. Виктор Диденко says:

    Один из Лучших моих актёров!!! фильм Назад в будушее не перестану смотреть даже если доживу до старости!!!

  3. TanyaProzz says:

    i admire him.

  4. DocBrewster says:

    because of his strong mental attitude – it actually makes you completely overlook the movements – i dont even notice them anymore when I’m listen to him – I’m listening to what he says!

    Good man!

  5. wolfgirl3440 says:

    I know it’s sad to see Michael like this. It makes me sad to see him with Parkinson’s because he is such and influential man. But I don’t think it’s right to feel bad for him because he doesn’t seem to feel bad for himself and he helps so many people everyday. It’s depressing to think that one of the world’s greatest people is suffering, but it’s not right to feel bad for him when he doesn’t really feel bad for himself.

  6. fuckyou334 says:

    NEOTAME – ultra toxic residues in PPM, part per million in all your non-organic food that gives cancer, heart attack, and all types of health problems, deseases and neurological disorders of all kinds, including death. every1 in the world eats neotame, Its not even written on the ingredient list, its top secret, simply.

  7. Aleqism says:


    Increase awareness of Parkinson’s to general population and help raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation through 240 mile bike ride from Marshfield to Madison.

  8. Christopher Maurer says:

    Fair Dinkum made me cry!! What a Good,courageous Man. Loved him in anything he did Family Ties, BTTF, Spin City etc, but, somehow from a spiritual point of view THIS is his best role and Few are Chosen !! Bravo

  9. MultiJeanclaudio says:

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  10. MikePortnoyz says:

    Well technically Canada is in the american continent, isn’t it?

  11. 1MtnBoy says:

    My uncle Les died of parkinson’s in the 80’s. he was in his late 70’s. he was one of the most renowned jewelers in Glendale-Burbank, CA in the 50-60’s. he was sought after by some pretty famous hollywood folks during his hey-day. He was a quiet gentle man and he was skilled working with his hands on VERY small watch’s etc. not being able to work anymore with his hands really affected him. my aunt stayed by his side to the end. God Bless you Michael. Ill donate!

  12. littlechefxxx says:

    i he is a good actors and a good man,and he has brought the word stage to look at this disease, he did not hide, he is a force for change, well done MJF

  13. j9see says:

    Michael J. Fox is my favorite

  14. DaNoMiHoBa says:

    @75lotus1 It is your argument because you have chosen to take that side. I don’t think that it is your argument that I find offensive; but your delivery. It doesn’t hold the compassion or empathy one would assume others should feel when they speak of the lives of others. Can you imagine saying to a child, “I’m sorry your daddy has passed. We couldn’t save him because we are trying to control the population & prevent social breakdown.” I have a masters in sci..you’re preaching to the choir.

  15. gvmetruth says:

    Michael, you are great and you are a brave man.

  16. KZBProductionCo says:

    @75lotus1 go fuck yourself

  17. MrAlejandroAristotel says:

    I don´t feel sorry for him, because he is great!!! Only feel something like love when I see this funny, good-looking, tender man!!!

  18. DaNoMiHoBa says:

    From a scientific point of view; you have a valid point. Try arguing that statment to a grieving parent who is in a race to save their child. I think your argument loses credibility from that point of view. Besides, the most effective limiting factor for humans are humans themselves.

  19. HackerRTC says:

    Now he is going back to the future to kill him

  20. trevor8930 says:

    Not in America, thats a death wish. lol jk,

  21. folladordeprostis says:

    wtf??? he is canadian??? james cameron is canadian too,but he never said he is from canada

  22. CanadianStereotype says:

    So he’s still 100% more Canadian than American.

  23. 0ddzZz says:

    He has dual citizenship.

  24. MrLejlo says:

    somebody get that cure pronto !


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