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Motorcyclist saved from fire ‘Forever in debt’ – US news – Life –

Motorcyclist saved from fire 'Forever in debt' - US news - Life -

Brandon Wright, the college student who was rescued Monday from beneath a burning car in Logan, Utah, said he was “forever in debt” to the crowd of people who risked their own lives to save him. “They’re definitely heroes,” Wright said at a news conference Thursday at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, where he is recovering from broken bones, burns, road rash and a host of other injuries from an accident that has attracted international attention. The saving of 21-year-old Wright has gone viral on the Internet, fueled by dramatic video of the rescue captured by an office worker in a nearby building. As the video shows, just seconds after Wright grounded his motorcycle to avoid a collision with a black BMW and slid under the burning vehicle, an ad hoc rescue team gathered to lift the car off him.

11 Responses to “Motorcyclist saved from fire ‘Forever in debt’ – US news – Life –”

  1. CaptainWicket says:

    I might be wrong but I highly doubt he’s an asshole. Maybe he was in shock, maybe he was so afraid that he couldn’t do anything or maybe he had a traumatizing experience with fire when he was young. Who knows…

  2. TOXZIKC says:

    probly the driver of the bmw

  3. Halldisa says:

    he is the driver, and he is crying & in shock.

  4. globalecono says:

    that was good men!

  5. juillet64 says:

    You are all Angels!! You can path yourselves on the back ! wow .. I have chills..

  6. smushe says:

    Check out the ass hole in the suit. Why the hell is he just standing around being nonchalant while everyone else is doing all they can to save this guys life? He’s right there and isn’t doing anything. Thank God for those people who came to this guys rescue.

  7. h2soccergod says:

    they are all heroes but that woman is amazing

  8. thegreenmachine777 says:

    Kodos to the chick that looked under the car and helped lift it. She was a big part of this save!

  9. japcell says:

    i love the girl!!!..

  10. libertybelle2008 says:

    I am so sorry for you and for your friends family. I am sure that seeing this must bring back horrible memories. My best friends son was just in a motorcyle accident this last weekend with a broken back…he is going to be fine, but oh, so scarry.

  11. clawless2001 says:

    I am so happy for this guy, These guys were definitely heroes. The exact same accident happened to my best friend Shelley 22 years ago when a drunk driver ran into her. The driver was 16,with no licence.While she was trapped under his “borrowed” vehicle, he went back, took the keys out and ran off and left her – she burned to death. She was 19 years old. No heroes around to rescue her sadly.


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