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New HDTV Digital Antennas

The simple TV antenna gets a makeover. The government-mandated switch from analog to digital TV broadcasts and the lure of getting HDTV over the air are fueling a small company’s rise. Read the full US News article at

14 Responses to “New HDTV Digital Antennas”

  1. Sondreef says:


  2. saltandmud says:

    TV’s ether analog or HDTV,s do not have built in Antennas you just do’t need a converter box with the HDTV

  3. r3s3t063 says:

    I made one myself, it works great.

  4. bteasley99 says:

    There are videos on youtube that show how to make an antenna at home with wood, screws, and wire coat hangers. Total cost about $8 and it works extremely well.

    Do some searching – and read the 100s of satisfied posters who have made their own.

  5. SergeKGB says:

    Well taofledermaus, there are TV that have antenna inside them this days and ages.

  6. yeah10000000000000 says:

    are you a sheep then and have a trendy hair style? it’s better to be original then a sheep!

  7. Pablo Zamora says:

    say wha!?

  8. StevieOlBoy says:

    i think the point of this vid flew right over ur little head.

  9. fgy299 says:

    gvjkdfhgfklvn dfljhsdifhduifd vb cdj bvdcv dkfjd df dhsdfjvgf peripqitfgperiovbjhndf,bmvakpgjiropoqrfpeetffpioehlfvkfbgjh ggbqwaszwxqwxcvcmpoleiuytygf

  10. y2ksingh says:

    they should put the converter box inside the antennas.

  11. FuckYoudotTubedotcom says:

    a yea
    and then (like in old am radio) you need to turn your tv left and right to get reception
    bad idea

  12. taofledermaus says:

    Here’s a crazy idea! How about hiding the antenna inside the TV?!?! You’d think in this day and age, TV makers would build the antenna into the chassis, yet still have a connection for an external ant.

  13. vorkev1 says:

    how abought insted of comeing up with a smart atenna you get you head out and go out to the store. the smart atenna was made a long time b4 this video ever was.

  14. ericmooneyham says:

    whats up with this guys hair???? get a LIFE


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