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Nic Sheff, David Sheff Talk About Life After Meth Addiction

US News interviews Nic Sheff and his father David Sheff, a journalist, about their new books “Tweak” and “Beautiful Boy.” Both take different perspectives on the story of Nic’s drug addiction, their family’s struggle, and how they ultimately survived. Read the full US News article at
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25 Responses to “Nic Sheff, David Sheff Talk About Life After Meth Addiction”

  1. Marianne BarGut says:

    I´ve read Beautifull boy like 10 times it´s one of my fav books. I´m dying to read Tweak just to know Nic´s perspective. It´s interesting and sad how a wonderfull boy with a lot of talent can be destroy by the drugs, and it´s incredible how he never gave up and even when it was hard, he mantains sober and tries to help other people who are in the same way. Another thing: he really is beautiful 🙂

  2. michellem9991 says:

    @sophia moreno wow! well said sophia. i have to agree.

  3. sophia moreno says:

    I would never fuck Nic. I would make him aware he wasn’t ordinary but this impeccable gorgeous being and completely adored. I would lose myself in him and find a different version of me there as well. I would make him slip into and intimacy with me where he would never recover. his laughter would be a question i would spend my whole life answering. I would breathe him in allow him to run through my veins and let the colors fill my mind.
    But I would also have sex with him. He is gorgeous.

  4. egeorge862862 says:

    hes hot

  5. Ariesflamez says:

    You are probably correct. 🙁 Guess I’ve always been in denial about that. 🙁

  6. michellem9991 says:

    Good for you ThugLife…  One day at a time right?? I hope you’re still trying.

  7. michellem9991 says:

    “They” say we are attracted to those we have the most in common with. If you feel wrecked inside, you’re going to relate to those that are “wrecked” as well. It’s because you feel the same way as they do and that’s a powerful attraction.

  8. michellem9991 says:

    I agree. A must read for anyone who is experiencing addiction or a loved ones addiction. I haven’t got to We All Fall Down yet but I feel like I’m reading the story of my son. And myself. And my son’s Father. 

  9. michellem9991 says:

    Read Beautiful Boy first. Then Tweak. It’s interesting to see both perspectives. The bottom line is that both David and his son share the story with honesty and humbleness and insight that is truly amazing.

  10. michellem9991 says:

    I’ve just read Beautiful Boy and I’m half way through Tweak. They are both brilliantly written, honest, and difficult to read if you’ve been through addiction with a loved one, but very much worth the read. I recommend both books. They will break your heart and at the same time give you comfort that others are going through the same pain that you are and that there is a way out of it.

  11. rockgor says:

    Why the loud music? Can’t hear the conversation.

  12. jamesmartineric123 says:

    Love tweak great book

  13. Ariesflamez says:

    I’m attracted to emotionally wrecked people as well… Gotta look deep within me to find out why.. 🙁

  14. itsaneviljoke says:

    I read Beautiful Boy, Tweak and then We all fall down.

  15. MadeHerrSayy says:

    which do you read first? Beautiful Boy or Tweak? i want to read all three

  16. itsaneviljoke says:

    You need to read all the books…. Beautiful Boy by David Sheff and then Tweak and We all fall down. I felt like I was reading about my life as a parent of an addict, and that Nic was a clone of my son. Good books.

  17. theThugLife112 says:

    Suboxone saved my life holy shit 20 days clean from heroin

  18. jetstar715 says:

    I just finished We All Fall Down. God damn, like, I am a pretty well off teenager from a wealthy part of Connecticut, and like, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with drugs, and I’ve lost a few friends to hard drugs and like, listening to Nic’s story brings me to tears every single time. Everything about this kids life has completely changed mine, and I’m sure not mine alone. I hope anybody struggling with addiction has the opportunity to follow Nic. He’s a beautiful kid, in every aspect.

  19. tschochler says:

    I wanna know what happened to him and Zelda, plus Gack.. And Lauren!

  20. StrawberryPufferFish says:

    OH MY GOD, after I saw Beautiful Boy I started to cry.
    I can’t even IMAGINE what it’d be like to have your son be addicted to drugs..

  21. StrawberryPufferFish says:

    I have his book, Tweak, I haven’t read it yet, but it looks DAMNNN good.

  22. plalelal says:


  23. byron151227 says:

    he admits it in his new book “we all fall down”

  24. plalelal says:


  25. plalelal says:

    So true! I know people who got sucked back in cause they ran with the same crowd, same neighborhood, etc. such a shame!


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