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NY Times Reporter: Business of Law Schools Is “Crazy”

Jan. 26 (Bloomberg Law) — David Segal, a reporter for the New York Times, talks with Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia about his series of articles on legal education. David examines the roles played by the US News & World Report law school rankings, the American Bar Association and the schools themselves in a system that seems resistant to change, despite recent difficulties many law graduates have had finding their first jobs.
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11 Responses to “NY Times Reporter: Business of Law Schools Is “Crazy””

  1. 2Pax123 says:

    I agree keep it up David

  2. MegaAstrodude says:

    A lot of these so called “merit scholarships” are politically motivated too, especially in the legal profession.

  3. MegaAstrodude says:

    What about the people in general? The public demands cheap and affordable legal care which requires more lawyers to compete. We need lawyers to earn 40K per year so we can start businesses without going to jail for breaking complicated and vague regulations.

  4. 10Vernonplace says:

    This reporter is looking out for the best interests of young people and the consumer also; the law schools are looking out for themselves

  5. kanukistanian says:

    They have escalated merit scholarships and reduced minority scholarships! What next… hard work pays off?

  6. saifking35 says:

    This guy is like a godsend for prospective law students

  7. TimeGod12 says:

    I love it how so many women are applying to law school and getting to become lawyers.

    Becoming a lawyer is one of the best ways women can fight against male dominated patriarchy and challenge his oppression and exploitation of women.

    Women should aggressively chase degrees in law and become well versed in the legal system.

  8. slc180 says:

    The size of that bald guy’s head is huge!

  9. JogBird says:

    Segal seems like a really smart guy, but, his interview skills is not the best

  10. xpat73 says:

    David Segal is doing a good job. Law schools have no skin in the game. The do not care about their graduates, they lie all the time about incomes and employment of their grads. They get paid up front…rain or shine. Imagine selling a product where you could lie about what it does and the purchaser has no recourse.They are despicable and I will never give a dime to my law school. Segal should also write about the loan programs whihc have allowed this tuition bubble.

  11. cryofan says:



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