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Obama: US won’t block anti-Islam film

The attack in Damascus comes amid a major international gathering in New York, where the ongoing crisis in Syria is among the main topics being tackled. RT’s Marina Portnaya is following the UN General Assembly meeting. RT LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Follow us on Google+ plus.google.com RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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25 Responses to “Obama: US won’t block anti-Islam film”

  1. Omar Khalil says:

    Im pretty sure this at least a 500 movies about the topic of European imperialism. You think Americans Europeans give a shit? they don’t. Because they’re fucking civilized! not like you. YOU FUCKING MONKEY.

  2. 9MillerKiller says:

    whatever helps you sleep tuts.

  3. 9MillerKiller says:

    Bro don’t waste your time with this fucking child he is trolling. He couldn’t find tits at a strip club and he’s apparently an expert on politics.

  4. PSyCh6076 says:

    AND AGAIN 1:48

  5. PSyCh6076 says:

    1:22 ahahhahah listen to her. AAARGH AAH , AARGH AAA,H AAAAAAH

  6. nolifeson1 says:

    lmao trolling.its not my fault you are so ignorant kid.you think you know everything.i know more than you do kid

  7. 9MillerKiller says:

    Man shut the fuck up I’ve had enough of ur trooling. It’s clear you don’t anything outside the US besides what’s already on CNN or BBC…….good luck to ya champ.

  8. fonzarelli44 says:

    everyone needs to see this video

  9. tean2269 says:

    I dont belive any of these American Zionist media propaganda crap.

  10. TheJewRegulator says:

    The “holocaust” is a lie Watch this film,
    “The Innocence of Germans”

  11. nolifeson1 says:

    i didnt know you lived in all the muslim countries.you had good parents who taught you right from wrong.not every muslim country is like that.why dont you go look up the stuff they do.warning its graphic and it is a common practice in does places

  12. 9MillerKiller says:

    All the friends I have, including myself, were born overseas and came here to Australia at an older age around 10-16. I think I know what goes on there.

  13. nolifeson1 says:

    the muslims you know are not the same from the ones im talking about.they are completely different.their beliefs are not the same.similiar but not the same.

  14. 9MillerKiller says:

    These people hate you because you are in their countries, with no permission, killing and stealing. They don’t hate the people, they only hate the Gov.

  15. 9MillerKiller says:

    Well already we have figured out the problem. People can see but they can’t think. All they see is the media BS that’s being fed to them day and night. Did you know Islam is one of the only religions that forces it’s followers to have peace with all other religions, prob. not right. These radicals do what they want for their own satisfaction not because Islam tells them to. And you don’t think years of oppression and violence by the US and it’s allies has resulted in all the hate?Lets get real!

  16. 9MillerKiller says:

    Alot of those countries leaders are just puppets to the US Gov. They oppress their own people and keep them down while they sell their natural resources to US and it’s allies for a bargain of a bargain. I know their culture and religion. Most of my friends are muslims who themselves condemn the violence by fellow muslims. Like I said before some people do extreme things for their own satisfaction not for religious beliefs.

  17. w3r0ification says:

    just stop using their youtube service so you wont have to deal with them and problem solve wait those people burning staffs are americans? mmm you probably are in the wrong video my friend i dont see any american terrorist on this video burning staffs or doing stupid shit

  18. peace10000able says:

    don’t know how americans are Nazi when we have all the races in the world

  19. Hasan-Ur Rashid says:

    I love freedom of expression

  20. Hasan-Ur Rashid says:

    Ah this is great news. Now it’s time for me to direct my own film about white imperialists taking over the world!

  21. LAIBAK187 says:


  22. Stephen Thomas says:

    Silly question as it has already been determined that hate speech is in fact protected under freedom of speech. USA is just baiting the people to take that away and have more control over what people say. They want to limit what you can say in addition to providing you with your daily conversation topics or water cooler talk. So they what to make sure you only talk about what they tell you to talk about. With that being said it’s definitely a one or minority sided issue.

  23. markmad007 says:

    Yes Yes lets all get mad over a Video!!! Compare to drunks fighting in a bar. immature

    “Be the bigger man and walk away”

  24. Bigtex3511 says:

    Yep, but I have not provided proof. This is just my opinion. Based in large part on many reports I did on Vietnam in college. I have no proof that they are actually doing this, other than that which is publicly available to all citizen of the world. I am not revealing any top secret information, nor do I have any to reveal.

  25. ARCSTREAMS says:

    thank you


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