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Police brutality on a US news channel? (you decide)

Channel 7 run in with the police

25 Responses to “Police brutality on a US news channel? (you decide)”

  1. debtbully3 says:

    Ya everybody is finding out how the Nazi cops act now!Your turn is coming American slave!.

  2. theXtreme1man says:

    wow. i live like 20 mins away from PG county. i dont feel safe anymore

  3. losepoundsandinches says:

    That “mother of three” is exactly the sort of soccer mom americunt slimey scum who’s 1000% in favor of all the rules, regulations and “tough on crime” laws – until of course it’s HER face the jackboot is stomping.

    Enjoy your police state, you americunt swine. You deserve it.

  4. Lee Mungo says:

    her arm looked fine when she was walking back to the car ldk

  5. darknature79 says:

    post 9-11 wtf them cocksuckers use that excuess for everything did the bastards let 9-11 happen just so they could use that to violate right i wouldnt doubt it!

  6. axblake1 says:

    “I’m a white woman, how can I be a threat?”

  7. harron11 says:

    ahh its in maryland (where im from)

  8. flip970039 says:

    any updates on this incident?

  9. MegaNoel99 says:

    freedom of the press bitches  fucking nazi pigs……..

  10. PoPoliceBrutality says:

    Yes, dick, maybe… but… many of them DO get shot. I do not condone it. Unfortunately it’s the wrong ones that end up GETTING shot.

  11. dabigapple11218 says:

    Pigs are bastards ,every single one of em .

  12. DJYC21215 says:

    Was this a serious question? Please tell me your joking. I think a BETTER question is why the fuck aren CIVILLIANS policing the police.

  13. 2gdday says:

    Why aren’t judges or city councils policing the police?

  14. dick gosinya says:

    Some of them need to be shot.

  15. TheFallenangel2319 says:

    You must have been a good cop because you didn’t stay long.Most of the good ones only last 5 to 8 years.

  16. OfficerKesta says:

    You are right! There are many problems in law enforcement.
    It’s the 95 percent that is giving our good law enforcement a bad name.

  17. TheFallenangel2319 says:

    And you need to quit the bullshit.If you’re a former cop,you know the deal and the politics involved in all police dept.And you should also know why people are looking at the police as an invading force.One of my fellow officers was caught stealing money from the neighborhood watch program and the city didn’t do anything but terminate him because they didn’t want the city to look bad.

  18. OfficerKesta says:

    Back in school working on my degree.

  19. clackervalve12 says:

    What do you do now?

  20. clackervalve12 says:

    America has niggers and open borders. Nigger mentality has spread across the USA like cancer, without regard to color, breeding generations of trash across the nation. This is why we have so many criminals.

  21. OfficerKesta says:

    I saved the tax payers 43k a year by quitting the force. I can see where law enforcement is going and I didn’t want to be a part of that. The problem is, there are 1000’s of people willing to fill those positions. For me the money just isn’t worth it!

  22. PoPoliceBrutality says:

    But you are giving the cops enough clues to get the shooter perps caught. Ignorance doesn’t stop you, it enables you.

    Never shoot a cop.

  23. PoPoliceBrutality says:

    Frank, we are aware of the injustice to your son thanks to Larry Hohol. The politicians are doing nothing because it doesn’t directly affect their popularity or reelection status. Yet. You and your wife keep standing up against this injustice and one day we will bring about accountability that does not exist. As a former cop I am ashamed by what this nation has become. Law enforcement is thuggish and feel they are above the law. We can change that but not without some of us dying first.

  24. thelocalslant says:

    Americans: Exercise your 2nd amendment rights against tyranny: SHOOT UNIFORMED COPS. Take a shot from building or farm field. I personally know some guys that have taken a shot at passing CPD pigs. None of them have been caught

  25. Frank Leone says:

    i AM SORRY that htis happened but also happy because it show how rampant this police butality is going throughout the united states. Our politicians are doing nothing in response to this. My son was brutalised by police in Bradfoed county Pennsylvania and the Congressional reps Marino and Senator Schmumer have done nothing to protect his civil rights–they too are responsible for the lawlessness in America!


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