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Professor Walter Lewin, A New Physics Superstar

Professor Walter Lewin, A New Physics Superstar

Professor Walter Lewin of MIT draws fans around the world with his online physics lectures. Read the full US News article at

24 Responses to “Professor Walter Lewin, A New Physics Superstar”

  1. Jean-Luc Coelho says:

    My video paused at exactly 1:59

  2. Jean-Luc Coelho says:

    I wish he was my mechanics professor. Mine sucked =(

  3. E.W McGillicuddy says:

    Free viruses?

  4. lennartjuhh says:


  5. 1995moomoo says:

    Anyone else see the monkeys face look scared when it was falling? or am I just tripping

  6. jkbrowns12 says:

    That would have been really awkward if the laws of physics changed when the ball was heading towards him.

  7. sirpoonscheeze1000 says:

    Im watching this because i find it interesting. And im almost positive that most people who watch this dont have empty lives.

  8. 123456air says:

    “Physics works and I’m still alive!” 😀

  9. McGee1879 says:

    260k people with bored and empty lives i.e. Your average YouTube visitor.

  10. GaolisVideoLog says:

    Him and Richard Feynman.

  11. WiegerSimonMovies says:


  12. talldudegrad12 says:

    Daily Grace on a Lowes Commercial?

  13. dafunkyshit says:

    he’s the best physics teacher i’ve never had!

  14. letshitvegas says:


  15. letshitvegas says:

    He just teach physics with all his soul 🙂

  16. letshitvegas says:

    I hate school I hate studying but I wish To become on his students… I want to so bad

  17. Mandragara says:

    Mathematics is for the tutorials

  18. SpaghettiToaster says:

    Yeah, your arguments are abscent, lol.

  19. Fahnder99 says:

    This discussions bores me a lot in absence of arguments, bye.

  20. SpaghettiToaster says:

    Law couldn’t care less about where you want to study or not.
    This is a university.
    You have a professor.
    He is teaching students who paid for education at the university.
    It’s a lecture.

  21. Fahnder99 says:

    Yes, I see students. They don’t make it a lesson. Possibly math could. 20 years before I’d be glad to study there. Now no more.

  22. photonpar says:

    the best i have ever seen !!!The best of the best !!!!I love him and he also sets a brilliant example for us, teachers 30 or even 35 years younger !!!Greetings from Greece !!!Please Dr Lewin dont you ever stop !!!

  23. Chazzangenio says:

    En varios vídeos, a la derecha de la barra de tareas hay un botón que dice subtítulos; al activarlo, transcribe a subtítulos todo lo que se dice y también tiene un sub programa que traduce entre varios idiomas.
    Si bien el sistema aún está a prueba y tiene sus fallas, es mejor que nada.

  24. SpaghettiToaster says:

    Uhm, no, it’s lectures. See the students? You can assign for his lectures at the MIT website.


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