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Rap News USA#1 w/ ProfessorD.us: “Rahmbo’s Sit Down and Shut Up Protest Ordinances”

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have “cc” and annotations turned on so you can see the lyrics and action updates! UPDATE: Wednesday Jan. 18 marks our stand for the right to peacefully protest within the city of Chicago. The vote on the changes in parade ordinances is coming to a head tomorrow morning, and Occupy Chicago is calling for you to come and show your support as this decision may or may not usher in the end of public protest activities. This is no hyperbole, this is a real threat to our first amendment rights. There will be a press conference at 9AM, Wednesday Jan. 18th, in City Hall. OC will host a direct action response at approx. 9:30AM. The session which may include a vote will begin at 10AM. If you wish to attend the council session, you must arrive no later than 7AM at City Hall. If any part of your life includes the possibility of peaceful protest, please attend this press conference and rally and let our politicians know just how important the right to exercise our first amendment rights really is. www.facebook.com Rap News USA#1 “Rahmbo’s Sit Down and Shut Up Protest Ordinances” Written and Performed by ProfessorD.us for Justus League Records Produced by Jason for multikulti Lyrics at: tinyurl.com Links to get involved: ProfessorD.us: www.ProfessorD.us – Facebook.com Occupy Chicago:occupychi.org Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty: cang8.wordpress.com MultiKulti www.facebook.com More Info on Jan 17 Press Conference: www.facebook.com What’s at stake and what

25 Responses to “Rap News USA#1 w/ ProfessorD.us: “Rahmbo’s Sit Down and Shut Up Protest Ordinances””

  1. Josh Cowling says:

    Who gives a f**k if he’s ‘imitating’ Juice rap News, he is trying to get a strong message across, and he did it with his own originality. Awesome flow!

  2. Johnathan McClea says:

    Please make more

  3. umairksa2011 says:

    Ahh thnx might subtitles u saved me otherwise I would never understand his one word.

  4. DopePoetsDotCom says:

    People who diss “Rap News USA” because it is not (identical to) “Juice Rap News” are sycophantic fans of the latter who understand the message of neither.

  5. DopePoetsDotCom says:

    Right, except maybe now they’ve been joined by two Australian cops hoping to contain the spread of rap news.

  6. ScrumpyJack1234 says:

    So what? Surely the whole message if anything from the juice media is to encourage this kind of spread of the message of independent media and critical thinking and ideas.

  7. Hazzafication777 says:

    Doesn’t hold a flame to the Juicemedia rap news

  8. PBRStreetgang911 says:

    i will take the original any day of the week, and they are putting out new ones all the time. Their occupy has over 8K likes and puts this to shame.

    They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery though.

  9. PBRStreetgang911 says:

    I voted it down mate. He has great flo but he has ripped off the original Juice News/Rap News.
    go look at the original stuff and see how it stands above the imitator.

  10. starwarsgeek8 says:

    12 people are Chicago cops.

  11. starwarsgeek8 says:

    This was awesome. Next time you mention Dr. King though, you might want to mention the court case ‘King family vs. Loyd Jowers and other unknown conspirators’ which proved in a court of law that King was assassinated by the FBI. Not enough people know about this.

  12. jonwalliser says:

    this is not nearly on the level as Juice News, but with a little slower and more meaningful rapping he may have something…

  13. kls1177 says:

    This is a really bad mockery of an otherwise great media. Thanks for being for original. Got skill, put it to use in a way that is actually your way..

  14. Damn B. says:

    very sad but true

  15. Godforsakencunt says:

    That dude cray.


    This is not thejuicemedia style but it’s still cool. Different styles of rap news will attract all types of people.

  17. asynkronos says:

    I’m smiling to think of the 11 fascist authoritarian swine who gave this thumbs-down straining their eyes, ears and brains to understand it. hehehahe OK, I’m mean. Occupiers never said we were saints or looking for their approval. Which is a good thing. Love & thanks for your great Rap News#1 USA from a DC occupier.

  18. superdiza says:

    this is angrily too fast. rapping fast does not equate with rapping well

  19. Yue2305 says:

    Very good rhymes, and awesome doubletime throughout the video. I get the impression that it seems forced, not flowing but rather jetting out of you. Hint: take a breath sometimes, build in some variations. Othe than that, ++

  20. NoitSenDT says:

    Like the video but its too much typographical information on the screen. So much that nobody can and will read it.

  21. tulapi123 says:

    As mush as I dislike rap I just love this. Finally rap is back to be what it once was. A message. Not just “guns, hos and drugs”. Awesome video.

  22. ewr qre says:

    See, this is a vid that would benefit from the change speed option I’ve seen on other vids.

  23. effektor2000 says:

    What happened to Greenland?

  24. bossmarion says:

    the USA is the OG Nazi country. Learn your history.

  25. bossmarion says:

    thats some seriously masterful shit. Big PProps!


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