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REALIST NEWS – US Economic collapse to be blamed on middle east / oil 2011 I guarantee you, the US Economy is finished (as we already knew) and they will use the middle east rising prices of oil to make it happen. After reading this “news” which talks about Ben Bernanke’s response to the economic conditions with regard to rising oil costs. We’re going to hate the middle east for ruining our economic recovery and they will hate us for leaving them with a collapsed USD. Neither side will make the connection that one had anything to do with the other. THIS WAS AND IS A PLAN. WAKE UP!

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  1. TotalImplosion says:

    TPTB are desperate for a world war, at any cost, to advance their agenda. A big part of that agenda, is killing 6.5 billion of us.

  2. bamnibaum says:

    The truth is irresponsible fiscal policies we have come to accept as a norm in our country. The U.S. needs to learn that there is a limit to the amount of money that can be spent. We cannot support the whole world, a chicken in every pot is impossible to maintain. We have $10.00 coming in and $20.00 going out. most politicions are lawyers not financial wizards. We need to make certain the people we elect have sound ethics and a solid knowledge concerning finance and economics.

  3. Mrfreeenergy1 says:

    wow 10 men like this gent would do some big change in this country , i slape the greedy lobbies right on the face to wake them up and say enoooooooooooooooooooooooogh ,stoooooooooooooooooooop you re going to make this coutry a 3th world country , 40 %americain people already are drwon in poverty

  4. Txsray says:

    Gotta blame somebody.
    Might as well blame Libya.
    They can’t fight back.
    And they have oil that’s worth stealing.

  5. jsnip4 says:

    Go to me website realist news and click on the Need to wake up? link and there are a few videos there.

  6. greatwf says:

    so what were the documentaries you asked your friend to watch, maybe it was some I missed.

  7. 8thiesm says:

    Amazing insight, too amazing. Are you a spook on the inside? Like you would ever say YES if you were.

  8. Hooblerz says:

    Good stuff, man

  9. bamnibaum says:

    It is estimated that one oil field in Alaska has a capcity of over 125 billion barrels and this is suppose to be a conservative number. Alaska has and its known at least 10 oilfields that are under the tundra. They are untapped. The oilfields are thought to be possibly infinate. One Field is so large it stretches from Alaska through Canada and into Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota.

  10. Packerproud007 says:

    After watching this, it is perfect logic. Im Canadian and i feel for you guys and how the USA is raping you over what the big boys want. Your government people are pedestrians waiting to cross the road for another smoothy. They have absolutely no control of there own country and the people pay dearly for it. Your government to me is, what the hell do you really need them for. They cant even baby sit the wall street right as most of them are involved in the crisis.

  11. piperadio says:

    Great enthusiasm. Dig deeper, it gets worse. Keep a critical eye on the max kaisers and Alex jones.

  12. doublexnchuck says:

    we would not have to worry about oil prices if hemp was legalized.

  13. jsnip4 says:

    @madmankitchen Interesting, it’s up 58 points as I write this.

  14. wesleyhux says:

    I can stop their plan. All I have to do is buy oil futures. Everything I invest in goes down.

  15. stripe64 says:

    Do you have any proof of this, all I can find is BS on GLP and ATS, nothing with any substance. Please PM me if you have any real info about this, I would really appreciate it.

  16. Maiyanna says:

    Investors would rather invest in oil than the U.S dollar. All the hard money is going into stocks and commodities. Bernanke knows he’s contributing to the problem, but, he’s putting off the collapse. If the printing stops, the economy stops.

  17. Motoicon says:

    Awesome rant. Your style is so fricken money

  18. savgal1211 says:

    rule of 3 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food

  19. yahissalvation says:

    Yea. I almost lost it when they said Libya would effect us. lol. My Dad actually brought it up to me. almost floored me that he caught that because he is like maybe 1/3 awake. lol. But, don’t think Ron Paul is any better. I pray I’m wrong and he is another JFK, but I highly doubt it. Also, a Google Exec is taking credit for the up rise in Egypt who is definitely connected to the Secret Order. Do a Search for: GOG-EL and see what you get. ; )

  20. pokerfrk says:

    “And he is always right!”……Joe, is he right about believing in God?

  21. endlessmountain says:

    5min 30 secs… I bet the economic recovery isn’t even on a track, and how can it stay on what it is not on?

  22. jsnip4 says:

    I actually did know that but did not think about it. VERY GOOD POINT.

  23. koolance2012 says:

    did you know the fed charter ends in 2012 , so they have now intill then to take the 4cents left in the dollar,

  24. valhala56 says:

    @PaleRider626 You are absolutely correct, the Oil situation is more complicated then greedy companies, that is a simplistic way people look at it. Most are surprisingly ignorant of Peak Oil. A Matter that is going to involve just about every human on earth.
    This should have been dealt with years ago, Now it’s too late we are going to suffer the consequences of our folly.

  25. valhala56 says:

    It varies, up to 75% for babies less for elderly or obese. But that is beside my point you nit, again I’m not going to look up the exact figure but it only take a small pertcentage of water loss in the body to cause shock or death.


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