Red Dragon Rising: China to overtake US as top economic superpower |

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Red Dragon Rising: China to overtake US as top economic superpower

The second largest economy in the world, China’s promising to increase its influence all across the globe. And as RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports, its ambitions are solidly based on its growing economic and military power. READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.

23 Responses to “Red Dragon Rising: China to overtake US as top economic superpower”

  1. AJ Iggy says:

    Socialists are violent since they want to take the wages of others by force so that they can choose who to give the wages to. The United States experienced 50 years of pure capitalism after it was founded before the government started corrupting it by auctioning peoples freedoms to the highest bidder. Capitalism took 50 years to corrupt in the United States it only took Socialism 1 day. Hail socialism all you like but every example of socialism throughout history has failed

  2. AJ Iggy says:

    It was socialism that has kept my home country of Cuba in massive debt and caused a recent collapse in their economic structure that is now slowly introducing capitalism into country. Socialism is violence because in order to maker sure that everyone recieves the same treatment you have to have government thugs threaten people to hand over their property or they take it by force capitalism is rare because true capitalism is markets without coersive intervention. Government is force.

  3. AJ Iggy says:

    Capitalism has helped developed alot of parts of the world capitalism is a rare state because of government intervention and state sponsored capitalism leads to its corruption. You talk about socialism as though it is a savior but its government that is the problem not capitalism. It is government manipulation of the chinese currency that makes chinese workers slaves, it was german socialism that created the nazis and state sponsored corporatism that funded their wars.

  4. lernoschwoejn says:

    Capitalism has helped develop some parts of the world, but there will come a time when it has reached its maximum efficiency, i.e. the whole world being developed and all workers being somewhat equally poor and oppressed in all countries, rather than some being EXTREMELY poor and some being only kind of poor. Once we reach that point, capitalism will have done its job, and it will be time to move on to socialism.

  5. blorgensteen says:

    Prove it

  6. Ray Kalm says:

    We realise what China is doing to it’s neighbours, but it is no where at the level of America.

  7. Satansoppressed says:

    No you don’t.

  8. LeHuyAnh says:

    OMG are those Paki guys clueless about Chinese foreign policy and history for the last 3000 years!

  9. AJ Iggy says:

    there is no known system to man other than capitalism that has created the best upward mobility of the average living conditions of common men. It is corporatism not capitalism that has created the problems in the world a free market system checked by consumer demand and competition while not perfect is the best possible answer. Corporatism and state capitalism has only lead the US to become the bully on the block and has cost americans their freedoms for their own sense of security

  10. lernoschwoejn says:

    As long as capitalism exists, the world will always be controlled by greedy corporations and treasonous politicians.

  11. VisionsOfTheNobody says:

    For most nations: changing from US imperialism to Chinese imperialism… :/

  12. Serkant75 says:

    get me one country who was better ..
    every human nation has bullshitted in the world

  13. blorgensteen says:

    in a word: everything! LOL

  14. blorgensteen says:

    If you think that the West is the worst at fair play, wait 10-15 years and then look at what the Chinese do to Africa.

    You heard it here first.

  15. blorgensteen says:

    nice half truth you spouted.

    as far as the Chinese are concerned, anyone who is not Chinese, is a barbarian.

    your implying that it’s solely the US is pure bullshit.

  16. humorU2 says:

    China be a model? For what how to treat your people like slaves? 14 hour days and pay them 3 dollars for it? If China is so great then why do so many of them want to live in the US? Keep your Communism China.

  17. javie2 says:

    It’s about Civilization meaning China against Savages meaning the USA. I think everyone can agree, Civilization wins all the time.

  18. Paradiseagain says:

    no one could now by forhand in thóse days. I made a mistake. But i guess you got the point. lol!

  19. Paradiseagain says:

    Why do I need to back thát up? Now whó needs to get his theology straight?
    Ofcourse it takes thorough (archeological) research. I did some profound studying myself and looked up the ‘evidence’. Also i wanted to know it to really be the Word of God. Yes,it is. How do i know? Because there are many prophecies that have been full-filled, no one could now by forhand these days.So it’s only a matter of studying. Get to know the writer of it. Jehovah God.But please feel free to do whatever YOU want.

  20. blorgensteen says:

    I was getting “all upset”. I was stating facts.

    As for the Bible being the world’s oldest book, you’ll have to supply evidence to back that statement up.

    This is, after all, the Internet, and all kinds of things get said here without a single shred of proof being provided.

  21. RedSkye87 says:

    Death of a 1000 cuts… :(

  22. MrCasquitos says:

    vote for a Democratic China

  23. Lycaon Ryuujin says:

    Silly Middle Eastern Peoples. China uprooted, destroyed, and erased Millions of their Own people in the last 60yrs. America has actually furthered itself as a People in the last 60yrs.

    China was not Bombed and Raided, and attacked on it’s own soil since the Japanese invasion in WWII. American was attacked 11yrs ago, and the people are still drying their tears. Don’t speak about whose brutal and whose peaceful. Read a Book or two before giving a brainwashed biased opinion.


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