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Start/Select – Bethesda hiring next-gen developer, Pokemon Black & White 2

Today, Seb brings us news of Bethesda hiring for an unnamed next generation console game, on top of Pokemon Black and White 2 getting worldwide release windows. Watch more Start/Select – Watch more Appetite for Distraction – Like us on Facebook – Follow us on Twitter –
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25 Responses to “Start/Select – Bethesda hiring next-gen developer, Pokemon Black & White 2”

  1. zoruasnivy says:

    What else were they supposed to call them? Pokemon Dunsparce and Feebas Version? I don’t think so…

    (Although those sound like awesome titles)

  2. zoruasnivy says:

    Uhm… as far as I know, Black and White have an in-depth storyline, possibly the most in-depth of the main series games… and that’s why sequels would work, unlike a lot of the other games.

  3. DarkHarlequin70 says:

    Cmon now the pokemon in Gold an Silver wasnt bad! After that tho….

  4. Trolleatingpankakes says:

    @superman3000 Pokemon is Far from basic, the most simple game was red and blue

  5. flight1237 says:

    what do you mean?

  6. superman3000 says:

    can they stop making basic pokemon games that take no thought what so ever, please

  7. BiteThatBullet says:

    Happy that it’s for ds and not 3ds

  8. xXArm4geddon says:

    it would be awesome if that were in there!!

  9. Foliap says:

    i think it’s because it’s a direct sequal, following on the storyline of black and white

  10. Foliap says:

    it’s because they’re forms of kyurem -_-

  11. je11er says:

    ZAKHAEV – Международный аэропорт - WTF?!

  12. jtan10 says:

    151 FOR LIFE!

  13. Gamer7511 says:

    Xbox 720 for sure!

  14. 9HereticPrincess9 says:

    Whoops they said Bethesda, not Bioware so it won’t be Dragon Age 3, my bad.

  15. Pandiculous says:

    Should just make one game and call it grey

  16. 9HereticPrincess9 says:

    I hope the game will be Dragon Age 3!

  17. MAYof90 says:

    151 for life

  18. xReferxify says:

    still waiting for Pokemon snap 2…

  19. timekillerB says:

    Pokemon games are geting over rated. Just shows the ppl are running out of ideas with black and white 2. But if the e shop had yellow and gold I would do get them! Ah the 90’s rocked!

  20. TheOpicus says:

    U know that the chyryllic hieroglyphs says i hate niggers, jews and women. U might want to switch out that shirt if u going to russia. No just kidding, but it would be death awkward. And no i dont hate black people, jews and women. I have great respect for all three

  21. thegamerguru97 says:

    I dont care too much what game freak does to pokemon as long as i get to enslave ahem i measn “befriend” the critters im fine with it

  22. osmin060892 says:

    I caught kyurem under 5 turns and with a timer ball. No lie or cheat

  23. dayos12345 says:

    Black and white 2 is for Ds and 3ds so dont complain

  24. ThePokemonporn says:

    pokemon crystal is the best pokemon

  25. Christopher Daubney says:

    Black Kyurem and White Kyurem? CREATIVE


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