The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr Exposed 1/2 |

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The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr Exposed 1/2

The Intel Hub News Brief Podcast #6 This episode of the Intel Hub News Brief covers the assassination of MLK and the civil trial held in 1999 that found that there was enough evidence to prove that the FBI, CIA & Army Intel conspired to and did kill Dr. King. The Intel Hub Dr. King family’s civil trial verdict US government assassinated Martin Video Clip Played: Popeye: & Joe Joseph:
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10 Responses to “The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr Exposed 1/2”

  1. mrneln says:

    you’re right he’s twice the man king was.

  2. SuperRenegade666 says:

    The intel hub must be full of idiots. Organized jewry, those who attend the synagogue are the jews who like to kill you. Wake up.

  3. WarriorUvChrist says:

    Another man of God/Christ,a TRUTHER,Revolutionist,Activist murdered by the Illuminati!

  4. killaskeem says:

    ron pauls a good guy but hes no martin luther king.

  5. Skeptic121 says:

    What was the motive for killing MLK? Well, look at the result: riots. Whoever was behind the murder must have wanted riots. Who benefitted from the riots? Of course, 1968 was an election year. “Law and order” was an issue; it meant “black people are coming to get you so vote for me.” Nixon and Wallace benefitted.

  6. Horse237 says:

    MLK was killed on the first anniversary of his speech at the Riverside on April 4, 1967.

    JFK was killed on the anniversary of the first meeting of the bankers to create the Federal Reserve on November 22, 1910.

    Learn Real History. Please Google This:

    If You Do Not Learn Real History, You Will Be Dead Really Soon.

    Or This:

    Pax Judaica To Replace Pax Americana Which Replaced Pax Britannica

  7. refused says:


  8. atomcatt says:

    Don’t care who anyone votes for but…..Ron Paul stated he’s not against a world currency or unfettered free trade. Either or both will destroy any sovereign nation. On the other hand, if Paul gets in as the “people’s hero” sounds like your predicting his assassination for standing up. So…it appears the intel hub has accepted the downfall of America and its future in the swamp of Socialism. That’s my take on your video as I didn’t hear any solutions.

  9. scmoG says:

    Here’s something we have to consider. If Martin was not a Mason, he wouldn’t have a day dedicated to him. Satan wouldn’t allow that. Also, God doesn’t approve glory of men.

  10. pastorgeorgem says:

    @NotForSale2NWO Thank you for this upload


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