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The Most Overrated Careers

The Most Overrated Careers

Jobs with a mystique can sometimes exceed reality. From architect to chiropractor to small business owner, US News uncovers the reality behind these overrated careers. Read the full US News article at

19 Responses to “The Most Overrated Careers”

  1. nvcchef777 says:


  2. mmagee71 says:

    ur so fucking ignorant you dont even know police officers risk there life for ur sorry ass every day

  3. Brian Gunn says:

    Ok regis thats easy to say when you have a sweet television job

  4. khashya786786 says:

    i wanted to be an architect..sigh*..nvm

  5. AlwonDomz says:

    lol what do you do?

  6. goldiebee19 says:

    I don’t think that overrated is the right word. I think that misunderstood might be a better term. People who want to work “flexible” hours need not think of becoming a physician or an attorney in the first pla ce Sure, when you have your own practice, you can basically set your own hours–but that’s not going to happen overnight. A lot of people just look at the fact that doctors/lawyers are making six figures a year, and they want that career–not considering the hard work that goes into it.

  7. Regisphilben says:

    the premise of “overated” careers is silly, everyone needs to find the things they are meant to do and enjoy doing

  8. Vebinz says:

    Aaaawww, poor babies have it so tough, unlike all those spoilt people living it up in their card-board houses.

  9. killstreakwithgunzz says:

    I get paid to fuck girls so take it biches

  10. thinklarge21 says:

    how much do you get paid to play halo?

  11. mg200442000 says:

    I noticed that most of these career’s take dedication and/ or are self-employed jobs. Another alternative to these career’s is to work for someone else, let them control your destiny and put up with their shit. It all comes down to your own life’s purpose.

  12. nvcchef777 says:

    Aww fuck im on that list

  13. Dbrazz88 says:

    This video is somehow comforting, in that everyone will tell you that they work hard/insane hours. I think it’s a mindset inherent to U.S. workers. Bottom line is if you’re gonna spend all your time doing something, do something you enjoy.

  14. bradicalable says:

    A man’s success is measured through how much good he does in the world

  15. iiYaMa72 says:

    best carrier? Sport :p
    preferbly tennis or golf, the money, the glory, the fame… unfortunatly hard to get to that point.

  16. jeffrich1212 says:

    great video

  17. jimmypagek26 says:

    i get paid to play halo 3 soo suck it bitches!!!

  18. archtartist8 says:

    I’ve always wanted to be an ad exec.

  19. alenishe says:

    Good job! Awesome story!


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