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‘US aims to destabilize Iran by dropping opposition group from terror list’

'US aims to destabilize Iran by dropping opposition group from terror list'

America has removed a militant Iranian opposition group from its list of terrorist organisations. Originally one of the main participants of the Iranian revolution – it’s now in opposition to the government in Tehran. Lajos Szasdi, an international affairs and defense analyst believes the US is cultivating a dangerous ally. RT LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Follow us on Google+ plus.google.com RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
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25 Responses to “‘US aims to destabilize Iran by dropping opposition group from terror list’”

  1. H Ezady says:

    .LOL so iranian been paying undertable to US

  2. nophoenixnobull says:

    Our leader as said that even the last enemy is a brother, look how muslim submitted to God and people

  3. sna sna says:

    those people defeated USA and Nato in Afghanistan in 10 years with such weapons

    imagine what they will do if they had equal weapons.

    lmao as you wish… you are only good at pissing on corpses after they die.

  4. Aloo Gobi says:

    All just talk. Iran’s bomb on Israel, not practical.

  5. The747dog says:

     FUCK ALL zionist

  6. The747dog says:


  7. armaanmk84 says:

    World terrorist is isreal and usa

  8. Yossi Allen says:

    Well, unlike in the States, we are educated enough to look at all reports from a number of angles; we, with few exceptions are not easily brainwashed by what politicians and the media spouts…….god bless the real Americans and to hell with the descendants of the European bigots.

  9. MrWatchmen759 says:

    is that what your media told you think for your self

  10. Tom Jones says:

    Islamic regime should be put at the top of the list of terrorist organizations

  11. Dave Longo says:

    These people will later turn on the US WATCH AND SEE!

  12. vidiiiiy says:

    Oh yeah zionists, I almost forgot, stop making our mainstream media more biased than Sovjet media in the 1950s. Stop increasing the aid to Israelistan, a small country with a small population of 6 million, this country now receives the highest civilian aid support from the US, which is unbelievable. Next to that the zionist lobbying group AIPAC is begging for more every day. Both our presidential candidates are licking Netanyahu’s ass while we discuss. Stop racism, zionism is a racist ideology.

  13. Yossi Allen says:

    The CIA are government sponsored assasins and represent everything that is perverse and global threatening in the USA.

  14. Yossi Allen says:

    Very mature statement. Anything else to add?

  15. tu madre says:


  16. cloud strife says:

    its an old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  17. MrToobitter says:


  18. MrToobitter says:


  19. MrToobitter says:


  20. ThusSaithYAH says:

    God has spoken to THIS Generation by TRUE prophets TODAY!
    Excerpt from a Modern Prophecy:

    Thus says The Lord God of Israel: The time has come, when I shall rise up and spare My people. Yea, I shall stretch out My hand and deliver them, even all of them; yes, the believer and the wicked alike shall be spared… Even all who dwell in My land, the land which I had promised to Abraham and have given to the seed of Jacob, forever.

    TrumpetCallofGodOnline . Com
    YouTube Channel: TrumpetCallofGod

  21. DavidOfAssyria says:

    Somchai fuck off.

  22. somchai272 says:

    RT is Putin’s mouthpiece for his anti-West policies. Notice how RT won’t editorialize the Pussy Riot appeal because it would highlight the severe punishments given to those that exercise freedom of speech. A protester in the US might get a misdemeanor charge and a fine. In Russia, protesters are imprisoned for years. RT, the FOX NEWS of the Putin agenda.

  23. 37persian says:

    لعنت بر مجاهدين وطن فروش.

  24. lordzilu1584 says:

    fuck Americunts and its short friend- japs

  25. vidiiiiy says:

    down with your zionist shithole


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