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‘US angry that Iran defended itself against spy drone’

Barack Obama’s second term is only just beginning – and he’s already making bold steps in the international arena.The US has sent an air force detachment to service warplanes in Poland, which had pressed Washington for a security guarantee against Russia. US lawmakers are also reportedly preparing new sweeping sanctions against Iran, targeting its foreign business transactions. That’s on top of the latest round of restrictions imposed by Barack Obama just after he was re-elected to the White House. Strains are widening between America and Iran – after The Pentagon revealed that Iranian jets fired at a US drone flying off Iran’s coast last week. Political analyst Mohammad Marandi says it’s unlikely Tehran will bow down to Western pressure. RT LIVE rt.com Subscribe to RT! www.youtube.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com Follow us on Google+ plus.google.com RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.

23 Responses to “‘US angry that Iran defended itself against spy drone’”

  1. Jasminewynja says:

    As long as your government wont get rid of theirs nothing you say is anything but hypocrisy (i do agree with you on the part of no more nukes). And then it’s a fact that all we have is your government telling you that Iran is a threat to the world, that they have or aim to get WMDs. Fool me once…. you know? You dont remember when you told you that about Iraq? How many more innocent civilians must die before you act against your government? Is US American blood needed to reach that point?

  2. ReSpecTheStaR2010 says:

    You should stop arguing with Jasminewynja….who is making you incredibly ignorant and stupid…not that you aren’t doing a good job of that on your own.

  3. Jasminewynja says:

    LMAO! You’re not only stupid, you’re deluded too 1) You dont understand a simple thing as the fact that i prefere to use peaceful democratic means instead of violent. That’s why you’re proved to be stupid. 2) You’re not only deluded because of your beliefs. The fact that you believe that I care what you think and believe about me makes you a deluded fool. Simple minded inbreeds like you are nothing I care about more than as an amusement. When you start to bore me i’ll simply ignore your replies

  4. Marlboroman6721314 says:

    You sound like one of those fat bitches that hangs around yahoo chat sites screeming and yelling at people because you’re a psycho pathic bitch that has no job and mooches the system for welfare of the three dirty bastards you let run around in shitty diapers crying all day. UnfortunatelyI merely pointed out your contradiction! Not an explanation! If I had my way, i’d poke your eye out and skull fuck you until my blew your pea size brain out. Fuck democrats!

  5. Jasminewynja says:

    I call you a stupid fuck! Awww, did I hurt your feelings? Hun, if you can’t handle rude language without going all whiny then perhaps you should stop using it yourself. I replied in the same manner as your reply and you start to snivel and whine about it. How pathetic is that? Wjat part of peaceful democratic means do you not understand?`Do I really have to explane every single word to you and then how to put them together to make a sentence? Yeah, peaceful! Whats your problem?

  6. Marlboroman6721314 says:

    You said ( “I’d prefere to use democratic peaceful means but if it doesnt work”.) Who are you calling the stupid fuck? You mush brain fucktard! Stop smoking the bathsalt and maybe you’ll see that you did say it moronic idiot. Anyone reading this as I kill him with his own stupidity, can you now see how stupid minorities are?

  7. tamponpro says:

    Yea.. more religious nutbags with weapons of mass destruction. No thanks…

  8. tomanyasses says:

    shut up idiot , if world say iran cant have bomb but they still buulding one,usa is not understading and lieing about bomb ,you not make the same sense. usa is full of iran people dick head . iran not full of whites usa peop[le ,is there, you not the same idea shut up

  9. Jasminewynja says:

    Who claimed they were? I didnt…

    Who’s the idiot now? You stupid fuck!

  10. zlyable says:

    Fucking Idiot, What do you think the US would have done if Iran sent a drone over there?

  11. knlazar08 says:

    No “war” has been declared by the US since 1941 you idiot! Iraq was no exception. You are far too ignorant and stupid to understand even what a typo is! Remember that, or does your memory only work back to 3 minutes ago?
    I’ll give you a chance to prove your IQ is equal to your shoe size: What color was George Washington’s white horse? If you can answer that correctly I will be shocked!

  12. IriianWarriorWithin says:

    everybody home in on one thing while your own country continues to get fucked.

  13. Nickmard Khoey says:

    Iranium ? Stupid commies

  14. Marlboroman6721314 says:

    Democratic? Not all Democrats are peaceful idiot.

  15. governmentcheese411 says:

    your comments about truman fails to mention a detail as well fool. the truman doctrine was approved by congress and the UN. bye bye simpleton… you water just ran empty.

  16. governmentcheese411 says:

    wikki, lmfao! you’re an idiot. the “longer” phase was not declared a war, but rather an occupation of security forces. plus if you actually fully read the shit you claim. you would know that we can fight till the end of time if our interests are at stake dumb ass. hence WW1, WW2, nam, etc etc etc the war in n. korea is still and active war today many decades later. they’re called constitutional amendments you moron. something you’ve obviously missed. you’re dismissed…

  17. 37persian says:

    It is obvious the drone was in Iranian air space as it been proof in the past don’t forget that this drone are interning Iranian air space all the time like the one which Iranian had the capability to land in in Iranian soil. So then you want Iran to watch this drone of course iranian are ready to shoot these toys down for fun some times. And this is not the firs time that Iranian shooting at these toys.

  18. tomanyasses says:

    what if there is not sanctions do any of us see there is sanctions

  19. ShalomMikh says:

    We are annually paying 150 countries in the world, to ????? (cotrol?/Buy?/dominate?)

  20. ShalomMikh says:

    Harsh U.S.-sponsored sanctions against Iran punish the people, create enmity against West.

    Ordinary citizens: the silent victims of anti-Iranian sanctions:

  21. Jahan Harua says:

    Like this the Iranian “Mulla Regime” have managed to run the Country so far: (Source Swedish newspaper. topic travel: aftonbladet dot se/resa/resmal/asien/iran/)
    Local Time: 16:48
    Currency: 1 rial (IRR) = 0 SEK (As you can see 1 Rial is 0 Swedish Crones, not 0.001 but just 0 (Or can it be a mistake from the Newspaper. I do not know)
    Capital: Teheran
    Democracy for the People of Iran. no puppets for the West no puppets for the East!!!

  22. knlazar08 says:

    In addition:
    “The Iraq War was an armed conflict in Iraq that consisted of two phases. The first was an invasion of Ba’athist Iraq by the United States and the United Kingdom, starting on March 20, 2003.[44][45] It was followed by a longer phase of fighting, in which an insurgency emerged to oppose Coalition forces and the newly formed Iraqi government.[41] The war officially ended on December 18, 2011” -wikipedia, “iraq war”-
    What part of 2011 minus 2003 is greater than 2, dont you understand?

  23. knlazar08 says:

    All irrelevant because the ENTIRE thing was illegal because it was NEVER declared in the first place. You just “Missed” that little detail, on purpose, in order to distract away from the FACT that ONLY a DECLARATION of war, makes a “war”. “Police actions”, are NOWHERE in the law, that was a term made up by Truman in order to do whatever he wanted to, regardless of the LAW. Like
    I said, it doesn’t make it legal, just because he was allowed to get away with it.


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