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‘US at war with Pakistan’ – Press TV News

Automatically uploaded video [VIDEO] ‘US at war with Pakistan’ Sun, 25 Sep 2011 17:53:36 Url: “edition.presstv.ir #presstv #presstvandroid #presstviphone #presstvglobalnews #presstvmobile

24 Responses to “‘US at war with Pakistan’ – Press TV News”

  1. rahishjazmi says:

    USA vs Pakistan war. lets see who is going to win.

  2. pakistanwillwin says:

    every one will know who is the boss when america will lose in afghanistan. the time is about to come when super power will become super loser. then their pet dogs INDIAN will hide their face from shame because their master will be ruined. THE TIME IS ABOUT TO COME……

  3. News107 says:

    Obama you and your crew, you are not a liar you are the inventors of the lie.
    Go out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Asia, Africa and Europe. No War.

  4. XXXFreeSpirit says:

    This shithead is justifying terrorism as “proxy war”— “Pakistan fights proxy wars really well.” Yes of course. It is for no reason that Pakistan is terror central!

  5. XXXFreeSpirit says:

    US violates the Paki”stain” whore’s so-virginity time again again and throws “fees” at its face, and the Paki rent whore hypocritically protests and nurses its sore violated hymen. Now it seems to be seeking a new “client”- China. Pakiz will always be a whore nation that cannot survive without a customer.

  6. arsalasikandar says:

    this porkistani have very big head, make afghanistan 5 th province of porkistan haha, over the dead body of every afghan. Afghans don’t have no fucking respect for your porki army, and your fucking stupid country. Talking about fighting proxie war, which to me it means that porkistan is a terrorist state, that afghans and americans should deal with the porkis.

  7. NPegasus says:

    @phalak2010: 70 billion?! yeah right! May be the rich in Pakistan should pay taxes and you would not worry about the money lost.

  8. phalak2010 says:

    pakistan lost 70 Billion dollar and you are talking abt only 20 billion.. Isn’t funny

  9. NPegasus says:

    The 20 billion, in aid, given to Pak were meant to build capacities to fight terror, strengthen democratic institutions & improve health of a nation which was in economic crises even before 9/11. The funds were misused.

    My view is that Pakistan, like N.Korea, should be ostracized from the community of nations. The crazies causing violence in Pak today were nurtured by Pak to fight proxy wars with its neighbors. Using it as a bargaining chip, like fraud Musharraf, is outdated.

  10. anchalpakar1 says:

    20 Billions.. u mentioned it 3rd time..do you know how mch pakistan lost during this so called war on terror?..US takes its supplies from Karachi , through peshawar to Afghanistan..if pakistan start charging them per square foot rout do you know how much it becomes??..20 Billions are peanuts and it has been responded very well by Musharraf when farid zikria asked it…
    im usre you are old enough to know that how US left Afghanistan ??.. wat u said..i think means pakistan said them to..

  11. kuldeuec says:

    Its funny, when Pakistani people say, Pakistan ‘sovereignity’ is attacked when no body knows the meaning of ‘Sovereign’ in Pakistan.

  12. kuldeuec says:

    It’s neccessary to kill terrorist sheltors in Pakistan, as Pak is not acting and infact providing support, US has no choice but to attack at North Waziristan to remove terrorism.

  13. NPegasus says:

    @anchalpakar1: You are running in circles. US did not work independently – everything was routed through the Pak army, even then and now. The difference, since the 2000s, is that Pakistan took $20B with the false promise of fighting the crazies. Well, Pak did not fight the crazies but it supported them.
    The only point you seem to be making is every Pakistani/Afghanistani ruler is a puppet. Pak army is a puppet. But, US is repsonsible for it. By the way, keep the money & weapons flowing in.

  14. anchalpakar1 says:

    i think u dont know anything about Haqqani network at all…just search in youtube…US Prime Minister Regan with Jalal Uddin Haqqani…?..so at least you are accepting that US supplied weapons, and funded…and US dint know at that time, that weapons are going in the hands of talibans and Haqqani`s hands???….or they were funding and supplying weapons to them for hunting??…

    Gillani,Zardari,Karazi..are pupits..they could neva b party…very simple….

  15. NPegasus says:

    @anchalpakar1: The US did not create the Taliban or the Haqqanis. That credit goes to Pakistan. The US, along with KSA, only funded & armed them. Pakistan happily took the weapons, the money & the crazies so that it can fight proxy wars with its neighbors. Pakistan, deceitfully, continues to do all of the above.

    Karzai was elected. So were Zardari/Gilani. The US stood by both of the govts being respectful of who is in power. If Pak cannot run democracy it should shut up & look within.

  16. anchalpakar1 says:

    hamid karzai is not elected…he is selected …and US stood by him…lol…like they stood by musharraf?…all dictators , in all muslims or non muslim..countries supported and funded by US Govt…. now talibans are nightmare, but they were supported and , funded and created by US..now they are mourning on Haqqani netwrok…and their own president was full of praises for Jalal Uddin Haqqani….

  17. NPegasus says:

    @anchalpakar1: Hamid Karzai got elected and the US stood by the elected representative. Agreed that Mr. Karzai is not good and may not last after the next election. Guess what? Some new leader will be elected by the Afghans.
    A lot of Pakistanis wrongly believe everything in that part of the world is the puppet of someone, usually the US. Your poor argument only show the Pakistani leaders and generals are only capable of grandstanding.

  18. cumgetsum79 says:

    Anti Pakistan sentiment is at it’s peak in Afghanistan. The Afghan nation consider pakistanis number one enemy to our people, government and the sovereignty of Afghanistan. Afghanistan will assist India to destroy this germ infested country or any other country. As the saying goes your enemy’s enemy is your friend. Long live Afghan – Hindu friendship and death to hypocritics and two faced dogs.

  19. EternalIndia says:

    India will not allow Pakistan to make Afghanistan a client state. India will make sure Afghanistan becomes as Anti-Pakistan as India . Northern alliance will make sure Taliban is crushed like a snake.

  20. anchalpakar1 says:

    no one can “install Govt” ..lool…waht is Hamid Karzai Than??…its a pupit govt installed by US in Afghanistan and what are u talking about soverighnty…u are mourning on pakistan and what about USA?

  21. NPegasus says:

    @anchalpakar1: The US is not installing government in Afghanistan. Nobody can. However, it is Pakistan which insists on treating Afghanisan as its colony and expects to be its feudal lord. This is ridiculous. It is also hypocritical of Pakistan to demand the right of its sovereignity while denying that to Afghanistan.

    The ungoverned areas that you refer have been a problem for Pakistan for decades. It is not new. For the US, this problem persisted for the last ten years.

  22. ThePakistanMyLove says:

    Most blunt analysis I have heard so far on the issue…excellent…that’s what the reality is.

  23. anchalpakar1 says:

    Pakistan is not deciding what sort of Govt should be in Afghanistan…but Pakistan is offcourse not gona let US to “Install” anti pak Govt which is supported by India in afghanistan….that ungoverned tribal area in pakistan…it was ungoverned area since last 60 years….why is it became the centre of problem in last couple of years?….

  24. NPegasus says:

    Who is Pakistan to decide what sort of government in Afghanistan should be? As simple as that Mr. Khan. It is hypocritical of Pakistan to complain about violating its sovereignity in the ungoverned areas of Pakistan while considering Afghanistan as its colony.


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