Hurricane Sandy 2012: Latest Forecast |

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Hurricane Sandy 2012: Latest Forecast

Hurricane Sandy 2012: Latest Forecast

AccuWeather’s Mark Mancuso says Hurricane Sandy poses an unprecedented threat. *More:
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  1. Eslam Zaky says:

    first islam is not a branch of Judaism
    I confessed I was wrong, because I believe that what happened in America was God’s punishment
    but With clear thinking that many such disasters occur Muslims, Christians and Jews everywhere
    at lest god help Victims and their families
    and to get love and respectable and mercy feeling in your tribulation from other people
    you must be to trade with other people equity justice

  2. EarthaKit2 says:

    Thank you very much!

    Only YOUR “god” allah wants to punish innocent people. But, of course, being that islam is a branch of judaism, I can see why.

    Thank Goddess, I’ve left any religions.

    Amazon Rebel

  3. Fates Watching says:

    with all this happening, our so called PRESIDENT, Is Playing a game Of Basketball…!!!! how much DOSE he really cares? He cares about Votes but not the VOTERS???

  4. Mimi Dubois says:


  5. DannyBoy443 says:

    …cities inside of them like Denver, Boulder, Portland, Seattle etc etc. I’ve been to NYC and DC and they’re both un-impressive. The only reason to go is to cross seeing the white house off of your life list. Florida sucks, as does Virginia. Savannah is the only decent place on the east coast. And yes, I’ve also been to Boston and it also sucks.

  6. DannyBoy443 says:

    Best cities??? When is the last time Seattle was bombed almost twice in a decade?? When is the last time Eugene, or Portland Oregon had a giant hurricane or bomb threat?? When was the last time San Francisco was blamed for a financial crisis?? I can keep going but my point was that, at the end of the day, the west coast (the entire west in general) is just better. You have, mountains (real, not hick ass appalacians or however you spell it) can ride horses through them, kayak, and still have….

  7. Eslam Zaky says:

    this is modern thought you deserve gain nobel prize

  8. Scott D says:

    You special of some shit? when did I say anything about being a cast member on the big bang theory? east coast is shit? Nations capitol, highest paid jobs, biggest cities. Any way you put it the east coast is better. Also harder, we have DC and NY back to back so I know your not talking about how gangster you are. I feel the need to respond to your shitty comment, because you felt the need to leave it, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t have clicked, and the name DANNYBOY lets me know your 15

  9. jack midikoff says:

    thanks for clearing things up i thought hurricanes happened because of low pressure areas over the ocean… but now that i know what really causes hurricanes i can just sacrifice my dog and eat his heart and maybe Thor will prevent the next one.

  10. sourstraw16 says:

    wait wtf………

  11. Eslam Zaky says:

    الكشف عن اللغة
    ترجمة نص أو صفحة ويب
    الترجمة من: العربية
    السماح بالكتابة بحسب النطق الصوتي
    اكتب نصًا أو عنوان موقع ويب أو ترجم مستندًا.
    مثال لاستخدام “”:
    تمت الترجمة تلقائيًا بواسطة Google
    In contrast I think and sure of being misleading and superficial sofas as the media wants to Amthallk behavior herd behavior

  12. manikyamar30 says:


  13. Antonio Roji says:

    I think you are a religious fanatic and you should should keep your stupidity to yourself.

  14. MrBillyt12 says:

    Your USE of the English Language is incorect,you are difficult to understand.The Phrase,”You use Words That Seems Like You Know…” It correctly is- That Seem Like You Know… OR …Words,It Seems like you….. ALSO another phrase”By The Truth Deserves The Truth..” It correctly is,”By The Truth Deserve The Truth” There is more,but I’m done with you,sounds like KARMA,You give what you get,You get what you give.Also I am not torchering anything.That word came from your mind what there is of it.BYE

  15. Richard Moran says:

    You Use Words That Seems LikeYou Know What You Are Saying, I Hate To Repeat Myself,Since You Don’t Get It, I’ll Repeat Myself One More Time (But I Know I Am Wasting My Time With A Senseless And Nonsense Person Like You!) Here It Goes Once Again “Those That Live By The Truth,Deserves The Truth” The Reason You Are Torchering Yourself With Demands Of Deserving Answers In This World Or Any Other,IS BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T AND WON’T,AND DON”T LIVE BY THE TRUTH! And Never Will,Good Luck.

  16. Eslam Zaky says:

    i can curse you and your fucker mother but i’m better than you and i will not do that

  17. Xiaolian7 says:

    Falun Dafa (or Falun Gong) is the Great Buddha Law of the Universe that is saving people; cultivation system based on the principles:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It helped millions of people to regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual fulfillment. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China; practitioners are put into concentration camps, raped and have organs harvested from live people. Tens of thousands died from torture.


  18. DuckTape912 says:

    Fuck off you religous prick

  19. SkwarekCwalk says:

    We could come to help, but unfortunately we don’t have visas – Poles

  20. MurpleTV says:


  21. Mahmoud alsayed says:


  22. MrBillyt12 says:

    “Havent fallen To The Truth” means WHAT ? Fallen where or to what or to whom? ALSO…..You mean,..”Here’s One Truth.” When one is dead,I think one is past caring where one is buried.In the ocean,in a stolen car in a beer can,up a horses ass,or on stolen land.Do you mean:Those who live by the truth,deserve to be told the truth…..&….There must be a good reason,if you don;t know what the truth is…Why should I fear death,when I AM,death is not.And when death is I AM NOT.

  23. Richard Moran says:

    Those That Live By The Truth,Deserves The Truth.If You Haven’t Fallen To The Truth There Is A Great Reason For That. Hey! Here One Truth,When You Died Here In This Country,You Will Still Be Buried Or Cremeted On Stolen Land!

  24. Richard Moran says:

    Don’t Get Caught Off Guard,Mr. Know It All,True Most Humans Got Taught About Religion At Child Birth,But GOD Has Grave Those Who Live Up To It,A Free Will To Use,Just Like The Way You Are.The Free Will We Posess,If You Live Long Enough,Can Be Use To Make Up Our Own Choices.Not All Believers Worship A True GOD,Some Has Made Their Own Make Believe GOD.The Name Religion,Doesn’t Mean It Is Connected To The REAL GOD.Anyway It Isn’t What You,Who Don’t Believe Matters? It Is What Exist,That Matters!

  25. Matthew Combs says:

    If you want to KNOW EXACTLY without a doubt, HOW to go to HEAVEN when you die, please click on my name and watch a powerful movie-trailer like presentation called “Mankind’s Greatest Question…ANSWERED.”


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