Inside Attack: Afghanistan |

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Inside Attack: Afghanistan

Inside Attack: Afghanistan

Four US soldiers gunned down by Afghan police officer.

18 Responses to “Inside Attack: Afghanistan”


    Not as good as your mum so I’ve heard!


    I don’t fuck goats and I have a child who I do NOT molest. You’re just weird. Maybe this is your own fantasy seeming as you just pop up out of nowhere talking about goat-fucking and child molesting. Sick bastard! I should report you!

  3. Ron Nelson says:

    Fuck you , you goat fucking child molester!

  4. fedexxxx3 says:

    News is stupid. The taliban succeed in breach 7 defence because the caught the marine by suprise and the were wearing american uniform

  5. Shibuzyzivév Zhangshulokikomav says:

    Афганистан является так трахал вверх!

  6. fightttttt says:

    its great news all 15 are dead

  7. misraj77 says:

    Masha Allah great news

  8. Loco801 says:

    Afganistan sucks balls


    This is the best news I heard all week! ALLAU AKBAR!!!!


    You think once you leave, this will be over? You think you can just come into people country rape, torture and kill them and devastate it and then it’s over cos you leave. LOOOL! We’ll see! For you it’s a problem cos once you free up the hands of our fighters cos lets have it right as soon as you gone Taliban will take over the country and then… WATCH! 😉

  11. HazyLikeDays says:



    ALLAHU AKBARRRRRRRRR!!!! American soldiers are rapists!!! Kill them, kill them all!!!

  13. 713lrc says:

    @10verx why dont you just mitt romney? Is not like he will do any better

  14. tommy282828 says:

    Why would they even announced that Prince Harry was going to be their. I think it was really stupid. And why wasn’t a drone patrolling that area. 24 seven.. And then after was all done they whisked him away Prince Harry. Did they announced that two the Taliban????????????

  15. The1andonlySkuxx says:

    Why is this a shock? Why are people so sad that they have been killed? Those soldiers knew the risks when they signed up. They and everyone else that it was risky and they might die. This shouldn’t be a surprise,

  16. David Ross says:

    Martha used to b hot.

  17. shawnsgirl56 says:

    Very sad this is happening. How do we stop this?

  18. 1OverX says:

    So why we are still there?
    Mr. President. I just want to ask you how much more training they would need? Haven’t they already demonstrated their abilities to pull the triggers?… ON US!!!
    How many more American lives you want to see to die in vain over there?
    Or is it just because you are WEAK, you can’t make a decision now? So why don’t go ask your woman/gay supporters to see what they want to do next?… More abortions and gay marriage. oh yeah!! And don’t forget to print more green paper


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