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Local Natives – World News

Local Natives - World News

Local Natives – World News, taken from their debut album Gorilla Manor. Buy the CD here bit.ly or download it here bit.ly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Local Natives – World News”

  1. Kupohunter says:

    @bdruckman Interesting opinion, but a bit too…slanted. You may want to try the Dodos. My personal favorite artists currently are Beirut and Sufjan Stevens.

  2. bdruckman says:

    If you dont think Local Natives is the best band ever, you are wrong and I hate you.

  3. LucidDream says:

    I think you guys, especially the singer sound more like Langhorne Slim.

  4. Beezthebassist says:

    I was meaning that it needs over 200k hits. derp eh derp. This band is awesome.

  5. deviantttgames says:

    either i’ve time travelled or your eyes need testing, as it’s currently sitting on 179k. DON’T HIT LIKE IF YOU AGREE HARRRRRRRRR

  6. ThePriska88 says:

    love it

  7. centerforce2 says:

    De Plane! De Plane!

  8. SuperRandalman says:

    There’s a sweet Irish band called Boy Lights Fire kinda like these guys, go forth!

  9. jumpmanj12 says:

    The white guy in the band outfit looks like James May from Britains “Top Gear”

  10. klaochik says:

    Does anybody else thinks this is a lot like ”Who knows who cares” music video?
    They’re all happy on a picnic, things star to get a little it wild and they end up making a mess… Love the song, tough!

  11. greenpurpleblueguy says:

    that kid has the most circular teeth ever.

  12. Joshua Deluna-Garza says:

    I miss you…

  13. TheXGiles says:

    Great music. That’s it.

  14. Beezthebassist says:

    THIS VIDEO SHOULD HAVE MORE HITS THAN 200K! Hit like if your agree!!!!

  15. DrigO1091 says:

    @ 3:23 The guy is thinking” Dafuq am I doing here? I gotta really gotta rethink my life”

  16. ManThatOrchestra says:

    No. “Mumford and Sons - the Cave Uploaded by Glassnoterecords on Aug 17, 2011”. It wasn’t any way around. Both are great bands. Great minds think alike and all that shit…

  17. buryedalive says:

    it got longer because of the romans.. and added a negative to it. and thats how we are now…

  18. buryedalive says:

    The cross is a plus sign. thats all it is. all it ever ment was positive.

  19. MojoBoxMan says:



    WOW that little boy has a really good voice…

  21. DaveSomething1 says:


  22. THEBLOBSTER463 says:

    their music isn’t at all guitar-focused though. the guitars were only backing the beat

  23. ThumbsUp4MeAgain says:


  24. ThumbsUp4MeAgain says:

    Did they steal Mumford and Sons video or was it the other way around??? Either way Mumford and Son’s video was much cooler


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